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12 Things That Will Cost Less After the Holidays

by Bob posted Dec 3 2013 4:11AM
You might THINK you just scored the best deals of your life on Black Friday.  But a lot of the most popular Christmas gifts are actually cheaper AFTER the holidays.  Here are 12 things you SHOULDN'T buy before Christmas.



1.  Big-screen TVs.  The best deals come AFTER Christmas, usually in late January.  They're trying to sell everyone a new TV right before the Super Bowl.  On average, the deals on HDTVs 55 inches and larger are 10% lower than on Black Friday.



2.  Furniture.  New models are usually released in February and August.  So stores give their best deals in January and July, to clear out the old inventory.



3.  Skis.  You get much better sales in March and April, at the end of ski season.



4.  Bicycles.  September is the best time to buy, with discounts of 25% or more.  Manufacturers bring out new models in the fall.  And bikes often don't change much from year to year, so it's smart to buy the older model for less.



5.  Cars.  The last week of the year is the best time, because dealers will negotiate more.  They get manufacturer incentives based on the calendar year, so it's their last chance to cash in.



6.  Caribbean cruises.  The off-peak months give you the cheapest rates.  And spring is better than fall, because you don't have to worry so much about hurricanes.



7.  Luggage.  The biggest markdowns are usually in March, because sales drop after the holiday travel season, and don't pick up again until people start planning summer vacations.



8.  Jewelry.  Everyone wants to buy jewelry for Christmas gifts, so sellers don't offer good deals.  The best time is right after Valentine's Day, after all the suckers just paid full price.



9.  Linens.  Let your in-laws sleep on the old sheets.  The big white sales come in January.  It's actually a tradition that goes back to the 19th century.



10.  Perfume.  Same as with jewelry.  Everyone buys it for Christmas and Valentine's Day, so you should wait until late February.  And the lowest prices will be online.



11.  Suits.  Buy them in January, when the fall and winter collections go on sale to make room for the spring collections.  If you need a spring suit, buy it in July.



12.  Broadway tickets.  January and February are the best times to see a show.  During January's Broadway Week, you can often get two-for-one deals.


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12/03/2013 4:10AM
12 Things That Will Cost Less After the Holidays
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