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Three College Students Bought a Used Couch, Found $40,000 Hidden In It . . . And

by Bob posted May 16 2014 4:09AM

Senior citizens tend to be suspicious of young people, and for good reason.  But maybe this'll help a little.



Back in March, three college students in New Paltz, New York bought a couch for $20 at the Salvation Army.  And it wasn't very comfortable . . . but hey, 20 bucks.  (New Paltz is about 85 miles north of New York City.)



Then recently, one of them wanted to know WHY it was so uncomfortable.  So they unzipped one of the cushions . . . and found an envelope with $4,000 CASH in it.  Then they kept digging, and found a total of more than 40 GRAND.



They were so excited at first, their neighbor thought they'd won the lottery.  They even started talking about how to spend it.  But then they found a deposit slip with a woman's NAME on it.  After that, all three of them KNEW they couldn't keep the money.



They decided to track down the owner, and she turned out to be a 91-year-old widow who'd recently broken her hip.  Her kids had donated the couch while she was in the hospital.  It's not clear if they got a reward . . . but they still have the couch. 



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05/16/2014 4:08AM
Three College Students Bought a Used Couch, Found $40,000 Hidden In It . . . And Tracked Down the 91
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