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by Bob posted Apr 1 2015 4:38AM
It's true, cats look cute, but they do spend most of their time thinking about murder, especially female cats. This really has more to do with being genetically wired to fed their potential offspring than any actual grudge you think they have on you. These guys put a floppy fish in front of a cat, and it was like the ultimate shoe string toy. I'm glad to see these guys had a sense of humor about it.
by Bob posted Apr 1 2015 4:20AM
OK...this could NEVER happen here because it would result in the biggest lawsuit one could imagine. And, honestly, while I was watching it I wondered how anyone could think it was funny scaring a woman half to death. (Bob)

I don't care how bad you get pranked today, this is worse. A TV show in Brazil messed with women on the subway by locking all the doors of their subway car, and cutting the lights.

Then when the lights came back on . . . a bunch of realistic ZOMBIES were outside pounding on the windows.

A few seconds after that, they cut the lights again. And when they came back on that time, one of the zombies was INSIDE the car. Then eventually the doors opened . . . all the zombies poured in through one door . . . and the women ran out the other.

They did it a couple times, but the first woman in the video is the worst, because she's all by herself and TERRIFIED.

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by Bob posted Mar 31 2015 4:21AM

Some woman's ultrasound video is picking up millions of hits on YouTube . . . because it shows her baby CLAPPING.



She had the doctor rewind and fast-forward, so it looks like it's clapping along while she sings "If You're Happy and You Know It".   FYI: It's a 14 week ultrasound.

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by Bob posted Mar 30 2015 4:40AM
dad and his husky have an adorable relationship. They act like an old married couple. So when the husky stole his dad’s potato skin off his dinner plate, dad reprimanded the pup. But the husky didn’t just take it. He argued back!
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by Bob posted Mar 30 2015 4:18AM

A video of a monkey petting a bunch of puppies is all over Facebook.  That's pretty much all there is to say . . . it's a capuchin monkey with five puppies.  Enjoy.  I think He's looking for something to eat. (Slow video day)
by Bob posted Mar 27 2015 5:27AM
Jimmy talks with Sheila Fink, a Los Angeles woman who still has her Christmas decorations up.It's hilarious.
by Bob posted Mar 27 2015 4:47AM

The video says it how didn't this bird get turned into an appetizer?

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by Bob posted Mar 26 2015 4:16AM

The HAPPYCOW is a big spinning hourglass-shaped brush created by German farming equipment company Kerbl that cows rub up against in order to the clean themselves, as captured in a video by non-profit Hof Butenland. The machine takes advantage of a cow’s natural inclination to rub itself up against a tree, turning on when the animal triggers it. The brush’s manufacturers claim a slew of benefits for the device.

The brush removes dust mites and parasites by rubbing [and] improves the blood circulation to the skin. The skin is becoming more breathable and it stimulates the metabolism.



images via Kerbl

by Bob posted Mar 26 2015 4:12AM

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has a ZOMBIE movie on the way, but it's not the all-out action flick you'd expect.



It's called "Maggie", so right there you can tell this is something a little different.  ABIGAIL BRESLIN plays the title role, a girl who becomes infected by a virus that's slowly turning her into a flesh-eating zombie.



Arnold plays her dad, who's determined to stay by her side, even though she might eventually try to eat him.  And he calls it, quote, "the most human role you've ever seen me take on."  It's coming out in limited release on May 8th.


by Bob posted Mar 24 2015 4:29AM

As if yesterday’s surprise teaser for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation wasn’t enough, we’ve now got the full trailer straight off of the presses. It’s gorgeous, it’s sexy, and it’s action packed; and you’re going to want to watch it right now.

Right off the bat, the threat of disbandment has been laid at the Impossible Mission Force’s feet, all thanks to a squad of 'Anti IMF' agents sewing chaos and discord around the world, possibly tying back to the Kremlin counter-mission run by rogue nuclear physicist Hendricks at the beginning of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. What’s this mean for Ethan Hunt and company? It means one last possible mission to save the world, and possibly the IMF’s standing in the world community. You know, a standard Saturday afternoon for the IMF crew.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is director Christopher McQuarrie’s induction into the IMF world. Following the tremendous lead that J.J. Abrams and Brad Bird have laid out before him with their previous series saving entries, McQuarrie looks like he’s well equipped to make the leap into the director’s chair of the multimillion dollar franchise. What’s better is that Tom Cruise has not only Jeremy Renner returning to the IMF team, but he’s also got Ving Rhames, who was mostly absent from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, back for full time action.

Perhaps the most welcome additions to Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’s cast of characters are none other than newcomer Rebecca Ferguson, fresh off of her role in last summer’s Hercules, as well as everyone’s favorite zombie slayer/tech geek – Simon Pegg’s Benji Dunn. The former looks to be a tremendous addition to the roster, especially following the likes of Keri Russell, Maggie Q, and Paula Patton in the ranks of IMF lady asskickers. Meanwhile, the latter looks to have a substantial amount of plot thrown his way, as he looks to be at Ethan’s side more often than Renner or Rhames, so far. It’s funny how a character that could have been a humorous one off turned into such a vital part of the new Mission Impossible franchise model, but it’s also awesome to see Simon Pegg become such a big star in his own right. 

Of course, the big question that Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation has us asking is why in the hell would the government be disbanding the Impossible Mission Force to begin with? True, their operational efficacy can be brought into question at times, but if they were really going to tear down the walls of the house that Phelps built, wouldn’t they have done it after the senior agent that started it all turned out to be a traitor? Something’s not right here, and money could be wagered on Alec Baldwin’s mission commander being yet another turncoat.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation straps in and takes off on July 31st, and you can purchase tickets now on; should you choose to accept it. 

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