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by Bob posted Apr 24 2014 5:32AM
This latest gag by prankster Andrew Hales of LAHWF may seem inspired by cartoons, but that doesn't make it any less effective. Andrew and his buddies put a nice $20 bill on a fishing line and went fishing for money hungry passersby in downtown. It wasn't difficult to get a 'catch' who would chase the bill as Andrew reeled them in.
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by Bob posted Apr 24 2014 4:23AM

Three base jumpers set a world record on Monday by jumping off the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai . . . which is the tallest building in the world at 2,717 feet. And they were wearing helmet cams, so there's a pretty cool video of it.

Unlike the guys who got arrested for jumping off the new World Trade Center back in September, these guys got permission first.
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by Bob posted Apr 24 2014 4:18AM

Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda got kicked out of a game against the Red Sox yesterday, for using PINE TAR to get a better grip on his pitches. And the funny part was how OBVIOUS it was, because you could see a big smear of it on his NECK.

Pineda did the same thing two weeks ago in a game against the Red Sox. But that time he had the pine tar on the palm of his hand. And the Red Sox didn't ask the umpires to check it out. (See that video here.)

There's a mandatory ten-game suspension for pitchers who use a foreign substance on the ball. Which means he'll miss two starts. (Search for "Pineda's Ejection." The umpire checks him out at :57, and sees the pine tar at 1:09.)

(By the way, Pineda is Dominican. Which only matters because a white pitcher wouldn't even have a CHANCE of hiding dark pine tar on their skin. Apparently a LOT of pitchers do it though. And some use sun block.)

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by Bob posted Apr 23 2014 4:38AM

Here's a trick to play on your kids. They have to be young enough to not understand how a REMOTE works though. Someone uploaded a video of their toddler pausing and un-pausing the TV with a toy magic wand.

And obviously someone's just standing in the background with the remote. But the kid REALLY seems to think he has magic powers
by Bob posted Apr 23 2014 4:35AM
he Blue Angels do something at airshows called the "diamond 360 maneuver," where they fly in formation . . . with their wings just 18 INCHES away from each other.

And if you want to see what THEY see, you're in luck. Because there's a new video shot from one of the cockpits.
by Bob posted Apr 22 2014 4:26AM

Get a cage, you two.

Two furry bunnies gave the world an eyeful when they got frisky on a local news desk during a live Easter-themed segment. The bushy-tailed booty call took place on NBC affiliate WBIR in Knoxville, Tenn.

During the segment, three anchors watched in increasing horror and amusement as the bunnies did their thing on live television. When the camera quickly cut away, the anchors took their chance to make good-natured jokes about the situation. But after producers cut back to the news desk, only one bunny was left on screen. The other bunny presumedly needed a Peep break.

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by Bob posted Apr 21 2014 4:16AM

The Brewers and Pirates got into a bench-clearing brawl yesterday. It happened after Brewers center fielder Carlos Gomez hit a ball that he THOUGHT was a home run. But it hit off the top of the center field wall, and he ended up with a triple.

Then the Pirates' pitcher yelled something at him, and an umpire had to hold Gomez back. But he got AWAY from the umpire, and went after Pirates outfielder Travis Snider, who ended up knocking him down.

It looked like another one of the Brewers got a pretty solid punch in too.
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by Bob posted Apr 17 2014 5:41AM
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by Bob posted Apr 17 2014 4:23AM

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the crazy downhill biking video that's making the rounds. It's from the rider's point of view, and the course he's on is CRAZY steep.

Especially at the beginning, when he's on a thin trail with CLIFFS on both sides of it.

(Don't miss the part where he rides DOWN one of those cliffs at :24. And the steepest part of the course is probably at 1:04. Then he does a 360 at 1:38.)

BOB-OK, why would anyone do this? One slip............

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