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Nutella (huh?) Among Most Stolen Items...

by Bob posted Feb 11 2014 4:34AM

Man-hole covers also, join the top ten list as does laundry detergent and allergy medicines.

The curious list seems to reflect a little bit on people’s immediate needs and the products' availability.

The small and more expensive the item, the easier it is to steal but the attractiveness of man-hole covers seems universal among university students and pranksters the world wide.

Yes, the Iphones and cash are traditional targets but the most numerous and popular make a strange list many of which we do little to protect. Some stolen items seem unusual because their value is not easily visible.

Manhole covers and catalytic converters are unlikely top ten hits but they can reap rich rewards for the thiefs with the rise of the price of metals on the international markets. Platinum is found in small amounts in catalytic converters and that gives a hint to the attraction of the popular car part.

But who would have thought that maple syrup and steaks are also in the top ten of popular targets. It seems that these tasty and premium products give plenty of rewards for the shoplifters but the researchers don’t tell us if the thieves simply taste them or sell their ill-gotten-gains on.

And its not all about the supermarket apparently, shrubbery theft is a big problem. We thought we knew it all but there is big money in flowers and its seems those green and light-fingered thieves are taking every opportunity to steal flowers from the garden centre.

Here is the full list.

1. Laundry detergent

2. Allergy meds

3. Pregnancy tests

4. Catalytic converters

5. Manhole covers


7.Maple Syrup


9. Small Boats

10. Steaks

02/11/2014 4:32AM
Nutella (huh?) Among Most Stolen Items...
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