12/31 Holiday Weekend Floods West Bend Police with OWI Violations

The combination of an extended Christmas holiday weekend along with a thrilling Packer victory on Sunday most likely led to a rash of OWI arrest violations over the weekend from West Bend Police. According to Lieutenant Michael Schulteiss between Thursday until Sunday night, there were five recorded OWI arrests. Two of the violations happened shortly after the Packer game ended. The first was Sunday at seven eleven pm. A concerned citizen called police after seeing a man in a drunken appearance at a gas station near River Drive and Fairview Drive. He gave police a license plate which enabled officers to track the man to his home. When questioning the 54 year old man from West Bend, police determine he was intoxicated; a field sobriety test registered a point 1-1-4. The man admitted to driving home. He was arrested on a fourth offense OWI. The second arrest happened about thirty minutes later at seven forty in the 600 block of Water Street. Police observed a 47 year old West Bend man spinning donuts with his car. Police questioned the man and detected an alcohol odor. He was given a field sobriety test and registered a point 1-5. He was arrested for his first offense OWI. Earlier in the weekend, two other men were arrested on OWI violations. Sunday morning just after midnight, police stopped a car for erratic driving. The driver a 29 year old man from Campbellsport was arrested and placed on a 12 hour hold for his second offense OWI, while his passenger a 27 year old man from Kewaskum also determined to be drunk, was arrested for a violation of his bail restrictions. Finally on Saturday afternoon just prior to three pm, police stopped a car for an expired registration violation. The man had been drinking; he was given a test and blew a point 1-1-3. He was arrested on a third offense OWI.
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Location : Campbellsport
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