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Seven Health Lies You Tell Yourself

by Bob posted Oct 3 2013 4:12AM
In a country where two out of every three adults are overweight, there's bound to be a lot of bad information floating around about how to stay healthy.  And a lot of it comes from OURSELVES. 



Here's a list of seven popular health lies we tell ourselves, from MSN Health.



1.  If I skip breakfast and lunch, I can eat as much as I want for dinner.  In fact, as we ALL should know by now, research shows that people who skip breakfast tend to weigh MORE than people who eat it. 



It's because they overcompensate.  They eat unhealthy snacks and then gorge themselves at dinner, because they think they've earned it. 



2.  I can drink coffee for energy instead of eating.  Coffee stimulates your brain.  It doesn't give you ANY energy, because it has no calories.  Real energy comes from healthy, high-protein foods.  Drinking coffee just makes you crash harder later on.



3.  I don't need a vacation . . . I thrive on work.  Studies show that people who take vacations are healthier in just about every way than people who let their vacation days pile up.  Less stress, less depression, and fewer sleep problems, just for starters.



4.  I don't need sunblock.  Even if you rarely go outside, you can still get skin cancer from UV rays.  Sunlight comes in through the windows, of course. 



But fluorescent lights can also cause problems.  They're a weaker version of the lights in a tanning bed.



5.  I get enough exercise from running around all day.  A recent study reported that the average American takes about 5,000 steps a day, which is only half the recommended number. 



You THINK you're running around . . . but it's mostly DRIVING.



6.  A drink or two before bed helps me sleep.  Alcohol might help you get to sleep FASTER.  But you won't sleep as DEEPLY, and you'll tend to wake up more . . . and feel more tired in the morning.



7.  I'm older, so I don't need to sleep as much.  In fact, our sleep needs stay the same throughout adulthood.  Older people may sleep less at night, but then they need to sleep more during the day to make up for it.



(MSN Healthy Living)

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10/03/2013 4:11AM
Seven Health Lies You Tell Yourself
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