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Two Strangers Donated $35,000 to Save a Two-Year-Old's Eyesight

by Bob posted Jun 10 2014 4:01AM
Two-year-old Pamela Soto lives in Hobbs, New Mexico, and has a degenerative eye condition that's slowly been making her go BLIND.  So a while back, she had eye surgery.  (Hobbs is in the southeast corner of the state, near Texas.)



The surgery didn't help though, and her doctor said she needed ANOTHER surgery that would cost $35,000.  As a last resort, her mom walked around to local businesses asking for donations, and raised about five grand.



But out of nowhere, someone anonymously donated the FULL AMOUNT of $35,000.  That was in February, and Pamela's parents used the other $5,000 to travel to Michigan last month where she had the surgery done.



Since then, she's started to regain vision in both eyes.  And once it was clear the surgery was a success, the anonymous donors came forward.



It turns out one of the businesses the mom went to was a construction company owned by two guys named Danny Watson and Jimmy Cooper.  And they're the ones who donated the money.



Danny told the local news that they talked it over, and decided they just couldn't sit back and let someone so young go blind when there was a way to stop it. 



(Yahoo / KOB4 / NY Daily News)



(Check out a photo of Danny and Pamela here.)




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Location : HobbsMichiganNew MexicoTexas
06/10/2014 3:59AM
Two Strangers Donated $35,000 to Save a Two-Year-Old's Eyesight
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