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8 Classic TV Crossovers

by Bob posted Aug 8 2014 5:18AM

We're not sure why anyone would ever want to visit the Simpsons' Springfield. Between its flirtations with nuclear disaster, incompetent police force and exceptional tolerance of public drunkenness, it doesn't seem like much of a family vacation spot.

But then, making good choices has never been Peter Griffin's strength. This is why we now find ourselves with a "Family Guy"/"Simpsons" crossover episode debuting this fall wherein the Griffins visit the Simpson's hometown.

While we all ponder what exactly would compel them to make such a decision, here are eight previous, well-known occasions of TV worlds colliding -- out of many, manyto choose from.

1. 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' / 'Diff'rent Strokes' / 'The Jeffersons'

Much as we all hoped the final "Fresh Prince" episode would feature Will rapping some classic Fresh Prince song while Carlton performed his eponymous dance move behind him, the actual series-ender wasn't too shabby either. Uncle Phil sells the family home and after some interest from Mr. Drummond and Arthur, he finally closes with Sherman Helmsley who's moved from the East Side to the West Coast.

2. 'The Facts of Life' / 'Diff'rent Strokes'

Another instance of "Diff'rent Strokes" crossing over occurred in 1979, when the show spun-off the character of caretaker Mrs. Garrett into the brand new "The Facts of Life." The whole Drummond crew appeared in its series premiere and Arnold and Willis would later occasionally pop up in "Facts of Life" episodes to visit their former nanny.

3. 'The Flintstones' / 'Bewitched'

Two great theme songs collided in Bedrock when "Bewitched" couple Samantha and Darrin showed up in animated form and made friends with the Flintstones and Rubbles, whose children are entertained by Samantha's magical powers.

4. 'Mork & Mindy' / 'Happy Days' / 'Laverne & Shirley'

What better way to pump up the brand new "Mork & Mindy" than with a couple monster late '70s crossovers? In a first-episode flashback, Mork recalls his previous visits to Earth, which included a stop in Milwaukee, because why not? He gets some dating advice from The Fonz, naturally, and is set up with Laverne, completing the sitcom hat trick.

5. 'Full House' / 'Family Matters'

It's 1991. You're a kid desperate to look cool, but saddled with glasses you think make you look like dork. Who do you turn to? Well, Steve Urkel of course, who lorded over the early '90s behind his oversized specs and suspenders. In San Fran to visit his cousin, Urkel gives Stephanie a pep talk and helps her accept her new frames. Then Michelle probably said something cute and the tender lesson was broken up with a laugh. You know, just guessing.

6. 'The Cosby Show' / 'A Different World'

As opposed to mere crossover episodes, these two were practically a crossover series. When "A Different World" spun off from "The Cosby Show," it didn't leave the Huxtables behind -- at all. Instead, every one of them (and, of course Denise, whose enrollment at Hillman spawned the new show) appeared at least once among a total, by one count, of nine "Different" crossover episodes.

7. 'The Simpsons' / 'Cheers'

Two of the most famous bar-centric shows in TV history were drawn together (get it?!) in a 1994 episode in which Homer is booted from Moe's and finds a new watering hole. Specifically, Homer finds one where everybody knows your name and the regulars are voiced by the members of the "Cheers" cast.

8. 'King of Queens' / 'Everybody Loves Raymond'

The pair of CBS schlub-com titans came together a few times, since they apparently inhabit the same fictional slice of Long Island. How else to explain Doug Heffernan bumping into Ray Barone, becoming pals... then getting ticketed by Robert Barone on the way home? Ray and Doug would swap appearances in each other's homes on several occasions, which makes sense when you recall that Kevin James was a writer for "Raymond" before getting his own show.

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8 Classic TV Crossovers
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