11/22 Several Washington County Townships Restrict Rifle Hunting

As you get yourself prepared to go deer hunting this weekend, before you put on your blaze orange clothing and head out, you are being advised to check with local officials around Washington County to know what areas will be allowing the use of rifles. According to a release from the Washington County Sheriff’s Department  five  of 14 municipalities won’t be allowing the use of rifles, they include Town of Addison, Towns of West Bend and Polk, Village of Germantown and Village of Richfield. The municipalities that will be allowing rifles include the Towns of Barton, Erin, and Town of Farmington, along with the towns of Hartford, Jackson, Kewaskum, Trenton and Wayne.  The Town of Germantown is advising hunters to check with Township officials for specific firearms rules. The DNR reminds hunters that local ordinances that have been passed prohibiting the use of rifles within the townships include all land within the town including state hunting land. The sheriff’s office has also provided a few hunting safety tips including: Identify your target before shooting.  Most fatalities are the result of mistaken-for-game accidents. Always wear a safety harness when hunting from a tree stand. Each season, hunters get injured, some seriously, when they fall asleep and take a dive off their tree stands, or slip and fall when climbing in or out of the tree. A complete list of hunting safety tips can be found on our website.
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