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by Bob posted Feb 24 2015 4:30AM

38-year-old bowler Hakim Emmanuel became just the 26th bowler in history to roll a USBC-approved 900 series, throwing an incredible 36 consecutive strikes last week in Massachusetts. Emmanuel had never thrown a perfect game in his career and had a 217 average in his league, but after notching the first 300 he remained perfect for the rest of the night.


"Toward the end of the second 300, in the back of my mind, I was wondering if it was real and if I could do it again."

After Emmanuel threw his final strike, the crowd inside the alley erupted.

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by Bob posted Feb 19 2015 4:50AM
Penny the chiweenie (a cross between a chihuahua and a dachshund) rudely knocks down his cat sibling, Jujubee, in orderto claim a small hedgehog toy from their human.
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by Bob posted Feb 19 2015 4:43AM

A guy in Bethesda, Maryland who has WAY too much time on his hands built a motorized TOILET for a parade last summer. It's basically a toilet on top of a wooden box with wheels on it.

And now a video of him using it in front of his hardware store is making the rounds of Facebook . . . because he added a SNOWPLOW. Notice the poor schmuck at the end using a shovel. What a loser!

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by Bob posted Feb 18 2015 4:21AM

The Mayville Police Department is currently investigating a traffic accident that occurred at Mountin's Piggly Wiggly, 1440 Horicon St., on Friday.

A 92-year-old guy in Wisconsin crashed into NINE CARS on his way out of a parking lot on Friday. He told police that his foot got stuck on the gas, and he just panicked. Which doesn't really make sense, since he stopped in the middle and went into reverse.

It's not clear if he'll lose his license, but he's not facing any charges. Luckily no one was hurt.
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by Bob posted Feb 18 2015 4:18AM
Alright...I consider myself a pretty smart guy...but how did this happen?

A guy on "Wheel of Fortune" solved a puzzle last night when only one letter was showing. He guessed the first letter . . . 'T' . . . then solved the puzzle right away, which was "Championship Match."
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by Bob posted Feb 17 2015 4:20AM
Pop singer LESLEY GORE died of lung cancer yesterday at the age of 68. She's best known for her 1963 hit "It's My Party". Some of her other songs included: "You Don't Own Me", "Judy's Turn to Cry", "Maybe I Know", "She's a Fool", and "Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows".

She also wrote songs for the movie "Fame" in 1980 . . . and was nominated for an Academy Award for one of them, "Out Here on My Own".

Back in the '60s, she appeared on the "Batman" TV show as Pussycat, who worked with Catwoman. She debuted her song "California Nights" on an episode called "That Darn Catwoman".

(Here's an amusing clip of her in "Batman", where she's expressing her love for Robin through the majesty of song.)

Lesley released her final album in 2005. In 2004, she hosted the PBS television series "In the Life", which focused on LGBT issues. She was openly gay . . . and leaves behind her partner of 33 years, Lois Sasson.

by Bob posted Feb 16 2015 4:36AM

A Weatherman Got Way Too Excited About Lighting During a Snowstorm

Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel was in Plymouth, Massachusetts over the weekend, to report on the snowstorm. And he got WAY too excited about some LIGHTNING during the storm.

There were a total of six lightning strikes, and he went nuts every single time. It's so over the top, he was clearly trying to go 'viral.' Because it's just not that exciting. He also described the storm by saying the area was, quote, "getting absolutely PUKED on."

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by Bob posted Feb 12 2015 4:29AM

As a kid, I took a lot of sick days from school and was usually stuck watching daytime TV. There was no internet, no cell phones, there were a few video games. But those games were 8-bit and we had to walk 5 miles in the snow uphill both ways to play them. Basically you found yourself stuck at home bored watching game shows or soap operas . People would say stupid, funny, revealing things, probably because they were just regular people not used to being on tv. After years of gameshow hosts we've finally hit Steve Harvey.

I mean it's really like those guys were playing checkers and Harvey's playing chess. When I think about all the weird, stray comments gameshow contestants have made that could have been elevated by Harvey, a small part of me cries.

Harvey Seems to be pumping out a jaw dropping funny viral video moment at least once a week. When asked 'Name something a doctor might pull out of a person,' the woman who buzz in first ignored every obvious answer and blurted out a rodent, obviously. Just like a person who seen MALLRATS too many times.

by Bob posted Feb 12 2015 4:20AM

A guy on a snowmobile in Wyoming got buried by an AVALANCHE last Friday. Luckily his friends saw it happenand saved him. And one of them was wearing a GoPro, so it's all on video.

by Bob posted Feb 10 2015 4:23AM

There are few things as certain to bring on the waterworks as dogs welcoming home soldiers after a prolonged absence. Something about the combination of patriotism and dogs being loyal and wonderful creatures does it every time. But what about their feline counterparts? Surely cats are also excited to have their humans back home too, right?

Nope. Cats do not give a ***** when you come home from servicing our great nation. As long as someone is around to dole out the Whiskas Temptations, you can just stay in the Middle East forever as far as they're concerned — at least according to this video compilation (which is a few months old, but just going viral now thanks to Reddit).

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