4/17 3 Men Arrested for Theft of Enchantment Electrical Cords

Three men from West Bend, all with prior arrests and convictions for theft and drug violations are in custody in connection with a major theft of electrical equipment in March from the Enchantment in the Park. Lieutenant Michael Hartwell has details on police collected evidence that led to the initial arrest. On March 24th the organizers for Enchantment in the Park reported that approximately 100 electrical cords had been cut in half and stolen.  An inventory is being conducted to determine the number of cords and the total value. On March 26th  information was developed through an employee of American Metal & Paper  that a subject had turned in 132 pounds of electrical cords to be recycled.  This employee of American Metal & Paper had also helped at the Enchantment in the Park event and recognized the cords as belonging to Enchantment.  An audit of the records at American Metal & Paper showed that there were multiple transactions on the account belonging to Adam Ellis with $674.10 being paid out for the cords to be recycled. Further investigation and a review of the video surveillance determined two additional subjects were involved.  The video showed transactions on March 17th and 18th in which two men brought in a pick-up truck loaded with electrical cords to be recycled.  During the transactions, the men used the account of Adam Ellis, however, Ellis was not with them and had not given the men permission to use his account.  Based on information obtained in the video, Nathan Wetzel and Trenton Kalies were developed as suspects. On April 14th West Bend detectives arrested Wetzel and Kalies. The following charges have been referred to the Washington County District Attorney’s Office Criminal Damage to Property and Theft against Adam Ellis. Charges of Criminal Damage to Property, Theft and Identity Theft against both Nathan Wetzel and Trenton L. Kalies.
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