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by Bob posted Sep 29 2014 4:33AM
This video by Patrick Gareth Leonard has gone viral after being featured by Rumble Viral, and stands with over 3 million hits! While visiting Maldives, tourist stood on a small dock feeding the hungry fish. Suddenly, a particularly ravenous stingray literally swam up the ramp directly to the people to ask for a snack.
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by Bob posted Sep 29 2014 4:19AM

A volcano erupted in central Japan yesterday, and authorities say the huge cloud of ash killed at least 31 hikers.  Some of them were apparently buried up to their knees.



Another hiker who DID make it out shot some crazy footage where you see it erupting.  Then about a minute in, the cloud of ash catches up with him. 
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Location : Central Japan
by Bob posted Sep 20 2014 7:14AM

Dinosaurs once again roam the earth when the spectacular production, WALKING WITH DINOSAURS THE ARENA SPECTACULAR, based on the award-winning BBC Television Series returns to the BMO Harris Bradley Center this October.

The show that critics have called ‘awesome' and ‘breathtaking’ will stop in Milwaukee from October 15-19, 2014.  This updated production will showcase changes to the dinosaurs based on the latest scientific research including the likely feathering of some species. Worldwide, more than eight million people have seen this show in 243 cities and over 2,000 performances!


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by Bob posted Sep 19 2014 10:12AM
A Milwaukee TV feature reporter hit West Bend some time ago and gave this family owned business a "Shout Out."  Know anyone who's eaten the whole one pound hot dog with bun?
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Location : Milwaukee
by Bob posted Sep 18 2014 5:06AM
ere’s the new trailer for the legal drama that opened the Toronto Film Festival this month. Robert Downey Jr stars in The Judge as a big-city lawyer who returns home after his mother’s death to learn that his estranged father (Robert Duvall), the town’s judge, is suspected of murder. And he ends up defending Dad at trial. David Dobkin directed The Judge from a script by Nick Schenk & Bill Dubuque. Vera Farmiga, Leighton Meester, Billy Bob Thornton, Vincent D’Onofrio, Dax Shepard, Sarah Lancaster and David Krumholtz co-star. Warner Bros opens the pic October 10.
by Bob posted Sep 18 2014 4:13AM

Back in May, a video of a hamster eating tiny burritos got huge on YouTube.  And now the same people who made it have another one . . . where a hamster races speed-eating champion Kobayashi in a hot dog eating contest.



Obviously the hot dogs the hamster has to eat are much smaller though.

by Bob posted Sep 17 2014 5:07AM

For a fifth consecutive year we will be collecting labels and boxtops for education. You know, you find them on Campbell’s soup cans, granola bars, General Mills cereals, etc.  Once again we’re holding a contest to determine which school will be the recipient of this years collection. Last year Decorah Elementary in West Bend was the recipient.
  If you would like your school or group to be the recipient of all the items we collect, tell us why. Be creative,  original, innovative and sincere. The more you stand out, the better. Only one will be selected. Please get your requests in by Friday October 31st. You can drop them off at WBKV or mail them to Bob’s attention  at the WBKV studios. Good luck from AM1470, WBKV

The above is a HOLY ANGELS school (West Bend) nomination.
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Topics : Education
by Bob posted Sep 17 2014 4:11AM

A guy on a bike tour through Buenos Aires, Argentina was almost hit by a guy riding a motorcycle the other day.  Luckily they didn't collide, and the guy riding the bicycle kept going.  But it wasn't over . . .



The guy on the motorbike followed him . . . whipped out a GUN . . . and started shouting.  He wanted the guy's BACKPACK, and THAT'S why he'd almost caused the accident . . . he was a thief.



The guy on the cycle got off, left his bike there, and took off running . . . since he thought the thief was trying to steal his BIKE.  And the whole thing was recorded on the GoPro helmet on his forehead.



We've seen these before, and I have a feeling we'll be seeing more . . . until thieves figure it out and steal the camera first. 


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Location : Buenos Aires
by Bob posted Sep 16 2014 4:53AM
Vampire stories (on TV and film) aren’t exactly hard to come by nowadays, but next month’s Dracula Untold could be a worthwhile and refreshing take on the sub-genre. The film has the makings of a solid ancient world war epic, but with a supernatural horror twist and a very modern outlook towards how the man that was Vlad Tepes (Luke Evans) became the creature of the night known as Dracula – and, as trailers for the film emphasize, an interesting explanation for what drove him to embrace the darkness in the first place.
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People : Luke Evans
by Bob posted Sep 16 2014 4:05AM
Sure...I'd give it a try...

WENDY WILLIAMS once bet that KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST'S marriage wouldn't last 72 days, and said she'd "eat crow" if they actually lasted.  It has.  In fact, they've made it over 100 days now.



So, on her show yesterday, Wendy made good on her bet . . . LITERALLY.  She had a chef come in and cook her a gumbo . . . using ACTUAL crow meat.  She said it's "tough" meat . . . but it actually looked pretty good.

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