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by Bob posted Oct 31 2013 4:20AM
The opening of this Sunday's episode of "The Simpsons" parodies "TheHobbit".  And you can check it out a few days early on YouTube.  Marge plays Gandalf, Moe plays Gollum, and Homer plays the dwarf, Gimli.

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by Bob posted Oct 30 2013 4:14AM

Just in time for Halloween, the guys who do a YouTube series called "Batman in Classic Movie Scenes" have anew episode, where Batman and Bane are inserted into classic SCARY movies.


by Bob posted Oct 29 2013 5:24AM

Epic Halloween Prank by Tom Mabe

There are some hilarious reactions at the end....
by Bob posted Oct 28 2013 4:25AM

One of the weirdest videos on YouTube was posted in 2011, and it's called "Going to the Store".  It's a computer generated nude MANNEQUIN, who dances down the street like something out of a bad dream.  And it's been viewed over 15 MILLION times.



Now the person who made it has released a SECOND video, and it's the exact same idea.  But it's three times as long, and it might actually be WEIRDER.
by Bob posted Oct 28 2013 4:21AM

Remember the end of "Rudy", where he gets to play, and records a tackle?  Well, the same sort of thing happened on Saturday when Rice University put in a running back named Jayson Carter for one play.



And in some ways it's more impressive, because Rudy Ruettiger was 5-foot-6.  And Jayson is only 4-foot-9.  Rice was up 45-7 in the fourth quarter, so it wasn't actually risky.  But he did manage to gain MAYBE a yard.



And when you see the footage of him next to the other players, he looks TINY.
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by Bob posted Oct 18 2013 9:12AM
Alright, if this isn't a clever one......
by Bob posted Oct 18 2013 4:19AM

Halloween is less than two weeks away.  And some guy who does prank videos on YouTube posted a new one where he asks random people on the street to take a picture of him using his smartphone.



But he sets it up so they're actually looking at a VIDEO of him posing in the exact same spot.  And when they're about to take a photo, it looks like a ZOMBIE walks through the frame.  Then he acts like they're all just crazy.

by Bob posted Oct 18 2013 4:12AM

The Gregory Brothers are the guys who do the "Songify the News" videos on YouTube.  And they have a new one that uses clips of "Kid President", who's been a hit online since the last election.



It's just clips of him saying inspirational stuff, but it's all Auto-Tuned.  And it's actually kind of catchy.

by Bob posted Oct 16 2013 3:50AM
This says it all...let the video do the talking! Almost looks like South River Road when the High Schools let out....
by Bob posted Oct 10 2013 4:28AM

One of the most overused clichés in horror movie history is the cheap jump-scare caused by a CAT.  So I'm shocked that I haven't seen a video montage of these before now.



Thankfully, it has arrived.  It's about three minutes long, and it's brilliantly titled, "It's Just a Cat"(  This is such a popular gag, a lot of these aren't even horror movies.  Also:  WARNING!!!  This clip contains a few swear words.)

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