10/10 Source of Benzene in Village of Jackson Wells Discovered

An investigative report conducted by a village consultant and released this week has determined that a gasoline pipeline spill in the Town of Jackson in July of 2012  is the likely source of benzene detected in a Village of Jackson municipal well in May of this year. This is the first contamination of a municipal well linked to the spill of over 54,000 gallons of gasoline from a fuel distribution line owned by West Shore Pipe Line Co. of Illinois. A total of 44 private wells in the town, all within a one mile radius of the spill have been contaminated with benzene or other gasoline compounds.  The report state that despite the fact the well is more than 2 miles northwest of the pipeline rupture, pumping of the well in early July determined it drew ground water out of fractured dolomite rock beneath the spill site in the 1800 block of Western Avenue. The well, located off Jackson Drive near Hickory Lane Park on the south side of the village, has not been used for drinking water since the July investigation, and recent tests of water collected from the well on September tenth, seventeenth and 24th have not found detectable levels of benzene. Cleanup of the spill is continuing. A state environmental official said an estimated 19,725 gallons of gasoline or 36 percent of the fuel lost in the spill had been recovered through October third.
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