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by Bob posted Oct 31 2014 4:09AM

The website ranked 29 different types of Halloween candy based on how bad they are for you . . . so maybe you'll only gain two or three pounds tonight instead of 17 or 18. Remember . . . this is based on the fun-sized versions.

And believe it or not, the worst candy for you is . . . Twizzlers. The little Halloween-sized Twizzlers pack has 130 calories and 16 grams of sugar.

The top 10 least healthy Halloween candies are: Twizzlers . . . Reese's Peanut Butter Cups . . . Take 5 . . . Whoppers . . . Butterfinger . . . M&M's . . . Baby Ruth . . . Milky Way . . . Almond Joy . . . and Twix.

None of the candy they ranked is necessarily "healthy," but some are less bad for you than others. Here are the 10 LEAST unhealthy types of candy you can eat . . .

SweeTarts . . . a Hershey's Kiss . . . a Tootsie Roll . . . Laffy Taffy . . . Jelly Belly jelly beans . . . York peppermint patty . . . Milk Duds . . . Mike and Ike . . . Swedish Fish . . . and Brach's candy corn.

(Here are the rankings for all 29.)

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by Bob posted Oct 29 2014 3:56AM

A few more shows had their season premieres last week, including the CBS sitcom "The Millers", which returned for its second season with 8.9 million viewers.

The fourth season of "Grimm" premiered with 5.3 million viewers. It also served as the lead in to the new supernatural show "Constantine", which debuted with 4.3 million. And the CW's "The 100" returned for a second season with 1.5 million viewers.

Meanwhile, the series finale of "Boardwalk Empire" attracted 2.3 million viewers.

Obviously, the week was all about sports. "Thursday Night Football" came in at #1 with 20.2 million viewers and "Sunday Night Football" was right behind that with just under 19 million viewers. Game 2 of the "World Series" came in at #9.

Primetime Total Viewers for the week ending October 26, 2014:

Rank Shows R=Repeat S=Special P=Premiere Net Viewers (Live +SD) (000)
2 NBC Sunday Night Football-10/26 NBC 18799
3 NCIS-10/21 CBS 17125
4 NCIS: NEW ORLEANS-10/21 CBS 16130
5 Big Bang Theory, THE-10/20 CBS 16017
6 60 Minutes-10/26 CBS 13234
9 Dancing with the Stars-10/20 ABC 12584
10 FOX WORLD SERIES GAME 1-10/21 S FOX 12191
11 FOX WORLD SERIES GAME 3-10/24 S FOX 12133
12 VOICE-TUE-10/21 NBC 11947
13 VOICE-10/20 NBC 11899
14 MADAM SECRETARY-10/26 CBS 11713
15 Blue Bloods-10/24 CBS 11418
16 SCORPION-10/20 CBS 10747
17 FOX WORLD SERIES GAME 4-10/25 S FOX 10742
18 Good Wife, THE-10/26 CBS 10213
19 Modern Family-10/22 ABC 10159
20 SCANDAL-10/23 ABC 9975
22 Criminal Minds-10/22 CBS 9924
24 Person Of Interest-10/21 CBS 9397
25 BLACKLIST-10/20 NBC 9338

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2014 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved. All numbers are live viewing plus same day DVR viewing.

HOW ABOUT CABLE....................

Walking Dead topped cable viewership for the week ending October 26, 2014 with 13.801 million viewers.

Rank Shows Net Day Time Viewers Live +SD (000)
1 Walking Dead AMC Sun 09:00P-10:01P 13801
2 NFL REGULAR SEASON L ESPN Mon 08:15P-11:38P 13275
3 TALKING DEAD AMC Sun 10:01P-11:00P 5320
5 American Horror Story FX Wed 10:00P-11:23P 4439
6 Sons Of Anarchy FX Tue 10:00P-11:31P 4285
7 NASCAR SPRINT CUP L ESPN Sun 01:30P-06:03P 4083
8 WWE Entertainment USA Mon 09:00P-10:00P 3864
9 WWE Entertainment USA Mon 10:00P-11:11P 3631
10 WWE Entertainment USA Mon 08:00P-09:00P 3589
11 NFLN THU NT FOOTBALL NFLN Thu 08:26P-11:15P 3365
12 NFLN THU NT FBALL-SUS NFLN Thu 11:15P-11:32P 3276
13 Gold Rush DISC Fri 09:00P-10:00P 3249
14 Walking Dead AMC Sun 08:00P-09:00P 3220
15 SPORTSCENTER: L ESPN Mon 11:38P-01:00A 3211
16 COLLEGE FOOTBALL AFT L ESPN Sat 12:00P-03:14P 3061
17 THE OREILLY FACTOR FOXN Wed 08:00P-09:00P 2952
18 THE OREILLY FACTOR FOXN Thu 08:00P-09:00P 2926
19 19 Kids and Counting TLC Tue 09:00P-10:01P 2829
20 Pawn Stars HIST Thu 09:31P-10:03P 2699
21 THE OREILLY FACTOR FOXN Mon 08:00P-09:00P 2696
22 Project Runway LIFE Thu 09:00P-10:31P 2629
23 COLLEGE FOOTBALL PRIME L ESP2 Sat 07:30P-11:02P 2589
24 Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC Wed 09:00P-09:30P 2549
25 COLL FTBL SCOREBOARD L ESPN Sat 03:14P-03:30P 2547

Nielsen Ratings Data: ©2014 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved. All ratings above Live+SD (live viewing plus same day DVR viewing)

by Bob posted Oct 29 2014 3:35AM
For a fifth consecutive year we are collecting labels and boxtops for education. You know, you find them on Campbell's soup cans, Progresso soups, granola bars, General Mills cereals, etc. Last year listeners dropped off over 48 hundred boxtops and almost 24 hundred soup labels .

For every 20 labels or boxtops you drop off you'll get an entry into a weekly drawing. There will be a minimum of four winners every week. There's no limit to the number of entries you can receive or the number of times you can win. Drop-offs will end Saturday November 22nd.

Good luck and thanks for being a part of helping out a deserving school in our listening area!

WEEK ONE WINNERS: Cheryl Thill, Dennis Schommer, Michelle Gruszynski and Debbie Guillaume BONUS WINNERS: Cindy Stumphy and Karen Wentz
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by Bob posted Oct 28 2014 4:46AM

TODAY, movie-going audiences expect a certain threshold in terms of a film's technical qualities. Viewers expect the sound to be crisp, the picture to be in sharp focus, and special effects to be, generally, believable.

But way back in the seventies, many low-budget filmmakers couldn't always hit those rudimentary-seeming bench-marks… and yet they wanted their movies to succeed and to be seen by the most people possible.

One cheap and effective way to achieve theatrical success was to devise a great tag-line, one that veritably guaranteed audience curiosity, or amusement. Indeed, a key weapon in the marketer's arsenal in the 1970s, at least as it applied to the horror film, was humor.

Below are ten tag-lines from 1970s horror films that walk the line between humor, hucksterism, and, perhaps even, in some cases, genius.

Big Foot (1971): "America's Abominable Snowman breeds with anything."

tagline1 184x300 10 Ridiculous (But Awesome…) Horror Movie Tag Lines of the 1970s

Perhaps America's abominable snowman should set higher standards for himself…

Werewolves on Wheels (1971): "This gang thought it was tough…till it found a new type of Hell – The Bride of Satan!"

tagline4 198x300 10 Ridiculous (But Awesome…) Horror Movie Tag Lines of the 1970s

Well, in fairness, I've heard that the Bride of Satan is notoriously hard to get along with.

Frogs (1972): "Today – The pond. Tomorrow – The world."

tagline5 198x300 10 Ridiculous (But Awesome…) Horror Movie Tag Lines of the 1970s

Who knew amphibians were so ambitious? Their approach contrasts with that of Frogs star Ray Milland, who is never seen in the same shot with the rampaging frogs and declared, memorably, behind the scenes: "I'm not touching one damned frog."

The Thing with Two Heads (1972): "They transplanted a white bigot's head onto a soul brother's body."

tagline6 197x300 10 Ridiculous (But Awesome…) Horror Movie Tag Lines of the 1970s

No, this isn't the Allen West story.

Mark of the Devil (1972): "The first film rated V for violence…guaranteed to upset your stomach."

tagline19 190x300 10 Ridiculous (But Awesome…) Horror Movie Tag Lines of the 1970s

Was this a money-back guarantee?

Sssssss (1973): "Don't Say It! Hiss It!"

tagline10 300x227 10 Ridiculous (But Awesome…) Horror Movie Tag Lines of the 1970s

Although tough to pronounce and spell, Sssssss definitely beats the original title: Zzzzzzz.

Grizzly (1976): "The most dangerous jaws on land!"

tagline12 300x205 10 Ridiculous (But Awesome…) Horror Movie Tag Lines of the 1970s

Gee, could this tag-line possibly be referring to some other popular horror movie from the 1970s about an animal with sharp teeth?

Schizo (1976): "Schizophrenia: When the left hand doesn't know who the right hand is killing!" – Schizo (1976).

 10 Ridiculous (But Awesome…) Horror Movie Tag Lines of the 1970s

Oddly enough, this is the DSM-V definition of Schizophrenia…

Ruby (1977): "Christened in Blood. Raised in sin. She's sweet sixteen, let the PARTY begin."

tagline13 300x292 10 Ridiculous (But Awesome…) Horror Movie Tag Lines of the 1970s

Well…at least it rhymes. The all-caps on PARTY is nice too.

Zombie (1979): "We are going to eat you"

tagline161 215x300 10 Ridiculous (But Awesome…) Horror Movie Tag Lines of the 1970s

I appreciate a ghoul who is up-front about his appetites don't you?

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by Bob posted Oct 28 2014 4:39AM

A British company is marketing the Zombie Fortification Cabin, dubbed the "world's first and only certified zombie-proof cabin."

Tiger Log Cabins unveiled the Zombie Fortification Cabin, or ZFC-1, on its website for a starting price of $112,898. Delivery is free, but installation costs an additional $20,963.

The cabin comes with a "10-year anti-zombie guarantee" and the website states customers must present "medical evidence of the presence of a real zombie" to collect on the guarantee.

The basic cabin package includes barbed wire, reinforced windows, an escape hatch, a storage unit and an upper deck with a 360-degree vantage point for spotting the undead.

Buyers can also obtain security cameras, riot protection gear and solar panels for extra fees.

"Get yours, before they get you!" the website states.

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by Bob posted Oct 27 2014 4:02AM
Everyone knows dogs can't have chocolate because it's toxic, especially dark chocolate and baker's chocolate. But here are five foods you probably DIDN'T know your pets can't eat.

1. Raw dough. The yeast is dangerous for ALL pets, because it can rise while they're digesting it. And it also produces alcohol, which can be deadly.

2. Grapes and raisins. They can cause kidney failure. Some dogs can eat them and be fine, but there's no way to tell if they'll have a reaction.

3. Sugar-free gum. An ingredient called xylitol tricks a dog's body into thinking they just ate a bunch of sugar. So they release a bunch of insulin to compensate, and can DIE if their blood sugar drops too low.

4. Onions and garlic. They can damage a cat's red blood cells. They have to eat a lot of them though. So it's not usually a problem unless they eat onion or garlic POWDER.

5. Avocados. A toxin called persin can cause lung problems and heart damage for birds, rabbits, and horses. With cats and dogs, they usually just cause digestive issues.

by Bob posted Oct 17 2014 4:17AM

We've heard about people suing McDonald's after they got scalded by coffee. But I'd rather take a pot of coffee to the CROTCH than have THIS happen to me.

On Monday, a guy in Fredericton, Canada named Ron Morais bought a cup of coffee at McDonald's on his way to work. (We're not sure about his age, but he looks to be in his 50s. Fredericton is in New Brunswick, 70 miles east of the Maine border.)

He drank the coffee, and as far as we know, he enjoyed it. At least, until he took the lid off to get the last few drops . . . and found a DEAD MOUSE in the bottom of the cup. Apparently there were a few mouse DROPPINGS in there too.

There's a photo of it online. And if you're thinking Ron PLANTED the mouse there, it's possible. But according to his co-workers, they SAW him drinking from the cup. Then when he took the lid off, he immediately yelled, "There's a MOUSE in my coffee!"

Ron says he started feeling kind of sick after that, which is understandable. And so did his co-workers just from the THOUGHT of it. It's not clear if he's planning to sue. McDonald's is currently investigating.

(CBC News / Buzzfeed)

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by Bob posted Oct 15 2014 4:19AM

Premiere Ratings for Two New Shows and Five Returning Shows

With its 17.3 million viewers, "The Walking Dead" season premiere ended up being the second most-watched show of the week. It came in behind "Sunday Night Football" and edged out "NCIS" for #2 by just a couple hundred thousand viewers.

Here are last week's Top 10 primetime shows:

1. "Sunday Night Football", NBC, 18.1 million viewers.

2. The fifth season premiere of "The Walking Dead", AMC, 17.29 million viewers.

3. "NCIS", CBS, 17.27 million viewers.

4. "The Big Bang Theory", CBS, 15.8 million viewers.

5. "NCIS: New Orleans", CBS, 15.4 million viewers.

6. "The OT", Fox, 14.6 million viewers.

7. "Monday Night Football", ESPN, 13.1 million viewers.

8. "Dancing with the Stars", ABC, 12.7 million viewers.

9. Monday's episode of "The Voice", NBC, 12.4 million viewers.

10. "Scorpion", CBS, 11.9 million viewers.

And here's a quick rundown on the premieres for some new and returning shows . . .

"American Horror Story: Freakshow" premiered with 6.1 million viewers on the day it aired. After factoring in people who watched it on DVR within the first three days, its total went up 10 million . . . making it the most-watched program in the 20 years FX has existed. The show's already been renewed for a fifth season.

Meanwhile, "Arrow" returned for its third season with 2.8 million . . . "Supernatural" came back for a 10th season with 2.5 million . . . and the second season of the "Vampire Diaries" spin-off "The Originals" pulled 1.4 million viewers.

As for new shows, the ABC sitcom "Cristela" debuted with 6.5 million viewers . . . and the series premiere of "The Flash" attracted to 4.8 million people to the CW.

Judge Judy was the top regular weekday syndicated program in Household ratings for the 28th consecutive week, while Wheel of Fortune again topped total viewers for the week ending October 3, 2014.
Dr. Phil was the top-rated talk show for the fifth week in a row.

Rank Program Dist Days HH Rating Viewers (000)
2 JUDGE JUDY (AT) CTD MTWTF.. 6.7 9158
4 JEOPARDY (AT) CTD MTWTF.. 6.4 9662
5 FAMILY FEUD (AT) 2/T MTWTF.. 5.8 8405
6 BIG BANG-SYN (AT) WB MTWTF.. 5.8 8672
7 WEEKEND ADVENTURE DAL ......S 5.2 7261
8 LAW & ORDER:CI-WKL (AT) NBU ......S 4.7 6574
9 BIG BANG WKND (AT) WB .....SS 4.3 6760
10 Modern Family-MF-SYN (AT) 2/T MTWTF.. 3.9 5817
11 LAW & ORDER:SVU-WKL (AT) NBU ......S 3.6 4937
13 DR. PHIL SHOW (AT) CTD MTWTF.. 3 4115
16 Family Guy-WK-SYN (AT) 2/T ......S 2.9 4096
17 Modern Family-WK-SYN (AT) 2/T ......S 2.9 4209
18 TWO-HALF MEN-SYN (AT) WB MTWTF.. 2.8 4082
20 Family Guy-MF-SYN (AT) 2/T MTWTF.. 2.4 3362
21 Blue Bloods (AT) CTD ......S 2.3 3128
22 HOW I MET-MTHR-MF-SYN(AT) 2/T MTWTF.. 2.2 2979
24 MAURY (AT) NBU MTWTF.. 1.9 2690
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by Bob posted Oct 15 2014 4:06AM

You might say there's NO amount of money that could get you to give away your family's cat . . . and you would be wrong. For THIS amount of money, you'd HAPPILY give away your cat, and get a new cat . . . a BETTER cat.

Michael and Fran Perceval of Glen Iris, Australia were trying to sell their five-bedroom house. And when a family was looking at it, they saw the Percevals' cat, Tiffany . . . and their daughters fell in love with her.

The Percevals wanted $1.8 million for their house, and the family offered to pay $1.92 million under one condition . . . the Percevals included THE CAT with the house.

The Percevals decided that yes, they would gladly part with their cat for $122,000 . . . and made the deal.

Michael and Fran say they're fine with it, but their 19-year-old son Sam isn't particularly happy. He bought her at a pet shop when she was a kitten four years ago. They're going to give him a $17,500 cut to ease his pain.

The Percevals are planning to adopt a new cat once they move. Chester maybe?

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by Bob posted Oct 9 2014 4:20AM

Pretty Cool Article:

I've spent years of studying entrepreneurship and am now involved in a new startup of my own. It might not be surprising, therefore, to learn that I'm addicted to the TV series Shark Tank.

Nearly 400 entrepreneurs have pitched the sharks since the show debuted in 2009. Recently, I set out to study almost every single one of them. I took an afternoon and poured every pitch from the show's first five seasons into a spreadsheet, tagged and analyzed them, and tried to draw some conclusions.

(This column might make more sense if you take a quick look at my chart, which highlights some of the preliminary results of my analysis of 377 pitches that have been made on Shark Tank over the past five years.)

Here's what I learned.

1. Your odds are as good as anyone's.

Let's start by establishing a baseline. Out of 377 pitches that I reviewed, 185 were successful -- meaning that the entrepreneurs on the show reached a handshake deal with at least one shark to invest in their company. That works out to a pretty amazing 49 percent success rate.

Of course, only a small percentage of entrepreneurs who apply for the show get picked to appear to begin with--0.4 percent, according to the show's producers. Even after a deal appears to be struck, there is usually an intense due diligence process that kills many -- maybe even a majority -- of deals.

2. Bigger markets are better.

I used seven categories to characterize each of the entrepreneur's pitches, and the most consistent predictor of success was "mass market." An amazing 78 percent of the pitches we tagged in this category were successful.

Granted, there were a number of pitches where the sharks held back because they were wary of getting into a big industry dominated by big players. However, where all else is equal, the sharks wanted to see massive potential for growth. If you don't have a big potential market, that's hard to demonstrate.

3. Don't get too far ahead of the customer.

Wannabe entrepreneurs often make a common mistake. They try to come up with a product idea that is actually too far ahead of the competition. The problem is that by doing so, you can get too far ahead of your customer as well.

Another way to look at this is that contrary to stubborn perception, real entrepreneurs and investors don't like risk. These kinds of risky pitches were often tagged as "niche" in my analysis, and they were successful only 23 percent of the time.

4. Customer needs beat customer wants.

We've already seen that mass-market categories do best on Shark Tank, but it turns out that some specific mass-market categories do better than others. What do they have in common? The customer need they help solve has more to do with an actual "need" than a mere "want."

Case in point: clothing, which is one of the most consistently successful categories onShark Tank, with entrepreneurs getting a handshake deal 73 percent of the time. There have also been a heck of a lot of pitches for food, alcohol and other related products -- 65 by my count. Those do better than average as well, with about a 55 percent success rate.

5. Don't be ridiculous.

There have been a fair number of pitches over the first five years that seem at first designed more for comic relief than for a serious attempt to get a shark to invest. Unsurprisingly, they are rarely successful. Pitches whose primary tag was "just plain weird" were successful only 11 percent of the time.

You can imagine that some of these pitches--things like the guy who wanted to surgically implant Bluetooth devices in people's heads, or the entrepreneur who said he could generate energy by harnessing the Earth's rotation (while mining gold and producing fresh drinking water as byproducts)--seem like they got on the show because they're fun television stunts. However, if you don't think there are many entrepreneurs out there trying to pitch similarly crazy ideas, let me give you a tour of my email inbox sometime.

6. Focus on the customer, not on yourself.

It's hard to overstate this. Sometimes, some of the sharks can appear on the show to have soft hearts, especially when they see entrepreneurs who are incredibly passionate about their products and have already overcome long odds to keep their dreams afloat. When it comes time to make a deal, however, an entrepreneur's personal story is really only compelling if it demonstrates that he or she has a compelling insight into customer needs.

The show's recent season premiere had a perfect example of this. An entrepreneur named Michael Elliott who had an incredibly compelling personal story -- he'd been a ward of the state as a child, lived on the streets for a while, and ultimately became a successful magazine writer and screenwriter -- clearly earned the Sharks' respect. However, when it came time to make a deal on his Hammer & Nails "nail shop for guys," there were no offers to be found.

7. It's hard to be trendy.

There's a lot of fool's gold in trends. Things move so quickly in business that by the time a new entrepreneur can identify a trend and think of a way to capitalize on it, the trend is often over. That said, while the sample size is small--only five pitches that were tagged primarily as "trendy" -- four of these entrepreneurs managed to leave the show with a handshake deal.

Despite that 80 percent success rate, I worry about people taking the wrong lesson. For every Buggy Beds (capitalizing on fear of bed bugs) with a $250,000 investment and a $1 million valuation, there's a pitch like Broccoli Wad (a money clip capitalizing on the popularity of The Sopranos) with a much smaller $50,000 investment and a $250,000 valuation.

8. Women are better customers than men.

At least when the sharks are involved, entrepreneurs who are seeking to sell primarily to women do better. Pitches that I tagged primarily as targeting women had a 56 percent success rate. Beyond that, products aimed at children did 59 percent and pitches that were tagged as "educational" had a phenomenal 73 percent success rate.

Combining the high success rates of products for women and children with the high success rate for clothing, however, might lead some entrepreneurs to an unfortunate conclusion. I found several instances in which entrepreneurs on Shark Tank wanted to sell maternity clothes. Not a single one was successful.

9. Know your numbers …

I've often found that you can predict whether a business is doomed to fail within about 60 seconds by asking two simple questions: What customer problem are you solving? Why are you the person to solve it?

That second question explains why there is no easier way to get eaten alive on Shark Tank than to walk into the studio looking for an investment of thousands or even millions of dollars, and not be able to articulate basic metrics about your business very quickly. This was a little bit harder to track, but anecdotally it came through time and again.

10. But don't nickel and dime.

Finally, this last lesson also goes back to being able to do simple math -- especially under pressure. Believe me, I understand working to get the best deal possible, and there are some times when an entrepreneur is better off leaving a lopsided deal on the table. (Case in point: Copa di Vino, which even ABC's website describes as the most successful pitch that didn't result in an investment.)

That said, there are many instances in which negotiations on Shark Tank get caught up in a tense back-and-forth over what is really a phantom equity--sometimes to the point of killing the deal on air. Moreover, you have to suspect that many of the deals that get killed after the show is over are the same ones in which the negotiations are toughest on air. Both on Shark Tank and in real life, a contentious tone during the deal can make working together later more difficult.

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by Bob posted Oct 9 2014 3:56AM
When you load up your plate on Thanksgiving, all the food winds up touching each other in a giant carb-loaded orgy. So the latest Thanksgiving trend KNOWS all the food blends together . . . and saves you the hassle of serving them separately.

It's called "Thanksgiving in a Bucket." When you're making Thanksgiving dinner, instead of having everything on its own separate dish, you layer everything into a bucket . . . kind of like a Thanksgiving parfait.

You put stuffing on the bottom, because it's best at absorbing all the other flavors. Then mashed potatoes on top of that . . . then a green vegetable . . . then sweet potatoes . . . turkey and gravy . . . and finally cranberry sauce.

And you serve it with a big cake spatula so you can give someone an entire slice of Thanksgiving all at once.

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by Bob posted Oct 8 2014 4:13AM

Premiere Ratings for Seven New Shows and Seven Returning Shows

The "NCIS" spin-off "NCIS: New Orleans" is doing well in its second week. It came in third in the ratings. That's just behind the Mark Harmon original . . . and well ahead of the "NCIS: Los Angeles" season premiere, which didn't even crack our Top 10.

Primetime Total Viewers for the week ending September 28, 2014:

Rank Shows R=Repeat S=Special P=Premiere Net # Viewers (Live+SD) (000)
1 NBC Sunday Night Football-10/05/2014 NBC 19386
2 NCIS-09/30/2014 CBS 18838
3 NCIS: NEW ORLEANS-09/30/2014 CBS 16574
4 CBS+NFLN THU NT FOOTBALL-10/02/2014 CBS 16544
5 Big Bang Theory, THE-09/29/2014 CBS 16383
6 60 Minutes-10/05/2014 CBS 14232
7 VOICE-TUE-09/30/2014 NBC 13734
8 SCORPION-09/29/2014 CBS 13359
9 VOICE-09/29/2014 NBC 12941
10 Dancing with the Stars-09/29/2014 ABC 12502
11 Big Bang Theory, THE - 2-09/29/2014 R CBS 12259
12 MADAM SECRETARY-10/05/2014 CBS 12201
13 HOW TO GET AWAY W/MURDER-10/02/2014 ABC 12150
14 Criminal Minds-10/01/2014 P CBS 11651
15 Blue Bloods-10/03/2014 CBS 10846
16 Good Wife, THE-10/05/2014 CBS 10832
17 FOOTBALL NT AMERICA PT 3-10/05/2014 NBC 10760
18 Castle-09/29/2014 P ABC 10749
19 Person Of Interest-09/30/2014 CBS 10715
20 SCANDAL-10/02/2014 ABC 10701
21 Modern Family-10/01/2014 ABC 10557
22 BLACKLIST-09/29/2014 NBC 10512
23 Hawaii Five-0-10/03/2014 CBS 9767
24 SURVIVOR-10/01/2014 CBS 9486
25 NCIS: LOS ANGELES-09/29/2014 P CBS 9485

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2014 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved. All numbers are live viewing plus same day DVR viewing.

And here's a quick rundown on the season premieres for a few more returning shows . . .

"Criminal Minds" returned for its 10th season with 11.7 million viewers . . .

"Castle" started its seventh season with 10.8 million . . .

"NCIS: Los Angeles" began its sixth season with 9.5 million . . .

And "Last Man Standing" kicked off season four with 6.9 million viewers.

Further down the list the CW somehow got 1.8 million people to watch the sixth season premiere of "The Vampire Diaries" . . . and another 1 million for the second season premiere of "Reign".

And over on Showtime, "Homeland" returned for its fourth season with 1.6 million viewers and one less cast member.

Meanwhile, there were seven more new shows debuting last week. The Maggie Q cop show "Stalker" was the show that attracted the most interest. Its premiere pulled in 9.1 million viewers.

Here's a rundown on the rest of last week's series premieres:

• The Kate Walsh sitcom "Bad Judge" premiered with 5.8 million viewers.

• The John Cho and Karen Gillan sitcom "Selfie" debuted with 5.3 million viewers.

"A to Z", which stars "How I Met Your Mother's" Cristin Milioti, attracted 4.8 million viewers.

"Gracepoint" . . . a 10-episode mystery which stars Anna Gunn from "Breaking Bad" . . . began with 4.8 million viewers.

• The ABC sitcom "Manhattan Love Story" premiered with 4.7 million viewers.

• And "Mulaney", the Fox sitcom that Nasim Pedrad quit "SNL" to be on, debuted with 2.3 million viewers.

Monday Night Football topped cable viewership for the week ending September 28, 2014 with 14.426 million viewers. Sons Of Anarchy was the most-watched scripted program with 4.036 million viewers.

Rank Shows Net Day Time Viewers Live+SD (000)
1 NFL REGULAR SEASON L ESPN Mon 08:15P-11:21P 14426
2 MLB WILD CARD L ESPN Wed 07:59P-11:23P 5591
3 MLB WILDCARD TBSC Tue 08:00P-01:04A 5213
4 MLB DIVISION SERIES TBSC Sun 07:31P-11:27P 4350
5 WWE Entertainment USA Mon 09:00P-10:00P 4222
6 MLB DIVISION SERIES TBSC Thu 09:25P-01:19A 4153
7 COLLEGE FOOTBALL AFT L ESPN Sat 12:00P-03:44P 4101
8 Sons Of Anarchy FX Tue 10:00P-11:16P 4036
9 WWE Entertainment USA Mon 08:00P-09:00P 4015
10 MLB DIVISION SERIES TBSC Thu 05:30P-09:25P 3964
11 WWE Entertainment USA Mon 10:00P-11:09P 3882
12 WRECK-IT RALPH DSNY Fri 07:10P-09:00P 3853
13 WRECK-IT RALPH DSNY Sat 10:10A-12:00P 3822
15 SPORTSCENTER: L ESPN Mon 11:21P-01:00A 3684
16 NASCAR SPRINT CUP L ESPN Sun 02:00P-05:30P 3601
17 MLB NL DIVISION SERIES L FS1 Fri 07:05P-10:37P 3595
18 MLB DIVISION SERIES TBSC Fri 09:30P-01:32A 3414
19 MLB DIVISION SERIES TBSC Sun 03:38P-07:31P 3297
20 MLB NL DIVISION SERIES L FS1 Sat 05:30P-12:07A 3160
21 THE OREILLY FACTOR FOXN Wed 08:00P-09:00P 2911
22 WWE FRI NIGHT Smackdown SYFY Fri 08:00P-10:00P 2749
23 STAR WARS REBELS SPARK DSNY Fri 09:00P-10:00P 2743
24 THE OREILLY FACTOR FOXN Tue 08:00P-09:00P 2718
25 ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER DISC Sun 09:00P-10:00P 2701

Nielsen Ratings Data: ©2014 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved. All ratings above Live+SD (live viewing plus same day DVR viewing)

by Bob posted Oct 2 2014 3:59AM
Wanna know if you'll be DEAD in five years? According to a new study, the best way to predict whether you'll die soon has to do with your sense of SMELL.

Researchers looked at more than 3,000 men and women between the ages of 57 and 85, and asked them to identify five different scents . . . peppermint, fish, oranges, roses, and leather.

Then after five years, they counted up how many of those people had died. And the ones who failed the test were MUCH more likely to no longer be with us.

39% of the ones who failed the test were dead, and 19% who BARELY passed were dead . . . compared to just 10% of people who passed with flying colors.

The authors of the study say they're not sure why that's the case. But they think losing your sense of smell is an early warning sign of other age-related issues.

So whether or not you can smell those five things . . . peppermint, fish, oranges, roses, and leather . . . is a better way of predicting death than ANYTHING else we've come up with so far.

(NY Times / PLOS One / The Guardian)

by Bob posted Oct 1 2014 4:33AM
Preparations For Halloween Continue As Weekend Festivities Approach

Need a reason to celebrate this month? Look no further than the list below.

October 1st: National Homemade Cookies Day

Take a knee, Little Debbie, today we only want our tasty circular treats fresh from the oven. If you aren't a master of the chocolate chip, take the day to make a little mess in the kitchen and give yourself a lesson in "from scratch." Or for the less motivated set, make sure to butter up that special baker in your life to make some holiday treats for the both of you.

October 2nd: National Name Your Car Day

Or as KITT from Knight Rider calls it: National Me Day. In case you have not bestowed your wheels with a pet name yet, on this holiday you have no excuses. Don't let the tiny detail of not owning an automobile stop you from celebrating. Since there's no real origin story to Name Your Car Day, there are no rules: name your friend's car, or your neighbor's, or even a taxi!

October 4th: National Taco Day

The crisp autumn air of early October might not exactly scream "tacos," but then again, why not? Skip the local fast food taqueria (unless, of course, they're giving the tasty treats away), and go on a scavenger hunt for the best taco in your town. Or host a taco night for a couple of close friends. Tacos are nothing if not about bringing people closer together.

October 6th: Mad Hatter Day

In John Tenniel's illustrations of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, he drew a white slip from the cap of the Mad Hatter that read, "In this style 10/6." What better reason do you need to set aside the sixth of October to hold a merry tea party, be a little foolish, and wear an oversized hat? Of course, if you're European you may argue that these celebrations are more suitably held on the tenth of June. Cultural confusion—classic Mad Hatter.

October 8th: Canadian Thanksgiving

Our neighbors to the north have their own day of giving thanks for the harvest, and they beat us to the punch by nearly a month and a half. In the late 1950s, the Canadian government declared the second Monday in every October Thanksgiving day. Though it does not mark a specific gathering of two groups like the U.S. version, Canadian Thanksgiving offers a great excuse to gobble down a turkey dinner in the name of neighborly solidarity.

October 12th: International Moment of Frustration Scream Day

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, just stop and really let it out. We're told you can hear the collective scream from space.

October 14th: national lowercase day

proper nouns be damned! today capital is purely an economic asset. your middle school grammar teacher might balk at such a holiday, but the shift button on your keyboard will thank you for the day off.

October 15th: Global Handwashing Day

We certainly scratched our heads a few times about this one, because shouldn't every day be global handwashing day? But an organization by the apropos name of The Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing with Soap felt it necessary to create an entire day of awareness to spread the gospel of clean hands. Anyone can celebrate, and public health benefits. It's a win-win.

October 16th: National Dictionary Day

Word nerds rejoice! Today you may proudly pore over the pages of your Merriam-Webster and Oxford's alike. Celebrate the holiday by learning 20 new words, and impress your peers and colleagues for life. Or at least for 20 minutes.

October 18th: National No Beard Day

We suspect that fellows unlucky in the facial hair-growing department might have something to do with this holiday. Regardless, if you are an offbeat holiday observer with facial hair, that chin strap has got to go. Those are the rules. A fresh start for your face could translate to a fresh start for your life. Which brings us to…

October 19th: Evaluate Your Life Day

This may seem better suited for post-New Years Eve, but get your existential ducks in a row early this year. Who are you? What do you want? Where do you want to go? These are just a few questions to get you started down the actualization rabbit hole. By January 1, you'll have it all worked out!

October 20th: Information Overload Day

Knowledge economy research and advisory firm Basex estimates that "a minimum of 28 billion hours is lost each year to Information Overload in the United States." For example, trudging through 100 email messages can suck up half of your workday. Reduce the noise, starting today. The Information Overload Challenge suggests you send 10% fewer email messages beginning on—but not ending on—the 20th of October. For example, if you were going to email this post to 100 of your closest friends, instead email it to 90. (We won't tell if you break the rule just this once.)

October 24th: National Bologna Day

This distant cousin of the Charcuterie family is far less pretentious in taste than its name might imply. Bologna has roots in Bologna, Italy, derived from a sausage made there called mortadella. These days, it's more humble, and commonly associated with cheeses of the Kraft Singles variety. It also can be a colloquial expression meaning "full of it," which you just might be after a holiday of eating lots of bologna.

October 26th (2012): Nevada Day

A legal holiday in Nevada, this day commemorates its entry into statehood and frontier roots. It became the official 36th state on October 31st, 1864. But, due to that pesky other holiday falling on the same date known as "Halloween," state voters decided in 1999 to observe the holiday on the last Friday of every October with parades, concerts, balls, and a day off of work. For those Nevadan purists, 10/31 is still technically Nevada Day.

October 30th: Mischief Night

AKA the Devil's Night or "Hell Night." Halloween might yield some frightening costumes and even more frightening levels of high fructose corn syrup, but the night before is when the real (dark) magic happens. In the United States, teenage hooligans prowl their suburban streets with toilet paper, eggs, and, well, mischief in their hearts. Unless you enjoy a good prank, we suggest you stay inside and don't answer the doorbell.

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People : Soap
by Bob posted Oct 1 2014 4:05AM
It's the first day of October, and if you're planning to make a big purchase this month, check THIS out first. Here are the five BEST and WORST things you can buy this month. First, the five best.

1. A new car. Most of the dealerships started selling their 2015 models last month, so the prices on their 2014 models should go down now.

2. Tickets for a cruise. Cruises in the Caribbean are always SUPER cheap in October. But that's partly because the weather's kind of unpredictable.

3. iPads. Apple is expected to announce their new iPad models later this month. And in the past, older models have always dropped in price about 20% when that happens.

4. Camping gear. It goes on sale because camping season is pretty much over. The only things that DON'T go on sale are cold-weather things, like down sleeping bags.

5. Pizza. It's not clear why, but pizza places LOVE offering deals this time of year. Maybe because of football? In 2013, Dominos, Pizza Hut, and Papa John's all offered their best coupons in October.

As far as the WORST things to buy this month, stay away from appliances . . . cold-weather clothing . . . electronics . . . big-screen TVs . . . and laptops. All of those things go on sale NEXT month for Black Friday.

(DealNews / Business Insider)

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by Bob posted Oct 1 2014 4:00AM

Premiere Ratings: "NCIS" Was Last Week's Top Returning Show, and "NCIS: New Orleans" Was the Top New Show

Over two dozen shows had their season premieres last week. "NCIS" and "The Big Bang Theory" tied for the top returning show with 18.2 million . . . and "NCIS: New Orleans", was the top new series with 17.2 million viewers.

As for the other new shows, "How to Get Away with Murder" cracked the Top 10 with 14.3 million viewers . . . and the Katharine McPhee show "Scorpion" was right below that with 13.8 million viewers.

The new Anthony Anderson sitcom "Black-ish" fell just outside the Top 10 with 11 million . . . the ABC show "Forever", which stars Ioan Gruffudd as an immortal medical examiner, had 8.6 million . . . and "Gotham" attracted 8.2 million viewers.

Primetime Total Viewers for the week ending September 28, 2014:

Rank Shows R=Repeat S=Special P=Premiere Net Viewers (Live +SD) (000)
1 NBC Sunday Night Football-09/28 NBC NBC
2 Big Bang Theory, THE:SP-09/22 S CBS CBS
3 NCIS-09/23 P CBS CBS
4 Big Bang Theory, THE-09/22 P CBS CBS
11 VOICE-09/22 P ABC NBC
12 Dancing with the Stars-09/22 FOX ABC
16 Modern Family-09/24 P CBS ABC
17 Good Wife, THE-09/28 FOX CBS
19 Blue Bloods-09/26 P CBS CBS
20 Person Of Interest-09/23 P CBS CBS
21 Once Upon A Time-09/28 P NBC ABC
23 Law And Order:SVU-09/24 P FOX NBC

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2014 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved. All numbers are live viewing plus same day DVR viewing.

CABLE: Monday Night Football topped cable viewership for the week ending September 28, 2014 with 13.265 million viewers. Sons Of Anarchy was the most-watched scripted program with 4.128 million viewers.

Rank Shows Net Day Time Viewers Live +SD (000)
1 NFL REGULAR SEASON L ESPN Mon 08:15P-11:45P 13265
2 COLLEGE FOOTBALL AFT L ESPN Sat 12:01P-03:39P 4721
3 Sons Of Anarchy FX Tue 10:00P-11:17P 4128
4 WWE Entertainment USA Mon 08:00P-09:00P 4000
5 WWE Entertainment USA Mon 10:00P-11:09P 3847
6 WWE Entertainment USA Mon 09:00P-10:00P 3790
7 NASCAR SPRINT CUP L ESPN Sun 02:00P-05:50P 3786
8 SPORTSCENTER: L ESPN Mon 11:45P-01:00A 3416
10 HOP DSNY Sun 09:00A-10:40A 2976
11 NFLN THU NT FOOTBALL NFLN Thu 08:26P-11:23P 2933
12 THE OREILLY FACTOR FOXN Wed 08:00P-09:00P 2813
13 Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC Wed 10:00P-10:30P 2728
14 NCIS USA Thu 08:00P-09:00P 2697
16 NCIS USA Thu 09:00P-10:00P 2656
17 THE OREILLY FACTOR FOXN Thu 08:00P-09:00P 2635
18 Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC Wed 09:30P-10:00P 2621
19 THE OREILLY FACTOR FOXN Fri 08:00P-09:00P 2582
20 Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC Wed 10:30P-11:00P 2578
21 Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC Thu 09:30P-10:00P 2561
22 19 Kids and Counting TLC Tue 09:00P-10:01P 2503
23 GIRL MEETS WORLD DSNY Fri 08:30P-08:55P 2500
24 Family Guy ADSM Wed 11:30P-12:00A 2496
25 Pawn Stars HIST Thu 09:31P-10:03P 2493

Nielsen Ratings Data: ©2014 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved. All ratings above Live+SD (live viewing plus same day DVR viewing)

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