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by Bob posted Jul 31 2014 5:04AM
The footage shows the iceberg slowly falling apart on the lower-left side, but then suddenly collapse at the arch, sending the majority of the structure collapsing into the water below.
by Bob posted Jul 28 2014 5:35AM
Here's the first full-length trailer for The Walking Dead, season five. We don’t have wait until  2016 for this to actually happen. (We don’t, right? Just until October 12th? Okay, good.)
by Bob posted Jul 28 2014 4:11AM
Some guy jumped into a pool from the roof of four-story building.  And luckily it was deep enough, because he crawled out OK. However, I question if he's mentally OK.
by Bob posted Jul 28 2014 4:05AM

A video of a dog in Murrysville, Pennsylvania got millions of hits on YouTube over the weekend.  (Murrysville is just outside Pittsburgh.)



The owner filmed his daughter coming home after being in Europe for two years, and the dog starts FREAKING OUT in the driveway. 



And it was so excited, it apparently PASSED OUT from hyperventilating.  They took it to the vet, and it's fine, so don't worry.

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by Bob posted Jul 28 2014 3:53AM
A ZOMBIE WALK near Comic-Con in San Diego got a little TOO real on Saturday night, when participants dressed as zombies allegedly attacked a car, causing the driver to hit and injure a 64-year-old woman.



A man and his children were stopped at an intersection, waiting for the zombies to walk by.  But the scene was freaking out his kids, so he started inching forward, hoping to get through.



Police say the zombies then surrounded his car and started beating on it . . . and one even jumped on the hood and broke the windshield.  So the driver hit the gas, and that's when he hit the woman.



She suffered non-life-threatening injuries, including a possible broken arm.  The man kept driving, with some zombies chasing him, until he found a cop on the street, who diffused the situation.  No arrests were made, but police are still investigating.



Not that it makes any difference, but everyone in the car was deaf.



Several videos of this chaos have hit the web, and while none give a totally clear picture of the events, it really doesn't seem like the "zombies" were being too aggressive.  This might just have been a case of the driver overreacting.



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Location : San Diego
by Bob posted Jul 28 2014 3:49AM

There were big announcements about "Godzilla" and "King Kong" at Comic-Con this weekend.  There's going to be a "Godzilla 2", and three classic monsters from the old days are coming back:  Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah. 



That's HUGE for Godzilla fans.  But it gets even better . . . the people behind it are also doing a "King Kong" movie called "Skull Island".  That's the island he comes from, and they showed a brief teaser video that included a shot of Kong.



And since the same studio is making both movies, people are speculating there could eventually be a "King Kong vs. Godzilla" movie.



Some fudging would have to be done though, since the new Godzilla is 350 feet tall . . . while King Kong was, at most, 60 feet tall in his various movies.  And in the most recent Peter Jackson remake, he was only 24 feet tall.



Kong and Godzilla did fight once before, in the 1962 Japanese classic "King Kong vs. Godzilla".  In that one, Kong was increased to about 150 feet tall, with Godzilla being a little taller.  And King Kong won. 
by Bob posted Jul 25 2014 5:00AM

There are certain things everyone knows shouldn’t be done while drunk. Driving and/or calling an ex would be tops on that list. But there are a bevy of other activities that probably won’t end well if attempted while inebriated.

Take drunk awning sitting, for example. The young lady in this video decided this dangerous pose was a good idea after an afternoon at the pub. After a few sips…well, watch what happens.

Yes, among other things, she commits the ultimate party foul and spills her entire drink.

But the villain here is the video’s narrator. While you might not realize it at first because of his slurring, he’s actually speaking English. But instead of being a friend who doesn’t let his friend sit on an awning while drunk, he just stands back and records the debacle that follows. Luckily, the sauced-up blond escaped her tumble uninjured. Her pride, we imagine, wasn’t so lucky.

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by Bob posted Jul 25 2014 4:03AM
The moment that suburban moms have been waiting all year for has arrived!  The first trailer for "Fifty Shades of Grey" hit the web yesterday, and it does indeed include a small sample of the kinky stuff.

The movie stars JAMIE DORNAN from "Once Upon a Time" as Christian Grey, and DAKOTA JOHNSON . . . daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith . . . as his willing subservient minx Anastasia Steele.



It hits theaters next February 13th . . . the night before Valentine's Day . . . which is a BRILLIANT marketing strategy. 


by Bob posted Jul 24 2014 5:26AM
Sy Fy just put out a trailer for its TV spinoff of the Terry Gilliam film 12 monkeys after screening it at the TCASummer Press Tour 2014. The series stars Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull, Noah Bean, and Kirk Acevedo, and is set to debut in January. Have to say that this trailer looks sufficiently creepy and excellent to stir lots of interest. What do you think?
by Bob posted Jul 23 2014 3:53AM
Some kayakers got really close to a bunch of whales off the coast of Argentina recently.  So close that one of the whales surfaced right under them . . . lifted them out of the water . . . and they were stuck on top of it for about 30 seconds.

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