4/15 Cell Phone Scam Involving the 9-1-1 System

The Washington County Sheriff’s Derpartment is alerting cell phone users to a potential scam involving the use of the numbers 1-1-2. According to the information provided by Captain Steve Gonwa, this scam involves a cell phone user receiving a phone message or text stating that there is a problem with their financial account, such as a credit or debit card. The message tells the user to call back for more information by pressing 1 or dialing 1-1-2. When the user follows those instructions, their cell phone actually dials 9-1-1 and the call is routed to the local 9-1-1 center. Last Friday, the Sheriff’s Office received over 40 of these bogus calls through the 9-1-1 system. Captain Gonwa said at this point, there has been no impact on 9-1-1 service or responses in the county, but these false 9-1-1 calls could potentially interfere with a caller trying to place a legitimate 9-1-1 call. The Sheriff’s Office is requesting that cell phone users ignore and do not return these fraudulent calls asking them to press 1 or dial 1-1-2. Cell phone providers and federal agencies are actively investigating this scam and working on solutions.
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