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8 Museums Every Guy Will Like

by Bob posted Aug 8 2014 5:25AM

Yes, I’m like you and think museums are stuffy and often just full of dusty art from hundreds of years ago. I hate every time I visit a new city with my girlfriend and she wants me to go check out this boring museum or that boring museum or another boring museum. But I’m being a bit unfair as “museums” don’t have to always suck. In fact, there are actually plenty of museums that are great fun for us guys.

1. National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

OK, so we typically don’t think of a place that tells long-retired baseball players that they were once great as a museum.  But indeed it is and plenty of old, important sh*t hangs on the walls of this site in Cooperstown, New York. Though, the old, important crap is mainly a bunch of cool jerseys, bats, balls and gloves.

2. International Bowling Museum

Most museums are no more interactive than a standing person staring at a wall. If you wanted to do that all afternoon you could just stay home and watch TV, right? But at the International Bowling Museum in Arlington, Texas you can actually roll a few frames (and drink a few brews). Now that’s a museum we can get on board with! You can also wander the grounds and learn about the great men who somehow turned bowling into a career.

3. The Museum of Sex

New York is the world’s museum capital, but none will cause you to perk up more than this one. Instead of exhibits devoted to boring stuff like The Crusades or cubist art, there’s ones devoted to everything sex. (Seriously). Heck, maybe one day you’ll be enshrined in this spot’s Hall of Fame. Hey, a guy can dream.

4. The Field Museum of Natural History

Dinosaurs are cool. You like dinosaurs. So why not pretend like you’re a cultural museum-goer when all you really want to do is stare at giant dinosaur bones (like Sue, the world’s oldest, largest, and best-preserved T-Rex fossil in the entire world) at this Chicago spot?

5. Graceland

Though it doesn’t have “museum” anywhere in its official title, if you’re paying good money to visit a long-dead famous person’s house then, yes, you can say you are going to a museum. The long-dead famous person’s in this equation is the great Elvis Presley and Graceland is the Memphis residence he lived in until 1977. Now a National Historic Landmark, you can walk through his 23-bedroom mansion to see how much better “The King” lived than you.

6. Navy SEALs Museum

Forget celebrities, artists, or even ballplayers…it’s surely Navy SEALs who are the baddest men on the planet and it’s good to see them honored with this museum in St. Lucie, Florida near where the first underwater demolition teams trained before heading into the Battle of Normandy. There, you can learn about the world of secret warfare, gawk at some serious weaponry, or simply realize that you’ll never be as tough as any of the men saluted here.

7. Museum of PEZ

Museums don’t have to be dead serious and this one in Burlingame, Californiasurely isn’t–it’s dedicated 100% to the iconic candy-dispensing toys from your youth. Then again, you could probably just go to candy aisle at your local drug store for a similar experience.

8. Museum of Man

You’re a man. You occasionally have to go to museums.  Go to the Museum of Man.

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08/08/2014 5:26AM
8 Museums Every Guy Will Like
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