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by Bob posted Jan 29 2015 4:38AM

The first Lamborghini Huracan crash happened in Hungary last September. Now there's video showing how it went down, recorded by the passenger with a mobile phone and released by the police.

In short, the guy was doing 208 miles per hour on public roads. On Europe's M7 highway, to be exact.

36-year-old H.I. and his lime green Huracan wearing Czech plates first climbed way above 200, then hit the guardrail on the inside, only to bounce off to the other, tearing it apart before ending up in the ditch. Luckily, Mr. H.I. not only survived, but then also managed to pull out his passenger from the wreck before the car turned into a fireball and melted to the ground.

Since his passenger suffered serious injuries, the driver is now facing reckless driving and endangerment charges but is not in custody yet.

As for the Lamborghini, well, see for yourself at the end of the video.

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by Bob posted Jan 29 2015 4:23AM

KEY AND PEELE posted a third installment of their "East vs. West" sketch, where they play football stars with ridiculous names. (The first two are here and here.)

It's part of their Super Bowl special that airs tomorrow night on Comedy Central. And this one's even better than the last two, because they got some REAL football players to be in it . . . like D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

Aaron Rodgers is in it too . . . but pronounces his name a little differently. (He pronounces it "A.A. Ron", which is a reference to the Key and Peele sketch with the substitute teacher who can't pronounce anyone's name right.)

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by Bob posted Jan 29 2015 4:19AM

2960 degrees in Cave Creek?! FOX 10's Cory McCloskey leads viewers through a hilarious weathercast after his weather map malfunctions. Technology doesn't always cooperate, but luckily Cory knows how to handle the "heat!"

We're not sure if this was a glitch, or someone punched in the wrong numbers. But on Tuesday night, the weather map for a local news station in Phoenix said the temperature in some parts of Arizona was up over TWO THOUSAND degrees.

And the great part was weatherman Cory McCloskey, who just decided to GO with it, and pretend those were the ACTUAL temperatures.
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by Bob posted Jan 29 2015 4:14AM
Budweiser unveiled its "Lost Puppy" Super Bowl ad yesterday, and it's even CHEESIER than you imagined. Because not only does the puppy get lost . . . but he almost gets attacked by a WOLF. But his Clydesdale pal and his horse friends save him.

The worst part about the ad is that it doesn't even make sense. For some reason, the dog jumps into an empty horse trailer as the farmer is getting ready to leave.

Then he's driving through the city somewhere, and the dog jumps out and starts RUNNING AWAY. I guess so he can get lost for the sake of this commercial.

So he has to make his way home through the rain. Then when he gets to the farm, the wolf shows up and gets ready to attack.

But the horse hears, gets out of the stable with some of his horse friends, they scare off the wolf, and the puppy gets a bath and cuteness is restored.

You probably shouldn't let your wife hear you complain too loudly about this commercial though. Because it's almost a guarantee that SHE'LL love it. God Bless America.

by Bob posted Jan 28 2015 4:29AM
In a 'press conference' leading up to the big game, Marshawn Lynch agrees to take some questions from Skittles. Despite being famous for his reticence around the press, he is quite forthcoming here.
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by Bob posted Jan 28 2015 3:58AM released a BRILLIANT Super Bowl ad yesterday mocking those Budweiser "puppy" commercials. But animal lovers absolutely LOST THEIR BOWELS over it, so it's been pulled.

The ad starts with a cute golden retriever puppy falling off a truck, then making the long, arduous journey back home to his farm.

When he gets there, his owner is overjoyed to see him . . . because she'd already sold him to a place called "Gabby's Goldens" through her GoDaddy website! (Check it out here.)

On the same day it released its 2015 Super Bowl ad online, GoDaddy quickly responded to a wave of criticism from dog advocates and said it would not air the spot on the game.

The 30-second ad featured a golden retriever puppy finding its way home after falling out of a truck, only to find its owner has used GoDaddy to set up a website that lets her promptly sell the dog to a new owner. The ad seemed to be an attempt at satirizing Budweiser's highly anticipated "Lost Dog," a follow-up to 2014 Super Bowl favorite "Puppy Love."

But many in the animal rescue community swiftly pointed out that dogs purchased online often come from "puppy mills," and the hashtag #GoDaddyPuppy became a rallying point for critics.

GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving responded to the ad's critics on Twitter this afternoon, vowing "we will not air it."

Animal rights advocate Helena Yurcho also launched a petition Tuesday demanding the ad be pulled. It was quickly closing in on 40,000 signatures Tuesday afternoon.

"Essentially, GoDaddy is encouraging private breeding/puppy mills while shelter animals wait patiently for their forever homes or worse—to be euthanized," she wrote. "They are also encouraging purchasing an animal online; the animal could be sold to someone who runs a fighting ring, someone who abuses animals, or to someone who cannot adequately care for the animal. Animal rights are no laughing matter and to portray them as such is cruel and irresponsible."

PETA director Colleen O'Brien weighed in on the controversy with a statement to Adweek: "Go Daddy's now-yanked commercial showed that anyone who sells a dog online is a callous jerk. PETA liked that about the ad. The sale of animals online and from pet stores and breeders should be roundly condemned, and it was today. GoDaddy did the right thing by swiftly promoting adoption. PETA's message is that when you buy a dog from a pet store or a breeder, a dog in an animal shelter dies."

On YouTube, the clip received more than 800 comments, many of them negative. Dog breeders and animal rescuers alike critiqued the spot for sending a negative message.

"Puppies thrown in a cardboard box in the back of a pickup?" asked one anonymous commenter. "Most likely being transported from puppy mill to broker since no mother in sight? No health tests on parents? Breeder too lazy for a proper kennel name?"

Several breeders defended their industry by joining in the chorus of those angry at the spot. "Proper breeders make sure their puppies go to good homes!" noted one. "They do not send them to just anyone not knowing how or where the dog will be treated, etc. A good dog breeder loves their puppy enough to take them back and keep them if they can't find a good situation."

But in the end it appears to have been the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Monterey, California, that sparked a decisive response from the CEO: Do you think puppy mills are funny?

Earlier in the day, Irving had defended the ad to an extent, though he clearly changed his mind upon further consideration.

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by Bob posted Jan 27 2015 4:30AM
t took this dude a year (that he'll never get back) building a cardboard cart and then training a rabbit to fetch him a beer. But it was worth it for the above video.
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by Bob posted Jan 26 2015 5:25AM

This beautiful hyacinth macaw from Brazil has figured out how to turn on an outside faucet all by himself whenever he wants a drink or a bath.

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by Bob posted Jan 26 2015 4:27AM

Although the Super Bowl is always the main event, the commercials shown during the big game have developed into a major spectacle of their own. Companies battle to come up with fresh, unique ideas that can make a lasting impact.

Getting a chance to reach more than 100 million people is a golden opportunity for advertisers. Being able to stand out in a jungle of highly priced productions isn't easy, though. It's one time when creativity usually trumps celebrity.

Early looks show there are more questions than answers about this facet of the Super Bowl commercial game at this stage. That leaves the door open for a movie to make a huge impact, especially if it hasn't been among the rumored options. Ultimately, that's the goal of every ad that's produced for Super Bowl Sunday. Getting a quick laugh is fine, but the biggest winners are the companies that create something people remember the next day and pass around Monday. It's not a cheap risk to take. CBS News notes the average 30-second spot goes for $4.5 million. But the reward can far exceed that in publicity if the commercial is a success. That's why some advertisers keep coming back year after year.

Once the game kicks off, the commercials start coming at a fast and furious pace. Add in the game and the halftime show, and it might be the most action-packed four hours of television all year. So let's check out some early buzz about what to expect on Super Sunday.

One of the biggest questions to emerge in recent years is whether releasing a Super Bowl ad ahead of time is the right move. It helps increase the length of exposure to the audience, but it obviously takes away from the wow factor during the game itself.

Bud Light should be a great litmus test for future ads. It continued with the 'Up For Anything" campaign with a strong commercial that features one of the biggest-selling points these days: nostalgia. It achieves that throughPac-Man, as seen above.

Poll results passed along by Darren Rovell of ESPN suggest viewers don't like the idea of giving away the big moment early, though:

Embedded image permalink

Another route that companies have tried is going with a teaser ahead of time. It's enough to provide a glimpse into what they are trying to accomplish without giving the whole thing away. The thinking is that if it's strong enough, people will seek out the full ad during the game.

More full commercials and teasers will surely be posted as game day moves closer.Other companies will wait until the Super Bowl to roll out their ad campaign and hope it clicks with viewers. There isn't a right answer about how to handle it. At least not yet.

Budweiser, Go Daddy, Pepsi and Doritos are among the annual advertisers. In those cases, there's often even more pressure because the ad will be judged against all of the ones that came before it. Some will hit, and others will miss. That's just the way it goes when the level of competition is high.

There are fewer details about the movie trailers people can expect to see during the big game. Movie companies tend to hold out and try to make a major impact. It's the perfect chance to set the stage for an upcoming blockbuster.

Aurora Banks of KPop Starz reports Jurassic World is the first confirmed movie in the lineup. Whether it will be the original trailer shown above, a variation of it or a completely new look at the hyped film isn't known quite yet.

Joel Amos of Movie Fanatic lists Furious 7, Ted 2 and Entourage among the 11 marquee titles that could roll out a trailer during the game. Brian Gallagher of MovieWeb lists Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as possibilities as well.

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by Bob posted Jan 26 2015 4:11AM

On Friday's "Wheel of Fortune", two letters were still hidden in the puzzle, "The Painted Desert", when a woman named Lindsey guessed "The POINTED Desert", which was obviously wrong.

But then the next player was even worse, because he guessed the same thing AGAIN . . . TWICE. It was during a speed round, where you can guess multiple times.

First he guessed "The Pointed Desert", which was still wrong. Then PAT SAJAK said he had time for another guess . . . and he guessed the same thing AGAIN. It seemed like he probably forgot how the speed round works, and just got confused.
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