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Eight People You Should Be Tipping

by Bob posted Oct 18 2013 3:56AM
OK...the world is tip crazy. Do you disagree with any of these?

Surveys show that most Americans don't know WHO to tip or how MUCH.  Check out a list from Yahoo of eight types of workers who you should ALSO be tipping, and how much they should get . . .



1.  Your hair stylist's assistant.  It's standard to tip your stylist between 10 and 20 percent.  But if they have an assistant . . . someone who washes or blow dries your hair . . . then you should tip them five dollars.



2.  The DJ or band.  If you make a special request from a DJ, then you should tip them.  Suppopsedly five dollars a song.



3.  The hotel concierge.  You don't need to tip them if you ask a simple question.  But if you have them make your dinner reservations or get event tickets, expect to tip five dollars . . . or even more, depending on how complicated your request is.



4.  All hotel staff.  If the pool boy just hands you a towel, you don't have to tip.  But anything extra, like setting up your umbrella, deserves up to three dollars.



If anyone brings something to your room, like a toothbrush or extra pillows, tip them a couple bucks.  Valets expect one or two dollars . . . PER SUITCASE.And housekeeping usually gets one or two dollars a day, per person.



5.  Those "courtesy shuttle" drivers.  Yeah, it's a "courtesy" shuttle free of charge, but you're still supposed to tip. 



Also, if someone shuttles you through an airport in one of those little golf cart vehicles, or in a wheel chair, you owe them a tip too.  Between one and three dollars is fine.



6.  Gym staff.  You don't tip your personal trainer . . . instead, give them a gift during the holidays.



But if someone on staff helps you out with the machines or your workout, then you're supposed to write a thank-you note and enclose some cash.  The amount depends on how much they helped you, but $10 to $25 isn't too much.



7.   Non-medical staff in an assisted living facility.  Don't tip doctors, nurses or physical therapists.  But you should tip the people who do grandma's nails or provide any other services.  Typically, five dollars per deed will do.



8.  Tour guides.  Most tours are prepaid, but your tour guide is probably used to five dollars per person per day.  And don't forget the bus driver.  You should give him a couple of bucks per day too.


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10/14/2013 3:57AM
Eight People You Should Be Tipping
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10/15/2013 6:30PM
Hr manager
Are you kidding me. What about bartenders? Waitresses? Non-medical staff ? Tip them at Christmas.. Who comes up with this stuff?
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