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by Bob posted Apr 30 2014 4:30AM
VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- A bar in Vancouver has come up with a new twist on Canada’s equivalent of the Bloody Mary that is basically a super-sized brunch on top of a cocktail.

The Score on Davie’s new cocktail, the $60 Checkmate Caesar, is made with classic ingredients like vodka and tomato juice -- but that’s not all.

The 5,000-calorie drink comes garnished with a roasted chicken, a burger, a pulled pork Sriracha-glazed slider, onion rings, chicken wings, a mac & cheese hotdog and a brownie for desert.

When news about the drink began to spread, diners and media outlets alike took notice.

“Media all over the world: Good Morning America, food blog sites. When you order it expect people to want to take pictures of you with it,” bar owner Jesse Ritchie told CTV News. “It’s a huge hit.”

The drink’s success has prompted the Score to come up with other Caesar beverage creations like the Grilled Chaesar, Ain’t no Thang and the Big Score.

“The night we made it, the Caesar felt like a celebrity with the entire full bar snapping photos and videos as we put the final pickle on the top! And, yes, you can drink it and it's delicious!" Ritchie told Eater.

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by Bob posted Apr 30 2014 4:08AM

"The Big Bang Theory" Was #1 in the Ratings . . . and "Bad Teacher" Attracted 7.8 Million Viewers


"The Big Bang Theory" topped last week's ratings, and "The Blacklist" moved up to fourth place for the episode where Agent Keen finally confronts her fake husband.  "The Voice"averaged 11.25 million viewers . . . and "American Idol" averaged 8.4 million for its two airings.

Primetime Total Viewers for the week ending April 20, 2014:

Rank Shows R=Repeat S=Special P=Premiere Net Viewers (Live +SD) (000)
1 Big Bang Theory, THE-04/24   CBS 16436
2 Dancing with the Stars-04/21   ABC 14057
3 VOICE-TUE-04/22   NBC 11288
4 BLACKLIST-04/21   NBC 11243
5 VOICE-04/21   NBC 11188
6 Blue Bloods-04/25   CBS 11053
7 60 Minutes-04/27   CBS 10435
8 NCIS-04/22 R CBS 10398
9 NCIS: LOS ANGELES-04/22 R CBS 10181
10 MILLERS, THE-04/24   CBS 9958
11 Castle-04/21   ABC 9764
12 Modern Family-04/23   ABC 9591
13 SURVIVOR-04/23   CBS 9433
14 Two and a Half Men-04/24   CBS 9347
15 Good Wife, THE-04/27   CBS 9333
16 Hawaii Five-0-04/25   CBS 9264
17 American Idol-WEDNESDAY-04/23   FOX 9020
18 Mentalist, THE-04/27   CBS 8630
19 Amazing Race-04/27   CBS 8448
20 Elementary-04/24   CBS 8129
21 GREY'S ANATOMY-04/24   ABC 7993
22 RESURRECTION-04/27   ABC 7849
23 BAD TEACHER-04/24 P CBS 7795
24 American Idol-THURSDAY-04/24   FOX 7681
25 Unforgettable-04/25   CBS 7639

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2014 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.  All numbers are live viewing plus same day DVR viewing.


(The Top 25 shows on cable  TV are at

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by Bob posted Apr 29 2014 4:34AM

It's hard not to be a germophobe. After all, we live in a germ-infested world. However, misinformation tends to spread faster than nasopharyngitis (a.k.a. the common cold), so we rounded up some of the most prevalent strains of viral wisdom to sort out the old wive's tales from the actual facts.

1. The 5-Second Rule

Verdict: Half-truth

Off-the-floor eating is far from ideal, but if you act fast, it isn't that gross, statistically speaking. In a new study from Aston University, researchers dropped foods on floors and let them sit for anywhere from three to 30 seconds. Then they tested the levels of E. coli and staphylococcus aureus and found that food picked up just a few seconds after being dropped is less likely to contain bacteria than if it's left for longer stretches of time-no surprises there. However, both the type of food and the type of floor make a difference: drier foods dropped on carpets were the cleanest ones in the study, while sticky foods left on smooth surfaces for more than five seconds were the most germ-infected.

2. You Can Catch STDs From a Toilet Seat

Verdict: Myth

Unless you're having sex on said toilet seat, there's no need to worry about catching a disease on one. Bacterial and viral STDs begin to die the second they leave your body, and upon hitting a cold, hard toilet seat, they promptly kick the bucket. The only STDs that could theoretically be passed from toilet seat to body are parasitic ones (think: lice and crabs). One parasitic STD called trichomoniasis is known to pass from damp objects to people, according to the Office on Women's Health. However, parasites also don't live very long when away from a human host and can't really grab on to or move along smooth surfaces like toilet seats.

3. Hand Dryers Are More Sanitary Than Paper Towels

Verdict: Myth

Any points hand dryers get for eco-friendliness, they lose for germiness. A recent review of 12 studies found that paper towels are far more hygienic than hand dryers, which actually blow bacteria all over your hands, as well as the entire bathroom. Plus, it turns out that the friction created by actively wiping down your hands with towels actually helps scrub off unwanted bacteria.

4. Toilet Water Can Splatter Onto Your Toothbrush

Verdict: Fact

Listen to your girlfriend and put down the toilet lid. A 2012 study published in the Journal of Hospital Infection found that a single flush can spray the diarrhea-inducing bacteria clostridium difficile nearly 10 inches high. Even if you keep your toothbrush kept out of the spray zone, you could still be brushing with fecal matter. On a particularly gag-inducing episode of MythBusters, hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage found that even toothbrushes that never entered a bathroom were speckled with poop particles.

5. Double-Dipping Spreads Germs

Verdict: Fact

That's strike number 265 for George Costanza. Double-dipping really does transfer oral bacteria to your dip, according to research in the Journal of Food Safety . Still, even if you single dip-and so does everyone else at your party-dips naturally produce their own bacteria as they sit out. At your next cocktail party, just stick to plain crudités.

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by Bob posted Apr 29 2014 4:18AM has put together a list of "The Top 40 Girl Group Songs of All Time," and like a lot of their lists it is NOT subjective . . . it's based on actual chart performance on Billboard's Hot 100.



Here's the Top 20:



1.  "Best of My Love", The Emotions  (1977)


2.  "Independent Women, Part 1", Destiny's Child  (2000)


3.  "Walk Like an Egyptian", The Bangles  (1986)


4.  "Creep", TLC  (1994)


5.  "Waterfalls", TLC  (1995)


6.  "Hold On", Wilson Phillips  (1990)


7.  "Love Child", Diana Ross & The Supremes  (1968)


8.  "No Scrubs", TLC  (1999)


9.  "Where My Girls At?", 702  (1999)


10.  "He's So Fine", The Chiffons  (1962)


11.  "Get Up and Boogie (That's Right)", Silver Convention  (1976)


12.  "Don't Let Go (Love)", En Vogue  (1996)


13.  "Release Me", Wilson Phillips  (1990)


14.  "Baby Love", The Supremes  (1964)


15.  "Wannabe", Spice Girls  (1996)


16.  "Where Did Our Love Go", The Supremes  (1964)


17.  "Come See About Me", The Supremes  (1964)


18.  "My Boyfriend's Back", The Angels  (1963)


19.  "Soldier Boy", The Shirelles  (1962)


20.  "Slow Hand", The Pointer Sisters  (1981)



Interestingly enough, the only entry from the past 13 years was THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS song "Don't Cha", which features BUSTA RHYMES.  It came out in 2005, and made the list at #29.



(The rest of the Top 40 can be found, here.  And there's audio of the Top 20, here . . . although you'll need a Spotify account to play it.)

by Bob posted Apr 25 2014 5:34AM

   The Brewers play 162 regular season games. How many will they win? Get your entry in now! You could end up winning a great prize package.
   Entries can be dropped off during regular business hours. They must be on an 8 ½ by 11 piece of paper. One entry per sheet. You can also mail entries to WBKV Brewer Contest…PO Box 933…West Bend, WI  53095. Mailed entries should have your guess name and phone number on the BACK of the envelope or post card. No e-mails accepted. Fax entries to 334-1512. One entry per person. Entry deadline is Friday May 2nd, 5pm.
   Contest is sponsored by Ron’s Bump Shop off  Hwy. 60 Slinger, Bob’s Main Street Auto and Affordable Car Sales & Rental, Joker’s 5 Bar & Grill, Ironwood Restaurant in Kewaskum and King Pin Bowl & Ale House in West Bend.
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