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by Bob posted May 29 2014 5:39AM

Ah, we can remember the first time we tried a Warhead. Especially our cheeks, which have never been the same.

The super-sour candy can surprise you with just how powerful it is, particularly the first time you try one. These poor kids will likely remember theirs for quite some time. Well, thanks to their parents, who were kind (or mean) enough to film their reaction, they may never forget.

by Bob posted May 29 2014 4:32AM
Some guy named Dean Potter recently base jumped from a cliff in Switzerland in a wingsuit . . . with his DOG strapped to his back.  There's footage of it, and the dog is pretty relaxed the whole time.  But some people say it qualifies as animal cruelty.
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by Bob posted May 29 2014 4:29AM

A storm chaser named Scott Sheppard was filming a rainbow from his car window on Tuesday, when he got struck by LIGHTNING.  It hit his arm, then down to the ground where it blew a hole in the road.



You don't actually see the lightning bolt in the footage, you just hear it.  Then he drops the camera, and you see pieces of the PAVEMENT shoot up into the air, along with a big plume of smoke.



Scott's okay, by the way.  He just has a sore arm.  It did disable his car though, plus another car that was passing by.


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by Bob posted May 28 2014 4:15AM

On Saturday, a group of guys were riding their racing motorcycles on a closed course outside Pittsburgh.  Then two of them collided and wrecked.  And the video of it is crazy, because it's helmet cam footage shot by a guy right behind them.



One of their motorcycles flew up in the air and hit him in the FACE.  But somehow he walked away with just cuts and bruises.


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by Bob posted May 24 2014 7:22AM
Smells like fish. Tastes like fish. Oooohhh...jumps like a fish also!
by Bob posted May 22 2014 5:07AM
See what she thinks of Schlitz (you'd be surprized), Natural Light, and Pabst, among others....
by Bob posted May 21 2014 4:33AM
Look at this moose, what a freakin boss. He doesn’t need permission to take a dip in your pool. He’ll swim wherever he wants, whenever he wants. And yeah, he peed in there too. So what?
by Bob posted May 21 2014 4:26AM
Want more Autobots and Decepticons? This new international trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction has got you covered and then some. Plus, Mark Wahlberg shooting some sort of alien gun. Aww yeah. Also of note: apparently in Michael Bay films wood now has combustive propertiesas io9 observes when Optimus Prime busts through a barn it somehow explodes. Yes, this film is quite awesome in all its explosive cheesiness.  Transformers: Age of Extinction hits U.S. theaters on June 27, 2014.
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by Bob posted May 20 2014 4:01AM

A reporter in the U.K. named Joe Michalczuk just got married.  And over the past few months, he had all the celebrities he interviewed make his wedding video FOR him.



At the end of each interview, he asked them to congratulate his fiancée, Jenny.  Then he made a montage and surprised her with it at their wedding.  The celebrities included Zac Efron, Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, Jamie Fox, Miss Piggy . . .



Scarlett Johansson, Anne Hathaway, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman, and Samuel L. Jackson . . . who jokingly referred to himself as "Laurence Fishburne".

by Bob posted May 20 2014 3:56AM
n case you missed it, golfer Padraig Harrington hit a 63-yard shot at the Byron Nelson Championship in Irving, Texas on Sunday, which bounced once then landed in the cup.  But then it bounced OUT of the cup.


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