8/29 No Restrooms at County Park

On Tuesday morning The Washington County Executive committee voted four tone to slash the Heritage Trails County Park development fund for next year in half. That decision would eliminate any plans for improvements to the park including proper restroom facilities. County board chairman Herb Tennies voted against it, because he said the  park  serves many communities in the county, and because he feels that just a five member committee should not make that call about park restrooms.The controversy didn’t end there, as after that vote the committee recommended approval of a six year capital improvement plan with close to six million dollars allocated for construction projects. The vote was three to two with Tennies and County supervisor Dan Stoffel voting against it. Tennis explains his reasoning behind that vote. The Heritage Trails restrooms have been argued over since they were proposed. Some supervisors said it is a waste of money to put restrooms in a park not heavily used. Others said the park is in use by soccer clubs most of the year and year-round restrooms would draw more people to use the park including during the winter months.
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