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by Bob posted Nov 28 2014 4:14AM

OKAY, I'll be the first to admit. This is a little crazy but...

We're a few short days away from Black Friday, a day when millions of Americans are expected to ruin other Americans' Thanksgiving by showing up to stores before midnight and demanding shopping deals.

To take advantage of Black Friday's best deals you really need to get there the night before, stake your claim in line, and wait it out. Then the mayhem happens.

It's a ridiculous tradition at this point. People will do anything to save a buck, as long as it doesn't include actually working harder. Working is fine if you're defining 'work' as waiting in a line for stuff that costs a fraction of what it normally does. So, here it is, the trailer Black Friday deserves.

How far is it from the truth, really?

by Bob posted Nov 26 2014 4:27AM
The trailer for "Jurassic World" is here. And for some reason, after everything that happened in the first three movies, THEY WENT AHEAD AND OPENED THE PARK ANYWAY.

The chaos this time is created by a brand new, genetically-modified dinosaur, which is NOT revealed in the trailer. The movie stars CHRIS PRATT and BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD, and it opens next June.

by Bob posted Nov 21 2014 5:30AM

Apparently, the best way to get a cameo in a movie is to just ask. Back in December 2013, Packers offensive lineman David Bakhtiari sent a tweet to actress Alexis Knapp asking if the Packers offensive line could be in "Pitch Perfect 2," the follow up to the 2012 smash hit about a college acapella group made up of a bunch of eccentric girls.

We now know that the request paid off because the Packers offensive line is in "Pitch Perfect 2." So is Clay Matthews and we know this because they all showed up in the two minute and 27 second "Pitch Perfect 2" preview that was released on Thursday.

Those people ripping off Matthews' sleeves? That's Bakhtiari, T.J. Lang, Don Barclay and Josh Sitton. Aaron Rodgers' brother Jordan also scored a cameo. It comes around 1:05 into the clip above.

You can see the entire 'Pitch Perfect 2' preview above. The movie is scheduled to be nationally released on May 15, 2015.

by Bob posted Nov 20 2014 5:23AM

The tallest roller coaster in the world is coming to Florida. Consider yourself warned.

Part of Orlando's Skyplex entertainment complex, the record-breaking "Skyscraper" starts indoors before going outdoors and climbing 570ft up a giant tower. From the top, riders are hurled back down through a series of corkscrew twists, near-vertical drops, and upside-down turns at speeds reaching... 65mph!!

"Skyscraper will not only take riders higher than ever before, but also introduce one thrill right after the next", Michael Kitchen, president of US Thrill Rides, told the Orlando Sentinel. "There's no 'down time' on this four-minute coaster experience".

Unfortunately, it doesn't open until 2017 (at which point it'll overtake New Jersey's 456ft-high Kingda Ka as the tallest steel coaster on Earth) but until then, you can hop aboard in the video above.

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by Bob posted Nov 20 2014 4:36AM

She became an overnight sensation as the first female football player to grace the cover of a Wheaties box in 2012. At the time, she was in fourth grade, and picked up the sport as a way to keep up with her big brother.

The next season Sam "Sweet Feet" Gordon decided to drop football and focus on soccer, but lucky for her team, she didn't stay away for long.

Gordon, 11, came back for 2014, and it looks like the absence didn't hurt her game at all.

The only girl in her age group, she's all of 70 pounds and stands 4-foot-two. She plays for the Herriman district team, near Salt Lake City, Utah.

The tape says she averaged 13 yards per carry this season, torching the boys as she made her way to the end zone. And don't think the boys went easy on her - the highlights show they're hitting her as hard as anyone, when they can catch her.

Earlier in the season Gordon broke down her best and worst games. Describing one rainy day, she says, "I tried as hard as I could but I just couldn't bust open a big run." She might be hard on herself, but the rest of the country has nothing but praise for the pint-sized Darren Sproles.

At the end of this clip, she shows off one of the many perks that come along with being a female football star.

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by Bob posted Nov 20 2014 4:19AM

(FYI: Bob will be chatting with Butterball Turkey Hotline rep Alice Coffey this Monday Nov. 24th at 9:30. Any questions? E-mail them to

If there's a 15-lb. turkey in your freezer and you have no idea what to do with it, who you gonna call? The Thanksgiving experts.

Much like a car's navigation system providing calming directions to a lost driver, the Butterball's Turkey Talk-Line has been helping novice chefs and Turkey Day veterans turn out Instagram-worthy — or scrapbook-worthy, prior to the days of social media — Thanksgiving meals since 1981.

Staffed by 50 food experts (mostly women) all primed and at-the-ready for Thanksgiving's toughest queries in a big room in Naperville, Illinois, the 800-BUTTERBALL hotline is open for business weekdays in November and December. If you're not really a phone person, no problem — several staffers give advice on Facebook and Twitter, and this year the company uploaded how-to videos and recipes on its site.

We had a few questions for hotline expert Nicole Johnson and, not surprisingly, she was both helpful and patient with a reassuring voice.

1. What's the number one question you get asked?
Everyone wants to know "how do I thaw my turkey?" We tell folks there are two acceptable methods: The first is refrigeration, which takes 24 hours for every 4 pounds. So a 20-pounder would take a good five days to thaw in the fridge.

2. That's a long time! Do some callers think they can thaw the bird out the day before?
Yes and that goes into the second method — the cold water bath, which takes a half hour per pound, for folks who are short on time.

3. How many calls do you typically receive on Thanksgiving Day?
We get well over 10,000 phone calls that day, plus thousands more questions on social media. (Each year the company assists more than 3 million cooks in November and December.) Most calls range from two minutes to a half hour. It's pretty much nonstop chatter at our headquarters. We go home with hoarse voices!

4. Do worried cooks ever weep on the phone?
I've talked to people in distress but not anyone who was crying. A lot of times it becomes a mediation between a husband and wife — the husband is thinking one way, the wife is thinking another, and they trust the turkey talk-line expert to give one of them the seal of approval.

5. Got any funny turkey stories?
Years ago we heard from a father who was bathing his toddler and thawing the turkey all in the same bathtub!

6. What's the biggest misconception about turkeys?
A lot of folks think roasting a turkey is an all-day process, which it is not. It takes from two hours for a small, unstuffed bird to six hours for a giant stuffed one.

7. What makes the hot-line experts qualified to talk turkey?
Each of us has a minimum of a four-year degree. We've got registered dietitians, home ec teachers, chefs — everyone is a foodie here.

8. Has a caller ever stumped an expert?
No. There's really no question we can't answer when it comes to the turkey and Thanksgiving meal.

9. Any surprising questions?
We get a lot of folks asking about giblets — do I discard them? If I cook them, what do I do with them? We tell them to use them in stuffing or gravy.

10. Do you hear from a lot of first-time cooks?
Yes, and a lot are newlyweds. One woman had her in-laws in the dining room waiting for the meal and she called us whispering from another room asking how to know if the turkey was done. We started whispering back, but then thought, "Why are we whispering?"

11. Do you ever get exasperated with callers?
No, we live and breathe Thanksgiving, and we're empathetic with the callers. There's lots of anticipation buildup because everyone wants a picture-perfect turkey.

12. What advice would you give Katie Holmes, who's making her first turkey this year?
Just make sure it's thawed in advance, use a meat thermometer, and reach out to us — we're here to help!

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by Bob posted Nov 20 2014 4:07AM and Barefoot Wine recently teamed up to do something pretty awesome for a single mom in Cleveland named Cara Simmons. (She looks to be in her late-20s or early 30s.)

Cara has three kids and works as a housekeeper, and over the past few years, she's been in and out of the hospital for exhaustion. So they made her think she was on her way to clean a house . . . then revealed they'd actually bought the house FOR her.

But they really dragged it out. When she showed up, the place was spotless. And a woman posing as the owner said she just needed help taste-testing food for a party . . . including lobster and white truffles.

Then Cara got a massage from two massage therapists, and tried on a bunch of designer clothing. Finally a guy showed up with boxes filled with stuff from Cara's apartment . . . and told her the place was HER new house.

They'd bought and renovated it for her . . . the food and clothes were hers . . . and hidden cameras captured the whole thing. The video has already gotten over a million and a half hits on YouTube.

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by Bob posted Nov 19 2014 5:53AM
There's a cheesy parody of the Meghan Trainor song "All About That Bass" . . . called "All About That Baste". Obviously, it's a Thankgiving-themed parody.
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by Bob posted Nov 19 2014 4:28AM

A guy in Montreal recently attached a piece of bread to his GoPro camera, because he wanted to get some up-close footage of a squirrel. Which he DID . . . because the squirrel stole the camera off the ground and climbed up a tree with it.

It dropped it a few seconds later, once it was done with the bread. But the footage is pretty cool.
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by Bob posted Nov 18 2014 4:56AM

Supposedly, turkeys aren't quite as dumb as most people think they are . . . but I'm not buying it. There's a video on YouTube of a male turkey trying to mate with a female, which starts running around in circles to get away.

So the male just spins in place for almost a minute straight trying to catch it . . . until it finally gets so dizzy, it just falls over. ( It starts spinning at :23 and falls at 1:08.)

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