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by Bob posted May 30 2014 5:37AM

With reunion season coming up, we take a look at celebrities-including Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts, and Charlie Sheen and Rob Lowe-who took classes together as teenagers


- Neil Patrick Harris and Freddie Prinze Jr.


When Neil Patrick Harris was attending La Cueva High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he had a very high-profile side job-starring as TV's precocious doctor Doogie Howser. And three years behind NPH at La Ceuva? Freddie Prinze Jr., who wasn't much of a student but discovered he loved acting. And just a few miles away, at Saint Pius X High School in Albuquerque, was future Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson.


- Jennifer Aniston and Chaz Bono


Back when she was attending New York City's High School of Performing Arts, Jennifer Aniston was best girlfriends with Cher's daughter, Chastity Bono-but not anymore. But that's only because Chastity became a man and is now Chaz Bono. And based on a photo of the two that surfaced last September, the pair definitely had one thing in common in high school: big '80s hair.


- David Duchovny and John F. Kennedy Jr.


According to an episode of the X-Files, the first word that David Duchovny's character, Fox Mulder, uttered as a child was "JFK." It's fitting for an actor who became best friends with John F. Kennedy Jr., at New York City's Collegiate School in the late 1970s. And there was a third musketeer in their high school scene- actor Jason Beghe, who now stars with Duchovny on Californication.


- Cameron Diaz and Snoop Dogg


While promoting Bad Teacher last year on George Lopez's talk show, Cameron Diaz revealed that she was no angel as a student at Long Beach Polytechnic High School in California. When Lopez asked whether Diaz knew Snoop Dogg when they both attended the school, she recalled the rap star fondly. "He was a year older than me...I remember him; he was very tall and skinny. He wore lots of ponytails," Diaz confessed. "And I'm pretty sure I bought weed from him." A few months later, when Snoop was a guest, Lopez asked if Diaz's revelation was true. "I might have sold her some of that white-girl weed," he joked.


- Kevin Spacey and Val Kilmer


In the new documentary Shakespeare High, Kevin Spacey confesses a breakthrough moment he had in the auditorium of Chatsworth High School in California. "It changed me," the two-time Oscar winner says. "The first little bits of confidence and self-esteem that I began to obtain happened in this room. I can actually pinpoint the moment I realized I no longer wanted to be an actor; I was an actor." But Val Kilmer, Spacey's classmate at Chatsworth, might disagree. In a 2005 interview with Esquire, Kilmer said that his friend Spacey is "proof that you can learn how to act. Because he was horrible when he first started, and now he's so good." Then again, it was Spacey (and not Kilmer) who starred as Captain von Trapp in the senior-year production of The Sound of Music-opposite another famous Chatsworth classmate: Mare Winningham as Maria.


- Lauryn Hill and Zach Braff


How close were Scrubs star Zach Braff and singer Lauryn Hill when they attended Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey? The class of '93 friends lived in the same neighborhood, and "Lauryn Hill did go to my bar mitzvah," Braff revealed in a 2006 magazine interview. "There was a game called Coke and Pepsi. You'd have a partner, and one person was Coke and the other Pepsi. Depending on what the DJ would yell, you had to run and get on that person's lap. And Lauryn was my Coke and Pepsi partner."


- Josh Hartnett and Rachel Leigh Cook


"I remember thinking he was really cute," Rachael Leigh Cook told People about Josh Hartnett, who was two years ahead of her at Minneapolis South High School. Hartnett may have been all that in high school, but just three years after graduating, movie audiences thought Cook was in her breakout movie, She's All That. And in 2001, the former high school classmates played love interests in Blow Dry, but there just wasn't on-screen chemistry. "When Cook and Hartnett sneak into a funeral home to test her coloring techniques on the coffin inhabitants, it's a nice macabre touch. Dying, dyeing-why not? But once again there is little follow-through on the darkly humorous situation," USA Today wrote. "Despite much ado about hairdos and relationships, Blow Dry is basically a washout."


- Lady Gaga and Nicky Hilton


When asked in a 2008 interview about hanging out with the Hilton sisters at the Convent of the Sacred Heart in New York City, Lady Gaga (Class of 2004) admitted that she barely knew them-but they remained influential for her. "They're very pretty and very clean. Very, very clean. You know, I never saw Paris; she was older than me, and it's funny that the press always write that I went to school with the Hilton sisters, but I actually only went with Nicky.... But, you know, it's impressive to be that perfect all the time, these girls. I was always a weird girl in school, who did theater and came to school with lots of red lipstick on or my hair perfectly curled, or whatever I was doing to get attention. It's funny as it's almost like they were there to make me aware, because so much of what I do now is that I try to twist my world into the commercial community. So I guess they've been quite an influence on me. Not them in particular, but the idea of the self-proclaimed artist."


- John Krasinski and B.J. Novak


Somewhat astonishingly, Office mates John Krasinski and B.J. Ryan were actually classmates back at Newton South High School in Massachusetts. They were even on the same Little League team, a fact they love embellishing. ''There's a large oak tree in the Newton Centre park playground that is legendary because only a few humans have hit it with a baseball from home plate. And B.J. Novak is among them," Krasinski joked to the Boston Globe in 2005. "And I was there that day." In the same interview, Novak revealed, "'I think John started acting as a direct result of my casting him in the senior show. Technically, he has me to thank for all of this, right?" As for what Krasinski was like in high school, Novak told Playboy: "He was popular and smart, and if he liked a girl he would just ask her out. I was at home, meanwhile, writing to my local TV affiliates, telling them they should air more sitcoms."


- Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond


Forget Glee. Can you imagine how good the chorus at Brooklyn's Erasmus Hall High School was in the mid-1950s when both Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand were singing in it? Although the two didn't really know each other back in those days, they collaborated decades later on the duet "You Don't Bring Me Flowers (Anymore)," which became a No. 1 hit in 1978.



- Charlie Sheen, Rob Lowe, Robert Downey Jr., and Sean Penn


Talk about a brat pack. In the early 1980s, Rob Lowe, Charlie Sheen, Robert Downey Jr., and Sean Penn were all friends at Santa Monica High School. Also in their crowd? Holly Robinson-and, of course, Emilio Estevez. Lowe wrote about those teenage years in his best-selling autobiography, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, and talked about his old pal Sheen on Access Hollywood last year. "We went to a big high school, and I can remember Charlie, for some reason, was wearing a bulletproof vest to school because he thought the gangs were going to get him. Charlie has some thoughts-there's no two ways about it." And then Lowe added this somewhat unbelievable memory: "We were both nerds, man. I am telling you-he wanted to be a baseball player."

by Bob posted May 29 2014 4:24AM

The 18th season finale of "Dancing With the Stars" had over 15 million viewers and took the top two spots in the ratings.  It was followed by "The Voice" season finale, with 11.7 million viewers, and the "American Idol" finale which had 10.5 million viewers.

Here are last week's premiere numbers:


• The 10th season premiere of "The Bachelorette" had 7.2 million viewers.


"The Maya Rudolph Show" series premiere had 6.8 million viewers on NBC.


• The eighth season premiere of "Last Comic Standing" had 5.4 million viewers.


• The second season premiere of ABC's "Motive" had 4.3 million viewers.


• The "Gang Related" series premiere had 2.9 million viewers for Fox.


• The "I Wanna Marry Harry" series premiere had 1.9 million viewers on Fox.




And here are some other finales you may care about:


• The fourth season finale of "Mike & Molly" had 7.1 million viewers.


• The 15th season finale of "Law & Order: SVU" had 6.4 million viewers.


• The first season finale of "Chicago PD" had 6.3 million viewers.


• The ninth season finale of "Bones" had 6 million viewers.


• The series finale of "Revolution" had 4.1 million viewers.


• The series finale of "Mixology" had 4 million viewers.


• The second season finale of "Hannibal" had 2.4 million viewers.


• The second season finale of "The Americans" had 1.3 million viewers.


• The ninth season finale of "Supernatural" had 1.1 million viewers.


Primetime Total Viewers for the week ending May 25, 2014:

Rank Shows R=Repeat S=Special P=Premiere Net Viewers (Live +SD) (000)
1 Dancing with the Stars-05/19   ABC 15657
2 DANCING W/STARS SP-5/20-05/20 S ABC 15071
3 VOICE-05/19   NBC 11704
4 VOICE-TUE-05/20   NBC 11685
6 American Idol-WEDNESDAY-05/21   FOX 10525
7 Modern Family-05/21   ABC 10452
8 SURVIVOR-05/21   CBS 9548
9 Big Bang Theory, THE-05/22 R CBS 9087
10 MIDDLE, THE-05/21   ABC 7848
11 VOICE 8P 5/20-05/20 SR NBC 7517
12 Blue Bloods-05/23 R CBS 7258
15 MIKE & MOLLY-05/19   CBS 7050
16 FOX NASCAR SPRINT CUP-05/25/2014   FOX 6956
17 MAYA RUDOLPH SHOW-05/19/2014 S NBC 6842
18 American Idol TUE SP-5/20 S FOX 6757
19 Law And Order:SVU-05/21   NBC 6388
20 CHICAGO PD-05/21   NBC 6274
21 Dateline CLASSIC-FRI-05/23 P NBC 6118
22 BONES-05/19   FOX 6037
23 60 Minutes-05/25 R CBS 6016
25 20/20-FRI-05/23   ABC 5999

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2014 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.  All numbers are live viewing plus same day DVR viewing.



(The Top 25 shows on cable  TV are at



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by Bob posted May 28 2014 4:06AM
"Billboard" has a list of "The 25 Highest-Grossing Touring Artists Since 1990" . . . and interestingly enough, it's filled with artists who originally broke out in the '70s and '80s.



In fact, there are just FOUR acts who began in the past 24 years:  The Dave Matthews Band and Toby Keith, who both debuted in 1993 . . . Kenny Chesney, whose first album came out in 1994, and Coldplay, who debuted in 2000.



Among the Top 10, the average age of the singers is 56-and-a-half, and not one is younger than 46.  Here's the Top 15, along with their gross from 1990 up to now . . . and the number of shows they've performed.



1.  The Rolling Stones, $1.6 billion, from 538 shows


2.  U2, $1.5 billion, from 526 shows


3.  Bruce Springsteen, $1.2 billion, from 727 shows


4.  Madonna, $1.1 billion, from 382 shows


5.  Bon Jovi, $1 billion, from 578 shows


6.  Elton John, $787 million, from 956 shows


7.  Dave Matthews Band, $777 million, from 992 shows


8.  Celine Dion, $738 million, from 1,143 shows


9.  Kenny Chesney, $753 million, from 755 shows


10.  The Eagles, $702 million, from 383 shows


11.  The Police / Sting, $556 million, from 605 shows


12.  Roger Waters, $547 million, from 316 shows


13.  Paul McCartney, $506 million, from 220 shows


14.  Billy Joel, $500 million, from 577 shows


15.  Rod Stewart, $497 million, from 714 shows



( has the Top 25.  Note:  They put Celine Dion at #8, one spot ahead of Kenny Chesney, even though their numbers say she grossed about $15 million less.  It's unclear why, so there may be a mistake there.)



(And for more on this list, hit up this link.)

by Bob posted May 23 2014 4:17AM
Want to get the REAL insight into how the 50 states are different?  This is how to do it.



The website Estately analyzed Google search data to figure out the things people in each state Google MORE than people in any other state . . . and the results are great.  Some of the highlights . . .


WISCONSIN:  Beanie Babies / Green Party / Log Rolling / Menthol Cigarettes / Mike’s Hard Lemonade / Oprah’s Book Club / Survival Shelter

Analysis:  Wisconsin knows full well that in the event of an economic collapse, dollars will be replaced by a currency of cigarettes, alcohol, and Beanie Babies.

Alaska:  mail order brides.


Arizona:  conjugal visits.


Georgia:  butt implants.


Louisiana:  "Golden Girls".




Maine:  cat pics.


Nevada:  tattoo removal.


Texas:  Do I have herpes? 






(You can see the top five or so for every state here.)


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by Bob posted May 22 2014 4:56AM

GERMANY—Customs officials at Frankfurt Airport have discovered 90 exotic animals in a suitcase, including 55 tortoises, 30 lizards and an iguana. Some were endangered species and died during the journey.

A 44-year-old Mexican man was arrested at the airport on Friday after attempting to smuggle 55 tortoises, 30 arboreal alligator lizards, four horned vipers and one spiny-tailed iguana in a single suitcase.

The man was travelling from Mexico City to Barcelona and was transferring in Frankfurt. But his trip was cut short when customs officials discovered the animals when they X-rayed his suitcase.

The snakes were kept in two knotted pairs of women's tights, while the lizards were held in canvas bags and packed in boxes.  

CLICK HERE to see some of the animals

The creatures were valued between €50,000 and €60,000. A spokesman at the Customs Agency told The Local that at least three of the animals have since died, one during the journey, and two others while attempting to be brought back to health at a nearby zoo.

It was found that a pregnant arboreal alligator lizard had also laid eggs during the flight. 

"Perhaps once or twice a year we discover live animals in a suitcase like this," the customs spokesman said.  "Occasionally passengers attempt to carry animals on their person. We recently discovered a young woman carrying a parrot egg in her pocket."

The animals are now being cared for and the man is under investigation for violating the Animal Welfare Act and the Endangered Species Act.

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by Bob posted May 21 2014 4:22AM

Austin Peay's Governors Stadium is getting a facelift, but a 40-foot-deep sinkhole in the north endzone has made the process a little more difficult. Workers have been aware of the sinkhole for some time, but in trying to make the area safe and workable, they've had to dig out a considerably larger space than they initially found.



The hole started at only three-to-five feet wide a few weeks ago, but expanded to 50 feet at the widest and nearly just as deep. Weird as it may seem, a sinkhole at Austin Peay is not totally out of the blue. Due to the limestone caves in the area, sinkholes are an anticipated hazard and the construction company actually budgeted for this very occurrence. The campus even has (now safe) sinkholes scattered all over it.

"We're not going to skip any steps. That's the reason I brought the engineers back out because it's not going the way we thought it was going so it's time to let the professionals look at it and tell us which way to go. Once they do that we can just continue the process," said project superintendent Mike Jenkins.

University spokesman Bill Persinger said this may not that be big of setback considering how common sinkholes are on-campus. Others have been repurposed into areas students use.

"They're actually a main feature of our campus. The center of campus has what we call the bowls, which we've landscaped around as the sinkholes have been remediated years ago," said Persinger.

Despite the size and look of this one, the school is not worried—there have been no reports of injury—and expects the stadium renovation to be completed on schedule and in time for the upcoming football season.

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by Bob posted May 21 2014 4:02AM
Billboard Music Awards" attracted 10.7 million viewers for ABC . . .  and the conclusion of Zoe Saldana's version of "Rosemary's Baby" brought in 3.3 million viewers for NBC. 



Meanwhile, "The Voice" averaged 11 million viewers, "American Idol" averaged 8.8 million, and "Game of Thrones" pulled in another 7.2 million for HBO.  Other than that last week was all about season finales.


Primetime Total Viewers for the week ending May 18, 2014:

Rank Shows R=Repeat S=Special P=Premiere Net # Viewers (Live+SD) (000)
1 NCIS-05/13/2014   CBS 16946
2 Big Bang Theory, THE-05/15/2014   CBS 16729
3 NCIS: LOS ANGELES-05/13/2014   CBS 14850
4 Dancing with the Stars-05/12/2014   ABC 14357
5 Criminal Minds-05/14/2014   CBS 12032
6 VOICE-05/12/2014   NBC 11118
7 VOICE-TUE-05/13/2014   NBC 10955
8 Person Of Interest-05/13/2014   CBS 10950
10 Castle-05/12/2014   ABC 10590
11 BLACKLIST-05/12/2014   NBC 10444
12 SURVIVOR-05/14/2014   CBS 9930
13 60 Minutes-05/18/2014   CBS 9914
14 MILLERS, THE-05/15/2014   CBS 9782
15 Mentalist, THE-05/18/2014   CBS 9691
17 Good Wife, THE-05/18/2014   CBS 9135
18 Modern Family-05/14/2014   ABC 9076
19 American Idol-WEDNESDAY-05/14/2014   FOX 8927
20 GREY'S ANATOMY-05/15/2014   ABC 8915
21 American Idol-THURSDAY-05/15/2014   FOX 8671
22 Amazing Race-05/18/2014   CBS 8224
23 CSI-05/14/2014 R CBS 8081
24 Elementary-05/15/2014   CBS 7368
25 Two and a Half Men ENCORE-05/15/2014 R CBS 7317

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2014 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.  All numbers are live viewing plus same day DVR viewing.   (The Top 25 shows on cable TV are at

And here are some of the other season finales you may care about:



• The first season finale of "The Blacklist" had 10.4 million viewers.


• The sixth season finale of "The Mentalist" had 9.7 million viewers.


• The fifth season finale of "The Good Wife" had 9.1 million viewers.


• The 10th season finale of "Grey's Anatomy" had 8.9 million viewers.


• The "Amazing Race: All Stars" finale had 8.2 million viewers.


• The second season finale of "Elementary" had 7.4 million viewers.


• The second season finale of "Chicago Fire" had 7.1 million viewers.


• The first season finale of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." had 5.5 million viewers.


• The third season finale of "Grimm" had 5.3 million viewers.


• The second season finale of "Nashville" had 5.2 million viewers.


• The third season finale of "Suburgatory" had 5.2 million viewers.


• The 12th season finale of "The Family Guy" had 3.9 million viewers.


• The 25th season finale of "The Simpsons" had 3.3 million viewers.


• The second season finale of "Arrow" had 2.4 million viewers.


• The fifth season finale of "Glee" had 1.9 million viewers.


• The fifth season finale of "The Vampire Diaries" had 1.6 million viewers.


• The first season finale of "Reign" had 1.2 million viewers.


by Bob posted May 19 2014 5:16AM
he King of the Monsters took the box office crown on Friday. Godzilla, starring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and a few enormous radioactive monsters, earned an estimated $38.5 million in theaters on its first day in theaters — the best opening day yet for 2014. (Captain America: The Winter Soldier opened with $36.9 million last month, while The Amazing Spider-Man 2 took in $35.2 on its first day two weeks ago.) That puts the film on track for an opening-weekend total around $97 million. Directed by Gareth Edwards (Monsters), Godzilla reportedly cost $160 million — an amount it should easily make back in the coming weeks. The last U.S.-made Godzilla movie was Roland Emmerich’s 1998 version, a notorious misfire that cost $130 million and grossed just $136.3 million domestically.

The weekend’s other new wide release, Disney’s feel-good sports drama Million Dollar Arm, wasn’t a home run, earning just $3.5 million on Friday for a fourth-place finish. Based on a true story about the American baseball scout who recruited Indian athletes Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel, the movie is the first major starring role for Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm and reportedly cost $25 million. It should earn $12 million by the end of the weekend.


In second place, Neighbors earned $8.4 million on Friday, bringing the movie’s domestic total to $73.93 million after eight days. The R-rated comedy, which pits new parents (Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne) against frat kids (Zac Efron, Dave Franco), should make $25 million this weekend, for a cumulative total around $90 million. That’s well ahead of the pace of recent comedy hits like 21 Jump Street ($70.2 million after two weekends) and The Heat ($86.2 after two weekends).


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 lost some momentum on the way into its third weekend, grossing $4.5 million on Friday. That raises its cumulative haul to $159.9 million after 15 days in theaters. While still impressive, the numbers show waning interest in the web slinger’s franchise: 2012′s The Amazing Spider-Man had made $210.3 million by its 15th day, while 2004′s Spider-Man 2 had already earned a truly amazing $272.7 by the same milepost.


Rounding out the top five, The Other Woman made an estimated $2.1 million on Friday, bringing the comedy’s domestic haul to $67.4 million after four weekends. The Cameron Diaz-Leslie Mann-Kate Upton farce should add $5 million to its total by the end of the weekend.


Here’s the top five:


1. Godzilla – $38.5 million
2. Neighbors – $8.4 million
3. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – $4.5 million
4. Million Dollar Arm – $3.5 million
5. The Other Woman – $2.1 million

by Bob posted May 16 2014 4:09AM

Senior citizens tend to be suspicious of young people, and for good reason.  But maybe this'll help a little.



Back in March, three college students in New Paltz, New York bought a couch for $20 at the Salvation Army.  And it wasn't very comfortable . . . but hey, 20 bucks.  (New Paltz is about 85 miles north of New York City.)



Then recently, one of them wanted to know WHY it was so uncomfortable.  So they unzipped one of the cushions . . . and found an envelope with $4,000 CASH in it.  Then they kept digging, and found a total of more than 40 GRAND.



They were so excited at first, their neighbor thought they'd won the lottery.  They even started talking about how to spend it.  But then they found a deposit slip with a woman's NAME on it.  After that, all three of them KNEW they couldn't keep the money.



They decided to track down the owner, and she turned out to be a 91-year-old widow who'd recently broken her hip.  Her kids had donated the couch while she was in the hospital.  It's not clear if they got a reward . . . but they still have the couch. 



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by Bob posted May 15 2014 4:39AM

That was quick!

Two weeks after her split from Joel Kinnaman, Olivia Munn has moved on with NFL player Aaron Rodgers, Us Weekly reports.

While dining with a group at Nobu Malibu on May 10, sources tell the magazine that the pair behaved like a couple, laughing and kissing throughout the meal.

But this isn’t the first time they’ve been spotted together. “The Newsroom” actress, 33, and Rodgers, 30, both attended the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas in April, where they were photographed hanging out backstage.

Munn and “RoboCop” actor Kinnaman, 34, split after two years together. Rodgers had previously been linked to “Gossip Girl” actress Jessica Szohr.


by Bob posted May 14 2014 4:04AM

The NFL DRAFT was seen by 9.9 million people on ESPN . . . the series premiere of "24: Live Another Day" attracted 8.1 million viewers . . . and the first part of NBC's new "Rosemary's Baby" miniseries pulled in 3.7 million.



As for some of last week's other season finales . . .  


"Blue Bloods" finished its fourth season with 11.2 million viewers . . .  "CSI" closed out its 14th season with 10 million viewers . . . "Hawaii Five-0" finished its fourth season with 9.2 million . . . "Two and a Half Men" ended its 11th season with 8.4 million. . . and "2 Broke Girls" finished its third season with 6.5 million viewers.


Primetime Total Viewers for the week ending May 11, 2014:

Rank Shows R=Repeat S=Special P=Premiere Net Viewers (Live +SD) (000)
1 NCIS-05/06   CBS 15883
2 Big Bang Theory, THE-05/08   CBS 14420
3 NCIS: LOS ANGELES-05/06   CBS 14108
4 Dancing with the Stars-05/05   ABC 13117
5 Blue Bloods-05/09   CBS 11784
6 VOICE-05/05   NBC 11002
7 VOICE-TUE-05/06   NBC 10720
8 Criminal Minds-05/07   CBS 10523
9 Person Of Interest-05/06   CBS 10499
10 BLACKLIST-05/05   NBC 10466
11 CSI-05/07   CBS 10008
12 SURVIVOR-05/07   CBS 9906
13 Hawaii Five-0-05/09   CBS 9212
14 Castle-05/05   ABC 9002
15 MILLERS, THE-05/08   CBS 8963
16 Good Wife, THE-05/11   CBS 8731
17 Mentalist, THE-05/11   CBS 8639
18 Modern Family-05/07   ABC 8554
19 60 Minutes-05/11   CBS 8497
20 Two and a Half Men-05/08   CBS 8350
21 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY-05/05 P FOX 8077
22 American Idol-WEDNESDAY-05/07   FOX 7969
23 GREY'S ANATOMY-05/08   ABC 7948
24 Elementary-05/08   CBS 7542
25 Shark Tank-05/09   ABC 7398

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2014 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.  All numbers are live viewing plus same day DVR viewing.(You'll find the Top 25 shows on cable  TV are at

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by Bob posted May 14 2014 4:01AM
50-year-old Veronica Rodriguez was home in College Station, Texas last week, and heard a noise in the bathroom.  And if she wasn't ALREADY afraid of snakes . . . we're guessing she is now.



Because when she turned on the lights to the bathroom . . . she found herself face-to-face with a 12-FOOT AFRICAN PYTHON.  Somehow it had managed to get into her house, and was hanging out in her bathtub.



So she slammed the door, ran outside, and called 911.  A cop showed up with a small grocery bag to put the snake in, but he ended up calling animal control . . . who showed up with a 10-gallon bucket.  And that STILL wasn't CLOSE to big enough.



Finally, they decided to use a city TRASH CAN . . . and they managed to get the snake inside.  Then they sealed up the trash can . . . and left it by the side of Veronica's HOUSE until the next morning, when they could transport it to a rescue facility.



Apparently this python wouldn't have been dangerous to any adults . . . but it could've been dangerous to small children or pets.  No one's quite sure where it came from or how it got into Veronica's house. 



(College Station Eagle


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by Bob posted May 13 2014 4:18AM
D0BCRP   Medieval Bran castle in Romania,

A one-of-its-kind property is available for buyers looking for a big stake in the Transylvanian property market: the castle that once housed the inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Bran Castle, long one of Romania's top tourist attractions, has been owned by everybody from Teutonic knights to Communist governments over the years, and the elderly archduke who now owns it is ready to sell, the Telegraph reports.

Vlad the Impaler, whose sadistic rule was the source of many vampire legends, operated in the area in the 15th century and is believed to have been imprisoned in the castle at one point, reports the Daily Mail.

The agent handling the sale says the right owner could make a killing by refurbishing the castle and turning it into "the kind of place people will stay for two or three days." The castle "is the real thing," he says. "We don’t need men going around dressed up in old-fashioned costumes; the place speaks for itself."

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by Bob posted May 12 2014 4:16AM
After five seasons, NBC has finally put "Community" out of its misery.  Even though the show has picked up a devoted following . . . it's been on the bubble for three years now.  So, this doesn't really come as a surprise.



NBC is also NOT bringing back:  "Believe", "Crisis", "Dracula", "Growing Up Fisher", "Ironside", "The Michael J. Fox Show", "Revolution", "Sean Saves the World" and "Welcome to the Family".



The shows that NBC has renewed include:  "The Voice", "The Blacklist", "About a Boy", "Chicago Fire", "Chicago P.D.", "Law & Order: SVU", "The Biggest Loser", "Grimm", "Hannibal" and "Celebrity Apprentice".



"Parenthood" and "Parks and Recreation" were also picked up, but both were only cleared for ONE more, final season.



By the way, NBC will air next year's Super Bowl on February 1st, and they've announced that "The Blacklist" is getting the coveted post-Super Bowl timeslot.

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by Bob posted May 12 2014 4:12AM
Jacob has been the most popular name for boys in the U.S. for 14 years.  But after 14 years on top, there's a new most popular name.



The Social Security Administration just released the top baby names for 2013, and the most popular name for boys was . . . NOAH.



That's the first time since 1960 that the most popular boys name wasn't Jacob or Michael.  David came in first in 1960.



The top 10 boys names for 2013 are:  Noah, Liam, Jacob, Mason, William, Ethan, Michael, Alexander, Jayden, and Daniel.



The most popular name for girls in 2013 was Sophia, for the third year in a row.



The top 10 girls names for 2013 are:  Sophia, Emma, Olivia, Isabella, Ava, Mia, Emily, Abigail, Madison, and Elizabeth. 





(You can dig into all of the most popular baby names from 2013 here.)

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by Bob posted May 7 2014 4:15AM

"The Voice" averaged 11.4 million viewers last week . . . "American Idol" averaged 7.9 million . . . and the latest episode of "Game of Thrones" had 7.2 million viewers.   "NCIS" was the most-watched show of the week, with 17.3 million viewers.

Primetime Total Viewers for the week ending May 4, 2014:

Rank Shows R=Repeat S=Special P=Premiere Net # Viewers (Live+SD) (000)
1 NCIS-04/29/2014   CBS 17253
2 Big Bang Theory, THE-05/01/2014   CBS 16074
3 Dancing with the Stars-04/28/2014   ABC 15880
4 NCIS: LOS ANGELES-04/29/2014   CBS 14831
5 Blue Bloods-05/02/2014   CBS 11589
6 VOICE-04/28/2014   NBC 11579
7 Person Of Interest-04/29/2014   CBS 11309
8 VOICE-TUE-04/29/2014   NBC 11176
9 BLACKLIST-04/28/2014   NBC 10846
10 60 Minutes-05/04/2014   CBS 10484
11 Castle-04/28/2014   ABC 10394
12 Criminal Minds-04/30/2014   CBS 10304
13 CSI-04/30/2014   CBS 9951
14 SURVIVOR-04/30/2014   CBS 9699
15 MILLERS, THE-05/01/2014   CBS 9426
16 Good Wife, THE-05/04/2014   CBS 8988
17 Two and a Half Men-05/01/2014   CBS 8965
18 GREY'S ANATOMY-05/01/2014   ABC 8809
19 American Idol-WEDNESDAY-04/30/2014   FOX 8788
20 Hawaii Five-0-05/02/2014   CBS 8773
21 Mentalist, THE-05/04/2014   CBS 8423
22 Modern Family-04/30/2014   ABC 8395
23 Shark Tank-05/02/2014   ABC 8327
24 RESURRECTION-05/04/2014   ABC 8155
25 Amazing Race-05/04/2014   CBS 8087

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2014 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.  All numbers are live viewing plus same day DVR viewing.   (The Top 25 shows on cable  are at

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by Bob posted May 7 2014 4:07AM
People who are good with money know that being cheap often ends up costing you MORE in the long run.  Here's a list of 13 times when you should pay extra for quality, in order to SAVE money later.



1.  Cookware.  Cheap pots and pans don't last, and they don't cook well.  You might pay several times as much for expensive pots, but they'll last forever.



2.  Car maintenance.  Cars break down a lot earlier if you don't take care of them.  You can save thousands a year by making a car last longer, and you can also sell it for more later, if you can show you've done all the recommended maintenance.



3.  Furniture.  Solid wood furniture lasts just about forever.  With IKEA furniture, you're lucky to make it through the first month.



4.  Knives.  The cheap ones lose their edge right away.  Quality knives stay sharp longer, and you can keep sharpening them for a lifetime.



5.  Hair conditioner.  Cheap shampoo is okay, but cheap conditioner can be worse than none at all. 



6.  Shoes.  Quality shoes pay for themselves by lasting longer.  But cheap shoes can be EXTREMELY expensive if they cause foot problems because they don't fit well.



7.  Paint.  Cheap paint doesn't cover as well, so you end up using two coats.  Two gallons of cheap paint cost more than one gallon of good paint . . . and it takes more than twice as long to put on two coats, because you'll wait for the first coat to dry.



8.  Clothing.  If you're dressing for fashion, you can wear anything, because you only need it to last for a few months.  For classic stuff like hoodies and sport coats, spend more and keep it as long as possible.



9.  Exterior housing materials.  Siding, shingles, paint and windows should all be high quality.  Especially if you live in a place where it rains a lot.



10.  Blenders.  You can get any old blender for $15, but the blades and the motor won't last.  Especially if you're into smoothies or frozen margaritas.



11.  Children's toys.  Wooden blocks and durable toys like Legos will actually be around long enough for your kids to outgrow them.  Most toys off the shelf at big box stores are pretty much built to break on the day after Christmas.



12.  Bed sheets.  The cheap ones get uncomfortable after a few washes, and they lose their color quickly. 



13.  Energy efficiency upgrades.  Pay more for good windows and modern appliances.  They'll pay for themselves in savings on your utility bill within a few years, and they'll last for 15 years or more.  (Business Insider)

by Bob posted May 6 2014 4:27AM

This fisherman's catch is goblin up the headlines.

A Florida shrimper accidentally caught an incredibly rare Goblin Shark off the coast of Key West, Florida, on April 19, according to the Houston Chronicle.

"I didn't even know what it was," fisherman Carl Moore said. "I didn't get the tape measure out because that thing's got some wicked teeth, they could do some damage."

Instead, Moore snapped some quick photos and threw the shark back in the ocean.

Story continues below horrifying looking shark ...

shark 1

shark 2

shark 3

Moore didn't report the find to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration until Thursday. According to the NOAA, the 18-foot-long shark is only the second ever seen in the Gulf. It is "one of the rarest species of sharks," according to NOAA.

Goblin sharks are most commonly found off the coast of Japan, the Chronicle reports. They are "pinkish white" in color with bluish fins, according to NOAA



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by Bob posted May 2 2014 5:02AM

May is more than just the birthday month of yours truly—check out all the quirky holidays you can celebrate.

1. May 1: Lei Day

You've heard of May Day, but this is the Hawaiian equivalent. Celebrate the islands' culture with lei-making contests, Hawaiian food and music, and even the crowning of the Lei Queen.

2. May 3: Free Comic Book Day

Ever since 2002, the first Saturday of May has seen participating independent comic book stores across the country hand out their wares for free. Over 3 million comic books are given away each year!

3. May 4: Star Wars Day

"May the fourth be with you." Get it?

4. & 5. May 6: No Diet Day and No Homework Day

Although they weren't created in conjunction, these seem appropriately paired for both children and adults to let loose a little and just indulge.

6. May 8: No Socks Day

The pitch for this holiday cites the lighter load of laundry foregoing socks will create. This seems specious at best—how big are your socks?— but let's all hope it will be sandal weather by this point, in which case you should definitely do without socks.

7. May 9: Fintastic Friday: Giving Sharks a Voice!

Not to be confused with Shark Week, this is a day sponsored by WhaleTimes Inc. and the Shark Research Institute to promote awareness of the plight of sharks and update their image.

8. May 10: National Train Day

This is the seventh annual National Train Day, which celebrates the day on which the "golden spike" was driven into the final tie that connected the Central Pacific and Union Continental railroads, creating a country unified by train travel.

9. May 11: Mother's Day

But not just Mother's Day—the 100th anniversary of the creation of Mother's Day by Congressional legislation in 1914 as a response to Anna Jarvis' letter-writing campaign.

10. May 12: Limerick Day

Observed annually on the birthday of English author Edward Lear, whose 1846 A Book of Nonsense helped bring the lyrical form to popularity.

11. May 16: National Pizza Party Day

Last month we had a day dedicated to Chicago's deep dish, but this is a little different. Designed to mark the school year winding down, celebrate with the one thing sure to make even the surliest student happy: a pizza party.

12. May 18: International Museum Day

This will be the 37th annual celebration of the many cultural institutions around the world.

13. May 19-26: National Backyard Games Week

Break out the bocce, horseshoes, and croquet mallets! The weather will (hopefully) be warm enough to spend your free time outdoors by the end of May, so this is the week to try out as many silly lawn games as you can.

14. May 22: World Goth Day

I don't know if Hot Topic is still in business, but this would be the day to find out.

15. May 23: International World Turtle Day

You can be sure mental_floss will have the fun facts.

16. May 24: International Tiara Day

Embrace your inner princess.

17. May 25: Towel Day

Carry a towel with you wherever you go on this day to honor the life and work of Douglas Adams because, as any good interstellar hitchhiker knows, a towel "is about the most massively useful thing".

18. May 30: Hug Your Cat Day

Go on, even if they seem like they don't like it.

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by Bob posted May 2 2014 4:12AM

A deadly F-4 tornado ripped through the town of Vilonia, Arkansas on Sunday, which is just north of Little Rock.  And at least 150 homes were destroyed.  But here's SOME good news from it.



37-year-old Wade Lentz is the pastor of a Baptist church in Vilonia.  And his family's house was completely demolished by the tornado.  But they were more worried about their dog Oreo, who'd disappeared during the storm.



And the tornado was so powerful, they obviously weren't holding out much hope.  But when they went back two days later . . . Oreo popped out from under the rubble wagging his tail.  And his only injury was a small SCRATCH on one of his legs.



Wade and his family think Oreo must have been sucked up by the tornado, then landed safely somewhere . . . unlike Wade's truck, which they found upside down about 150 yards away from where it was parked.



And apparently Oreo found his way back to the house, even though it was demolished.  Which wouldn't be the first time.  Because Wade and his family recently put him in a kennel while they went on vacation.  But he broke out . . . and eventually showed up back home. 


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