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by Bob posted Nov 1 2014 11:00AM

From The Back Cover:
The sport of golf is measured in centuries, yet the past two decades have marked the most compelling transformations of the game.

To celebrate twenty years of Golf Channel's twenty-four-hour coverage, author Chris Millard and some of golf's favorite on-air personalities recount the best stories of the era.

Relive the greatest major championships, the top shots, and some of the moments that players wish never happened. Among them Payne Stewart's last and greatest victory at the U.S. Open, Tiger Woods' masterful chip at the 2005 Masters, the U.S. vs. Europe duels at the Ryder Cup, and Jean Van de Velde's epic meltdown in the Barry Burn.

From the return to golf-course minimalism to the rise of the sports in Asia, golf's biggest trends and challenges are examined here as the sport now looks to the future.

From Bob:
Let me say, I may not be a golfer but this is about as comprehensive as they come. Great stories, photos and inside info. With Christmas coming up...a natural gift for the golfer in your family.

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