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by Bob posted Sep 26 2013 4:25AM

FULL STORY:  If you're scared of doctors or hospitals . . . or the dreaded Obamacare . . . this is probably going to make it worse. did a list of five things about healthcare that you probably don't want to know.



1.  Reading diagnostic tests is subjective.  Anybody can see a broken bone on an X-ray.  But lots of other scans are MUCH harder to read.  One study found that doctors disagree with each other about half the time when they're reading the same angiogram.



The problem is getting worse, because hospitals are using outside companies to read their tests FOR them.  And the companies often hire unqualified people to save money . . . and meanwhile the real doctors get no practice for when they NEED to read a test.



2.  Hospital staffs are bad at hygiene.  About 1.7 million people every year get an infection from a hospital stay.  So if you're going in for a procedure, you have a five to ten percent chance of catching something while you're there.



Some studies estimate that up to 40% of hospital workers don't wash their hands enough at work.  Even though they're treating contagious patients in the next room over . . . not to mention eating meals and handling other bodily functions right down the hall.



3.  Older doctors' knowledge is usually out of date.  Most doctors don't bother to keep up with new discoveries once they get out of school.  So doctors at the end of their careers might be treating you based on research that's already fifty years old.



Also, 20% of doctors today are over the age of 65, and the percentage is increasing.



4.  Hospital shift changes are dangerous to patients.  Doctors get tired at the end of a shift, like anyone else.  But before they go home, they have to brief the next shift on all their current patients.  And if they rush through the list, important things get overlooked.



It's worse because the surgeons dealing with life-and-death situations sometimes work up to 36 HOURS STRAIGHT.  One study found that 25% of all shift changes result in a mistake being made in someone's care.



5.  Hospitals overcharge on purpose, and don't stop until you make an appeal.  They KNOW insurance companies will try to get them to settle for less.  So they ask for more to begin with . . . just like people who file frivolous lawsuits.



On a given day, they might charge ten different prices for the same procedure.  Or they might make up a special fee just for you.  If you pay it, good for them.  If you protest, they might work with you . . . or they might just send it to collections.




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by Bob posted Sep 24 2013 3:58AM
28-year-old Jessica Cowley from England is legally blind.  And for the past five years, a black lab named Jet has been her seeing-eye dog.



Jessica was walking down the street with Jet recently, and pushing her one-year-old son Jacob in a stroller . . . when a CAR suddenly came straight at them.



Now, Jessica only heard the tires screech, and had no idea where the car was.  But Jet saw it immediately, and pulled away from Jessica's grip . . . which would normally be the WRONG thing for a guide dog to do.



But in this case, Jet lunged at the STROLLER, and pushed the BABY out of the way.  Then she went back for Jessica, who'd already been hit.  She was lucky to walk away with only a few bruises.



Meanwhile, the stroller tipped over, but the baby was fine.  And even though Jet wasn't TRAINED to do anything like that, Jessica says it was exactly what needed to be done.  And that Jet has always treated her son like it was HER child.


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by Bob posted Sep 19 2013 4:14AM
Alright Morning Show Maniacs Survivor's who got in...
Karen Sheski...Aras
Rich Kasten...Vytas
Kathy Schneider...Candace
Bonnie Storey w/Chester...John
Bob Guth...Colton
Mary Ciriacks...Caleb
Sharon Klug...Gervase
Dan Schneider...Marissa
Lois Guse...Kat
Heidi Fellenz...Hayden
Charlie Klug...Laura (Ciera's mom)
Judy Ritger...Ciera
Brian Eckert...Monica
Marlene Garbish...Brad
Sherry Eckert...Rupert
Bernette Wolf...Laura (Ruperts wife)
Cheryl Dickman...Tina
Tom Hoffman...Katie
Karen Ramthun...Tyson
Darlene Leroy...Rachel

Good Luck!!!!!
by Bob posted Sep 17 2013 4:12AM
NICK NOLTE took a homeless man shopping at a grocery store in Malibu on Sunday . . . and the two of them looked like TWINS.  Luckily, the paparazzi was there to record the moment for posterity.
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by Bob posted Sep 11 2013 4:22AM
 Check out six common myths about technology, from Yahoo! Finance.



1.  More bars mean better cell service.  Not true.  Bars represent signal STRENGTH . . . how close you are to the cell tower, and how much other stuff is in the way.  At a concert or a ballgame, you can have full bars but no service if too many people are making calls.



2.  A camera is better if it has more megapixels.  This is true to a certain extent, but we passed that point YEARS ago.  For the amateur photographer, the digital camera you already have is probably fine . . . even to blow something up.



3.  When you empty your computer's recycle bin, your files are gone for good.  Actually, they're still right there on the hard drive.  They're just marked as available for overwriting. 



Macs have an option called "Secure Empty Trash," which allows you to delete AND overwrite the files all at once.  For a PC you'll need to download special software to get rid of something permanently.



4.  Private browsing keeps you anonymous.  People can still spy on your activity if you're using private browsing.  It just means your visits won't be recorded on your OWN computer.  And if you're downloading files, obviously those can still give you away.



5.  Macs don't get viruses.  Macs are immune to viruses designed for the Windows operating system.  But lots of people are writing viruses for Mac OS X, so Mac users still need antivirus software.



6.   More expensive cables are better quality.  Especially for HDMI cables, you get companies marketing all these super-expensive cables, with gold connectors and braided jackets and stuff.  Don't be fooled.



People have tested the expensive cables against the cheapest ones available, and found NO difference in picture quality.  There ARE exceptions for some kinds of cables.  But don't buy the expensive one just because it costs more.


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by Bob posted Sep 9 2013 4:02AM
The National Sleep Foundation just released the results of a massive study on people's sleep habits.  And if there's ONE thing that's reassuring, it's that you're not the only person who occasionally stinks up your bedroom.



Here are their findings on sleep in the U.S. . . .



The average American sleeps six hours and 31 minutes . . . but functions best after at least seven hours and 13 minutes of sleep.



Only 44% of us get a good night's sleep every night.



The average person uses TWO pillows.  But 14% of people sleep with four or more.



66% of people make their bed every day or ALMOST every day.



61% of people need to AIR OUT their bedroom at least once a week.



31% of us take one or two naps a week, 15% take three to five naps, 5% take six to 10 naps, and 1% of people take MORE than 10 naps a week.  49% of people take no naps.  And the average nap lasts 45 minutes.



21% of us sleep with our pets in the bed . . . that's higher than any other country in the world.



55% of us sleep barefoot and 12% sleep naked. 


by Bob posted Sep 9 2013 3:56AM
Lots of foods got a bad reputation before we figured out all the angles.  Woman's Day investigated the research, and came up with five bad foods that are actually good for you.  Although you've probably heard some of them . . .



1.  Steak.  Red meat got a bad rep because it's high fat.  But not all of it.  If you choose the right cut of lean beef, like top sirloin, you've got a steak packed with protein, iron, B-12, and zinc.  And try to get grass-fed beef, which is the lowest in fat.



2.  Potatoes.  The anti-carb movement basically wrecked potatoes for everybody.  But there's nothing bad about them if you watch your serving size, and prepare them right.  They have a ton of nutrients . . . especially the skins.



3.  Canned Vegetables.  You always hear that canned vegetables have lost all their vitamins, so don't bother with them.  But actually, studies show that frozen and canned vegetables are just as healthy as fresh ones.  Plus they're way cheaper.



4.  Eggs.  Everybody blames eggs for heart disease and bad cholesterol.  But eggs are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and protein.  Research found that having one egg a day doesn't hurt you.  Just take it easy with your five egg omelets.



5.  Pizza.  If you do pizza right, you have a powerhouse of whole grains, veggies, and protein-rich dairy.  Start with whole wheat crust, load it with vegetable toppings, use low-fat mozzarella, and you're set.


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