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If you...or anyone you know needs a refrigerator, check out the two we have from Kettle Moraine Appliance & TV!


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A Couple at a Flea Market Bought an American Flag Covered in Messages for a Fall
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Bob and New Grandson Keegan
World's Largest Bottle Of Ketchup For Sale!
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Walking Dead Full Length Season 5 Trailer
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1 Crazy Roof Jump Off 5 Story Building- He Makes It!
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A Dog Was So Happy to See a Girl After Two Years, It Passed Out
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A Driver Hit a Woman After His Car Was Attacked by Zombies
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If you see your name here, e-mail bbonenfant@westbendradio.com or call 334-2344 x222  and leave your name and phone number by 10pm Tuesday July 29th. You'll win a pair of State Fair tix or a Mineshaft gift certificate.

TODAY's NAME:  Leroy Heider

Winner of the 2nd Mall Of America Package: Steve Weinfurter.
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