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Six Ways to Save Cell Phone Battery Life

by Bob posted Nov 6 2013 4:12AM
Here are six things to watch out for that will save your cell phone's battery life . . .



1.  Location services.  Tagging your location zaps your battery life.  You can tell if an app is using GPS by looking for a small arrow at the top of the menu bar.  Just disable it if you don't really need it.



2.  Push notifications.  Every notification that lights up your lock screen reduces your battery . . . and it uses even more if it's set to vibrate or make noise.  Go to your settings and turn off all but the most vital stuff.



3.  A bright screen.  The lighter your screen, the more energy it's eating.   If you're using an android, your display uses power, so dark wallpaper will use less juice.  And you should also dim your brightness setting, whatever kind of phone you have. 



4.  Automatic connections.  Most phones automatically try to connect to a network, and that uses power.  You can switch to airplane mode to save some battery life, and turn off wi-fi until you need it. 



5.  Apps.  Just HAVING apps takes power, even if you never use them.  And a lot of times, they're open when you're multi-tasking.  Make sure to close them out.  You can also get apps that help you optimize battery life.



6.  Temperature.  You're supposed to try to keep your phone cool.  The warmer it is, the more energy it's using.  So keep your phone out of direct sunlight  . . . and OUT of your pocket when you can.



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11/06/2013 4:10AM
Six Ways to Save Cell Phone Battery Life
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