6/11 Washington County Not Issuing Same Sex Marriage Licenses

The latest count by a Wisconsin news source shows clerks in 45 Wisconsin counties are issuing licenses to same-sex couples who want to get married. That means there are twenty-seven of the state’s 72 county clerks’ offices who are saying they are not issuing licenses. One of those county clerk offices is Washington County. WBKV News contacted Washington County Clerk Brenda Jaszewski. She politely refused to make a recorded comment, but did say the official ruling from her office is that Washington County for now will not be issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples until they receive guidance from the state. When asked if anyone had come in for a license or called to inquire, Jaszewski said, there have, been some inquiries by county citizens, and they have received maybe around ten calls, but nobody has actually come in. Meanwhile in neighboring Dodge County, local news source Craig Warmbold reports that Dodge County will issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples but will not grant a time limit waiver. The county is treating same-sex couples the same as opposite sex couples when it comes to issuing marriage licenses. They are not granting waivers from those wanting a quick wedding.  By not granting waivers, couples registering in Dodge County have to wait five-days between applying for the license and being able to get married. As of yesterday, no one had into the Dodge County Clerk’s office for license applications.

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