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Alice from "The Brady Bunch" is No Longer With Us

by Bob posted Jun 2 2014 4:17AM
My whole life, I've had a certain sense of ease and security, knowing that ANN B. DAVIS, a.k.a. Alice the maid from "The Brady Bunch", was still out there somewhere, watching over me.



Well, my security blanket is GONE.  Ann died yesterday at the age of 88.  Sadly, it doesn't sound like this was inevitable. 



A close friend says she fell and hit her head on Saturday, suffered a hematoma and never regained consciousness.  She was reportedly in excellent health for her age.



Ann got her big break playing Charmaine "Schultzy" Schultz on an old NBC sitcom called "The Bob Cummings Show", which ran from 1955 to 1959.  She was nominated for four Emmys and won two of them.



As a side note, comic book legend STAN LEE says Schultzy was the inspiration for Pepper Pots, the character GWYNETH PALTROW plays in the "Iron Man" movies.



Ann played Alice on the entire run of "The Brady Bunch", from 1969 to 1974, and in several TV movies and spin-off series, like "The Brady Brides".



She also had a cameo as a truck driver named Schultzy in "The Brady Bunch Movie" in 1995.



Ann wasn't quite the homemaker Alice was.  A few years ago she said, quote, "I basically don't do that well with children, although my sister says I'm a great aunt.  [And] when it's my turn in [to cook], we just eat out."



And although Alice spent a lot of time yearning for Sam the Butcher to BRING HER THE MEAT, Ann was never married in real life, and had no children.  Now, before some of you idiots start wondering if she was a late in life lesbian . . . she wasn't.  



A close friend says, quote, "What you see on 'The Brady Bunch' was who she was.  She was a very faithful Christian person." 



(Trivia:  Alice had a last name.  Do you know what it was?  It was NELSON.  )
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06/02/2014 4:18AM
Alice from "The Brady Bunch" is No Longer With Us
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