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by Bob posted Jan 28 2014 4:13AM
Earlier this month, there was a story in the news about a cat named "Depot" that's been living in a Home Depot in Bluffton, South Carolina for the past 13 years, mostly hanging out in the lawn and garden center.



But it's recently been setting off the store's motion-activated security system at night.  So the store announced they were EVICTING it.  And of course the cat-obsessed Internet didn't like that idea.



So a guy from New York who vacations in the area set up a petition on the website, and the story started making national news.  Then people started threatening to BOYCOTT the store, and the higher ups at Home Depot took notice.



Since it was posted, the petition has gotten over 1,500 signatures.  And Home Depot now says the cat will be allowed to stay INDEFINITELY.



However, they did say they'd like to find a safer home for the cat before it gets TOO old.  Luckily, plenty of people have offered to ADOPT it.  And a nearby animal shelter is offering a free exam as well as any vaccinations it might need. 


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by Bob posted Jan 28 2014 4:04AM

Primetime Total Viewers for the week ending January 26, 2014:

Rank Shows R=Repeat S=Special P=Premiere Net # Viewers (Live+SD) (000)
1 GRAMMY AWARDS-01/26/2014 S CBS 28510
2 60 Minutes-01/26/2014   CBS 14309
3 NCIS-01/21/2014 R CBS 14204
4 American Idol-WEDNESDAY-01/22/2014   FOX 13287
5 Big Bang Theory, THE-01/23/2014 R CBS 12938
6 American Idol-THURSDAY-01/23/2014   FOX 12391
7 NBC NFL PRO BOWL-01/26/2014 S NBC 11378
8 NCIS: LOS ANGELES-01/21/2014 R CBS 10417
9 Criminal Minds-01/22/2014   CBS 10351
10 Big Bang Theory,THE 9P-SP-01/23/2014 SR CBS 9881
11 Blue Bloods-01/24/2014 R CBS 9880
12 Modern Family-01/22/2014   ABC 9590
13 CSI-01/22/2014   CBS 9472
14 2 Broke Girls-01/20/2014   CBS 9027
15 Castle-01/20/2014   ABC 8957
16 MIKE & MOLLY-01/20/2014   CBS 8916
17 MILLERS, THE-01/23/2014 R CBS 8856
18 BLACKLIST-01/20/2014   NBC 8832
19 How I Met Your Mother-01/20/2014   CBS 8827
20 20/20-FRI-01/24/2014   ABC 8292
21 MOM-01/20/2014   CBS 8265
22 Shark Tank-01/24/2014   ABC 8178
23 Hawaii Five-0-01/24/2014 R CBS 8116
24 MIDDLE, THE-01/22/2014   ABC 8043
25 BACHELOR, THE-01/20/2014   ABC 7936

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2014 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.  All numbers are live viewing plus same day DVR viewing.

(You'll find the Top 25 shows on cable  at

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by Bob posted Jan 27 2014 4:09AM
Some of the foods you THINK are good for you, may actually be causing you to gain weight.  Check out this list of seven health foods that have tons of calories:



1.  Dried fruit.  When fruit is dry the sugar becomes dense, so there are more calories.



2.  Peas and corn.  They're both considered a starch, because of their high carbohydrate count.  So you should count them as a carb, like bread.



3.  Granola.  Cereal usually has LESS calories than granola.



4.  Avocados.  These have the "good fat", but you can easily consume hundreds of calories with a portion of guacamole.



5.  Frozen yogurt.  It can actually have more calories than ice cream.



6.  Energy bars.  They often have enough calories to be counted as a meal.  Which is sort of the point . . . they're not actually a 'snack.'



7.  Stuff that's gluten-free.  Gluten-free does not mean healthier.  These foods still have fat and sugar.



(Marie Claire)

by Bob posted Jan 24 2014 4:16AM
According to a new poll, 56% of workers say it's been at least five years since they even LOOKED for a different job.  But if you ARE planning to get a better job this year, you'll be in good shape if it's one of THESE.



According to an annual list from "U.S. News & World Report", here are the ten best jobs when it comes to salary, job security, work-life balance, and future prospects.



1.  Software Developer


2.  Computer Systems Analyst


3.  Dentist


4.  Nurse Practitioner


5.  Pharmacist


6.  Registered Nurse


7.  Physical Therapist


8.  Doctor


9.  Web Developer


10.  Dental Hygienist 



(U.S. News & World Report)

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by Bob posted Jan 23 2014 4:29AM
The NFC and AFC championship games drew the highest audience for anything else on TV last week.  The NFC's Seahawks-49ers game attracted 56 million viewers, and the AFC's Broncos-Patriots game had 51.3 million.



The second season premiere of Kevin Bacon's "The Following" aired right after the Seahawks game and came in at #10 with 11.2 million viewers.  That's a 38% ratings bump over last year's series premiere.



Meanwhile, "American Idol" premiered to decent ratings with 15.2 million viewers.  But that's still a far cry from the 30 million that were watching the show eight years ago . . . and is actually the lowest premiere since the very first season.


Primetime Total Viewers for the week ending January 12, 2014:

Rank Shows R=Repeat S=Special P=Premiere Net Viewers (Live +SD) (000)
2 FOX NFC CHAMP-THE OT-01/19 S FOX 30339
3 NCIS-01/14   CBS 19719
4 NCIS: LOS ANGELES-01/14   CBS 15874
5 American Idol-WEDNESDAY-01/15 P FOX 15188
6 American Idol-THURSDAY-01/16 P FOX 13353
7 Blue Bloods-01/17   CBS 12620
8 Person Of Interest-01/14   CBS 12539
9 Big Bang Theory, THE-01/16 R CBS 12033
10 FOLLOWING, THE-01/19 P FOX 11179
11 Hawaii Five-0-01/17   CBS 10634
12 Criminal Minds-01/15   CBS 10355
13 CSI-01/15   CBS 10298
14 MIKE & MOLLY-01/13   CBS 9837
15 BLACKLIST-01/13   NBC 9348
16 Modern Family-01/15   ABC 9143
17 Castle-01/13   ABC 9025
18 Undercover Boss-01/17   CBS 8976
19 2 Broke Girls-01/13   CBS 8945
20 How I Met Your Mother-01/13   CBS 8589
21 MOM-01/13   CBS 8496
22 BACHELOR, THE-01/13   ABC 7956
23 60 Minutes PRESENTS-01/19 R CBS 7889
24 MILLERS, THE-01/16 R CBS 7832
25 MIDDLE, THE-01/15   ABC 7513

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2014 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.  All numbers are live viewing plus same day DVR viewing.
(Here are your source links for the Top 25 shows on cable and broadcast.)

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by Bob posted Jan 23 2014 4:23AM
There's an impulse in this era to grab WHATEVER job is offered to you, because you never know if there will be ANOTHER one out there.  But maybe sometimes you've got to take a gamble and fight that instinct.



A new survey found the five jobs people REGRET taking the most, and why.  Check 'em out.



1.  Cashier.  The average salary is $18,600 . . . and that's not enough money to deal with an endless stream of angry and impatient customers.



2.  Mechanic.  It's a great job if you have a passion for it . . . but otherwise, it's tough to stick it out.  The average salary is $36,100, the hours are long, and it requires nonstop training to get any good.



3.  Middle school or high school teacher.  Obviously teaching can be one of the most rewarding jobs . . . but if you just jump in because a $43,000 job was open and you don't love teaching, the stress and the difficulty could overwhelm you.



4.  Delivery driver.  The job is physically demanding, it pays an average of $31,600, and there's ZERO meaningfulness to it.



5.  Bank teller.  The average salary is $24,400 and it's not for everyone . . . you have to be good at customer service and very detail oriented. 

Bob asks: Would you add any other jobs to this list?




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by Bob posted Jan 22 2014 4:18AM
BBC reporter Steve Rosenberg shared the scene from the men’s bathroom at the biathlon venue in Sochi. It is very — ahem — intimate.
The Winter Olympics don’t kick off for another few weeks so for all we know, there is a partition in the works. But for today, if nature calls, get ready to make fast friends with your neighbor.

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by Bob posted Jan 21 2014 5:28AM
Just a reminder to all cat lovers....any remarks made on Morning Show concerning cats are for entertainment purposes only. Even if cats are arrogant. And independent. And poop in a box. And don't know the meaning of the word affectionate. However, they do make better pets than snakes or elephants.
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by Bob posted Jan 20 2014 11:36AM
It may seem harmless, but you should avoid sharing food with your pet.  "Real Simple" put together a list of six dangerous foods for a dog, cat, bird or other pet.  Check it out.



1.  Chocolate.  It stimulates their heart and nervous system. And it's dangerous for all species of pet, but especially dogs.



2.  Grapes or raisins.  Both are poisonous to cats and dogs because they can damage their kidneys.



3.  Garlic and onions.  They can cause anemia in cats and dogs.



4.  Macadamia nuts.  These can cause muscle and nervous system damage in dogs.



5.  Avocados.  These are harmful to most species, but especially birds.  They can damage the heart muscle.



6.  Alcoholic drinks.  This seems like a no-brainer, but alcohol is bad for ALL species because it depresses their nervous system.  (Real Simple)

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by Bob posted Jan 20 2014 11:27AM

Roy Garber, star of A&E reality series “Shipping Wars,” has died from a heart attack, sources confirm to Variety. He was 49.

Garber owned and operated Arbie’s Team Transport out of New Hampshire, along with his son Travis, and was one of the show’s top earners.

“Shipping Wars” just wrapped its fifth season on Wednesday.

A&E confirmed the news late Saturday evening.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of a member of the A&E family,” the network said in a statement. “Our thoughts are with Roy’s loved ones during this difficult time.  He will be missed.”

A&E’s website described Garber as a “jack of-all-trades” as well as an avid fisherman and master scuba diver.

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by Bob posted Jan 20 2014 3:56AM
Toilet papering someone's house is about as harmless a prank as you can do . . . arguably even more harmless than the classic flaming bag of dog poop.  Unless TP'ing a house goes wrong . . . and here, it went VERY wrong.



On Sunday night, someone TP'ed the Crausewell family's house in Dora, Alabama.  (About half an hour northwest of Birmingham.)



So on Monday, Cheryl Crausewell and her son cleaned up the toilet paper on their house, yard, and the magnolia tree out front.



But they were having trouble getting it off the tree, so they thought it might be easier to set the toilet paper ON FIRE.



Unfortunately, the fire started spreading around the yard . . . spread to the PROPANE TANK on their grill, which also caught on fire . . . and that set their HOUSE on fire.



Fortunately everyone made it out of the house safely, and they have insurance . . . but the entire place burned to the ground.  There's no word on who TP'ed their house. 



(FOX 6 - Birmingham / Gawker)



(Here's a photo of the house on fire.  You can see a little toilet paper still left in a tree on the left side of the photo.)


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by Bob posted Jan 15 2014 7:28AM

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by Bob posted Jan 15 2014 4:08AM
The Patriots-Colts "Playoff Game" was last week's most-watched primetime show with 31.7 million viewers.  The Patriots beat the Colts, 43-22. The "BCS Championship Game" came in second, and was the third most-viewed show in cable history.  25.6 six million viewers tuned in to watch Florida State beat Auburn, 34-31. 



Meanwhile, the "Golden Globes" came in third in the ratings with 20.9 million viewers. That was the broadcast's best audience in 10 years.  

Primetime Total Viewers for the week ending January 12, 2014:

Rank Shows R=Repeat S=Special P=Premiere Net # Viewers (Live+SD) (000)
2 GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS-01/12/2014 S NBC 20874
3 NCIS-01/07/2014   CBS 20838
4 Big Bang Theory, THE-01/09/2014   CBS 20345
5 60 Minutes-01/12/2014   CBS 17060
6 INTELLIGENCE-01/07/2014 P CBS 16485
7 MILLERS, THE-01/09/2014   CBS 13386
8 Blue Bloods-01/10/2014   CBS 12679
9 Person Of Interest-01/07/2014   CBS 12102
10 Hawaii Five-0-01/10/2014   CBS 10739
11 PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS-01/08/2014 S CBS 10356
12 Elementary-01/09/2014   CBS 9974
13 Good Wife, THE-01/12/2014   CBS 9847
14 Mentalist, THE-01/12/2014   CBS 9581
15 Two and a Half Men-01/09/2014   CBS 9579
16 CRAZY ONES, THE-01/09/2014   CBS 9522
17 Modern Family-01/08/2014   ABC 9513
18 Castle-01/06/2014   ABC 8832
19 MIDDLE, THE-01/08/2014   ABC 8821
20 Law And Order:SVU-01/08/2014   NBC 8815
21 BACHELOR, THE-01/06/2014 P ABC 8648
22 CHICAGO PD-01/08/2014 P NBC 8589
23 Shark Tank-01/10/2014   ABC 7360
24 Last Man Standing-01/10/2014   ABC 7181
25 BONES-FRI-01/10/2014   FOX 6880

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2014 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.  All numbers are live viewing plus same day DVR viewing.
(Here are your source links for the Top 25 shows on cable and broadcast.)

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by Bob posted Jan 15 2014 4:00AM
When you go to a buffet, ever wonder if you've eaten SO MUCH the restaurant lost money on you?  The answer is . . . no.



Some buffet employees and owners have revealed just how much you'd have to eat before you were a liability.  And, odds are, it's more than you can put down.  Check it out . . .



Standard buffet.  "Crab legs are the most expensive item, at about $3 to $4 a pound.  Everything else is less.  So if the buffet is $20, you'd have to eat five to seven pounds of just crab legs . . . or even MORE of anything else.



"Roast beef costs about $2.50 a pound, less than the crab legs, but still more than breads or salads or side dishes."



Chinese buffet.  "At the average buffet, you'd have to eat at least eight to 10 plates stacked up with just meat . . . no rice or other cheap stuff."



Pizza buffet.  "A whole pizza costs the restaurant about $1.25.  So even if the buffet's only $5, you'd have to eat four entire pizzas for them to break even."



Old Country Buffet.  "The average customer eats about $2.50 worth of food . . . and the average price was $13.  So you'd have to eat about six times the average amount to cost them money." 




by Bob posted Jan 14 2014 4:13AM
 If you're one of those people who use their debit card for EVERYTHING, you're probably setting yourself up to get CLEANED OUT.  Here are the four riskiest places to use a debit card . . . and they're all REALLY common. 



1.  Outdoor ATMs.  Basically, don't use an ATM at all if it's outdoors and out of the way.  Thieves will put a fake card reader over the real one, and copy the information on your card.  Then there's a little spy camera to record you entering your PIN.



2.  Gas pumps.  This is the same trick, but it's even easier because so many gas stations are unattended at night.  Some owners have to check their pumps every single morning because they get hit so often.



3.  Online stores.  Always use credit online, because credit cards have much better fraud protection.  Thieves can get information from your own computer using malware, hack into your wireless network, or steal info right from the merchant.



4.  Restaurants.  Every time you use plastic to pay at a restaurant, a stranger takes your card out of sight for five minutes or more.  You don't know that person.  They could be doing anything with your information back there.



(ABC News)

by Bob posted Jan 14 2014 4:11AM
As far as heroic rescues go, this one's pretty gross.  On Saturday, a toddler fell into a SEPTIC TANK in Maricopa, Arizona, and her mother immediately started screaming for help.  (Maricopa is about 30 miles south of Phoenix.)



Then without hesitating, a 28-year-old named Henry Ricketts . . . who just got out of JAIL two weeks ago . . . took off his shoes, and went in after her, HEADFIRST.



But once Henry got in there, he couldn't find her.  And he had to come up for air when he accidentally INHALED some of the septic tank water.



So another unidentified man dove in headfirst while two people held his feet.  And just from feeling around, he managed to grab the girl by her arm and pull her back up.



Now, by this point, several minutes had gone by, and the girl wasn't breathing.  Which is when a third person ran in, gave her CPR and mouth-to-mouth, and REVIVED her.  She's currently in the hospital recovering.



Apparently the tank's lid buckled when the girl stepped on it, and it's since been roped off.  Police are now deciding whether to file criminal charges against the person who owns the land. 


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