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by Bob posted Dec 20 2013 4:23AM

Students at a high school in Kilgore, Texas recently pranked their teachers, by asking them to stand next to a Christmas tree and talk about their favorite holiday memories.



But the tree was actually a student DRESSED as a Christmas tree waiting to jump out and SCARE them.

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by Bob posted Dec 20 2013 4:12AM
A young male lion in South Africa discovered that it had taken on more than it could chew when a water buffalo flipped the lion several feet into the air in a daring attempt to rescue a fallen comrade. The captivating scene was captured in a video that has been watched more than 23 million times on YouTube.

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by Bob posted Dec 18 2013 4:32AM

During a training exercise, firefighters mistakenly pumped jet fuel instead of water onto a flaming mock-up of an airplane crash.

KING 5 obtained video that shows an enormous fireball erupted when the fuel hit the flames at the training site.

“When the firefighters put water on a fire that had been deliberately developed for training the fire got bigger instead of smaller,” said Bob Calkins of the State Patrol, which is investigating the incident.

Calkins said investigators believe that the academy’s oil/water separator – which recycles the water used for fire training exercises – did not correctly filter the jet fuel used for the exercise from the reclaimed water.  

So crews filled their tanks with water tainted with jet fuel -– a combustible combination.

Calkins said an expert hired by WSP is investigating whether the 1990’s oil/water separator malfunctioned or whether academy employees did not operate it correctly.

Two firefighters suffered minor burns.

by Bob posted Dec 18 2013 4:08AM
OK...see this coming?
by Bob posted Dec 17 2013 4:12AM

Some guy in Orlando recently sold his car on Craigslist, and now the video he made of it is suddenly big online.



That's because the car is a 1996 Nissan Maxima with 160,000 miles on it.  But the video is in the style of an ad you'd see for a brand new LUXURY car.



So there's dramatic music and a voiceover guy, but the seats are all torn up and the hood is held down by a strap.

by Bob posted Dec 17 2013 4:11AM

A guy who does prank videos on YouTube has a new one, where he sits down next to people at the airport while they're talking loudly on their cell phone.  Meanwhile, he's on HIS cell phone, but he starts responding to everything THEY say.



It takes most of the people 10 or 20 seconds to figure out what's going on.  But then when they ask what he's doing, he acts like they're interrupting HIS call.

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by Bob posted Dec 17 2013 4:06AM

Two new animal videos are picking up some views on YouTube.  One shows a rat trying to run down an UP escalator in the San Francisco subway.  And he just can't quite get to the bottom.  It goes well with the sad Beatles music in the background.



The other is of a dog in a swimming pool, but it refuses to actually SWIM.  Instead, it just stays in the shallow end and walks around on its hind legs.  (Search for "Rat Descending an Endless Staircase" and "The Non Swimming Dog.")

by Bob posted Dec 16 2013 4:05AM

Remember Kmart's juvenile ad from earlier this year, where people talked about how easy it is to "ship your pants"?



Well,they just released basically the same ad, but it's CHRISTMAS-THEMED.  And everyone in it is a character from Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol".
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by Bob posted Dec 12 2013 4:27AM
You knew a series of these were coming, didn't you?
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