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5 Reasons Hangovers Get Worse As You Age

by Bob posted Jun 23 2014 5:18AM

We all know college is when you hit your partying peak. But why does it hurt so much to recover as you get older? Science finally has some explanations and they aren’t pretty. Like your receding hairline.


As alcohol breaks down in the body it creates a toxin called acetaldehyde. That jerk toxin is the main cause of hangovers and can only be eliminated through the liver. However, as we get older our livers produce less antioxidants so more acetaldehydes pass through causing head aches, vomiting and brunch cancellations.


Remember how doctors says you should stop drinking while on antibiotics? That’s because many medications affect the ability for your body to process alcohol correctly. So, if you are getting up there and need medications for any number of “getting old” maladies, those medications are going to affect your ability to bounce back in the morning.


Not only does your fat gut not fit in your high school b-ball jersey anymore, it also means you going to have worse hangovers. Being heavier means A) You need more alcohol to get drunk and B) Your body has more fat and less water, causing alcohol toxins in your cells longer. Didn’t know that hitting the gym helped hangovers did ya?


Teenagers can sleep through all of Monday’s classes and not skip a beat. But as we grow older, it’s tougher to get a good night’s rest. This sleep deprivation, mixed with alcohol, means the older person is not getting the proper rest needed to fight off a hangover. Plus, you know. You’ve got to drink your kids to school.


Unless you are Frank The Tank, most adults drink less as they get older. That means your tolerance drops significantly. One baby shower or bachelor party, where you like you’re 21 years old again, will hit you like a ton of bricks

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06/23/2014 5:16AM
5 Reasons Hangovers Get Worse As You Age
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