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by Bob posted Aug 1 2014 4:10AM
Michigan has been dealing with a huge abandoned house problem. Largely in Detroit, but in other cities too. And now it's turned DEADLY.

On Wednesday, a 54-year-old man drove straight through a curve in the road in St. Charles, Michigan, and crashed through the wall of a house. (His name hasn't been released. St. Charles is in central Michigan, 60 miles northeast of Lansing.)

Right after the crash, a bunch of people tried to run in and help him. But it turned out the house has been abandoned for several years. And they couldn't get to him . . . because it was filled with angry BEES. They started swarming as soon as the car hit.

Someone eventually connected a tow strap to his back bumper, and pulled the whole car out. But unfortunately, paramedics couldn't revive him.

Police think the crash happened after the guy suffered some kind of medical emergency and passed out at the wheel.

They're still waiting on the autopsy results, so it's not clear if the bees played a role in his death or not.

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