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A Guy Asked His Family to Bury Him on His Harley in a Giant See-Through Casket .

by Bob posted Feb 3 2014 4:09AM
For the past 18 years, an 82-year-old man in Mechanicsburg, Ohio named Billy Standley had been telling his family EXACTLY how he wanted his funeral to go down.



Instead of being laid to rest in a normal casket, Billy asked to be buried while SITTING on his 1967 Harley-Davidson MOTORCYCLE.  And he specifically wanted to be in a giant see-through casket, so all his biker friends could see him sitting on the bike.



Well, Billy passed away about a week ago from lung cancer . . . and his family actually FOLLOWED THROUGH WITH IT.  Although Billy had a hand in the planning too.



Several years ago, he bought three plots next to his wife's grave to make sure he'd fit.  Then his sons custom made a 9-by-11-foot Plexiglas casket with a reinforced bottom, which has been sitting in his garage for FIVE YEARS.



Last week, five embalmers used a metal back brace to sit him upright on the bike.  And on Friday, they loaded him onto a trailer so a truck could pull him to the cemetery on his "final ride."  The funeral was Friday, and there are a bunch of pictures from it online.



Billy was diagnosed with Alzheimer's last year, so his family had to handle most of the details.  But his son Pete explained that his father had, quote, "done right by us all these years, and at least we could see he [went] out the way he wanted to." 


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02/03/2014 4:08AM
A Guy Asked His Family to Bury Him on His Harley in a Giant See-Through Casket . . . And They Did
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