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by Bob posted Oct 21 2013 5:58AM
Well guys...we made it!. Arrived Saturday early afternoon and settled in. Travel day is always tiring but there were still some members of the group who stayed up for the entertainment. We were in our room around 7-8. The resort is one hour ahead of you guys so I'm writing this at 6:30am and it's already 7:30am there. Yesterday, Sunday, we had plans to go into Cabo to watch the Packer game but we ran into a 60 person wedding party of fellow Wisconsinites in the pool Sun morning and they said the resort promised them the game was going to be on in the resorts Sports Bar. We stayed here and sure enough....what a time that was. I haven't heard so much noise was a crazy time. Towards the end of the game some folks from the wedding party tossed some beer on the floor and dove and started sliding across the floor. Then some of our group joined in. Crazy. Those RIU employees in the bar didn't know what hit them. There was some other crazy stuff going on but I don't think I'll go into details. You'll have to ask our travelers when we get back to spill the beans. Gotta admit. Gonna start slow today. Almost went thru 2 full bottles of wine at lunch Sunday...I blame it on Gustavo, our waiter. Then the shots of tequila during the game. Great time but today will be relaxation and regroup time around the pool. Oh, ya. Woke up Sunday morning and watched a beautiful Baha sunrise with a couple members of the group. Food has been decent...I haven't had lobster yet.Employees at the RIU have been excellent. Will update more later...sorry, Bill Mitchell. Haven't got you a shot glass yet. Although I've had plenty in my hands......TUESDAY...Just read about Jermichael Finley before I logged on to do this update. Scary. Tonight we have our group dinner in the steak house overlooking the ocean. Tomorrow is the glass bottom boat cruise around the arch and the "wedding and divorce" beaches across from Cabo. We then go into Cabo for shopping and food.  Yesterday was a laid back day. Went walking about a mile down the beach...forgot we had to walk back. Hard to walk in the sand. Remind me to start a membership at a fitness club when I get back. Gail and I celebrated a late 35th anniversity dinner by going into Cabo. WOW...what a cool place at night. Bevy of activity. Bunch of restaurants, bars and shopping around the marina. Boats, yachts all over the place. Lots of $$$$$ in that marina. Today the big multi million dollar fishing tourney gets underway. One guy said it's ultra cool to be at the marina at 5pm to see the boats bringing their catch to be weighed. I have to emphasize how beautiful it is here. The view from the beach is awesome, with the rock formations out in the bay. Weather has been ideal. Cool (60?) late and early morning, then 80's during the day. I did hear rumblings of a possible storm around Friday. Possible ATV excursion scheduled for Thursday. Got Bill his shot glass last night. Also took in that lobster/shrimp dinner...Gail had a crazy good ribeye. Gotta go...         THURSDAY: Wow...we leave on Saturday. Yikes! I'd come back here in a heartbeat. As a matter of fact, we may just do that. It's so beautiful, so cool, such a well kept friendly place. Didn't post yesterday for a couple reasons. Gail logged onto her ipad first, which shuts out any other device wi-fi wise (the way it's set up here) in the room. I also had a bug mid Tuesday thru Wed morning. Cramps, feeling weak. Took it easy Tues night at our group dinner in steak house with one glass of wine, then hit the room right after.Felt better yesterday morning for our glass bottom boat tour around the infamous Cabo arch and the ensuing shopping time in Cabo. The water in the Sae of Cortez bay and the Pacific Ocean (this is where both join) is so blue. We learned this wasn't even a real town until the 1960's. Had my second lobster meal in Cabo yesterday. Two tails right at the marina area for $25. Delicious. I'm gonna try to fit in one more. Happy Endings bar was as advertised. Fun. Cool T-shirts. Cold beers-bottles-only $2. I think they make more on T-shirts than the beer. Neat quality WWI/WW2 retro shirts for $20 each. Oh, by the way, when we ate at the steak house here at resort for group dinner, all 50 plus 2 friends of our travelers who flew in from Arizona, also joined us. Steaks were superb. Menu said 6oz. ribeye. Had to be 14-16oz. You cannot actually go into the water in front of our beach because of the riptides. Wierd because 15 minutes down the beach it's furthur in the bay and it's fine. But the view from the infinity pool looking into the sea, again amazing. No one has had any negative comments about the rooms. Carol K and husband Dave, along with Lynn and Henry Thill have rooms next to each other at the entrance to one of the middle buildings and are the official "greeters" when people walk by. Perfect job. The "quiet pool" turned into a party pool Tuesday as some of our group partied with the big WI wedding party who were leaving on WED. Crazy stuff. Lotsa memories. Well, gotta go eat breakfast and follow that up with a cervaza.....FRIDAY: What the....???? It's already Fri????? Our last full day. One of these years we're gonna do a 10 dayer! Spent all day at infinity pool overlooking the beach/ocean yesterday until 4 when Gail and I cleaned up and went into town. Ran into Peggy Fischer and hubbie Steve who wanted to check out the fish being brought in for the big tournament here. Also ran into a couple other folks from our group including Dennis and Rosie Zimdars (Newburg), who were taking advantage of the atmosphere of Happy Endings bar in Cabo. No lobster dinner for me this time. Just some final gifts and a quick trip to casino (thought I won $600 but that's another story I'll pass on Monday morning during my show). Still impressed by how friendly everyone in Cabo has been. Our group has had a great time. Will be celebrating Cindy Stumphy and Carol the Cat Lady's b'days tonight. Then tomorrow morning we're off to the airport. Damn. Went by so fast....but they all do. Can't wait to tell more next week on the show. I'll bet Jesse has had enough of waking up so early to fill in for me. Wish we could bring back some of this PERFECT weather we,ve had in Cabo.........If we come back here next year ya gotta come along. Thanks to Peggy and the Shooting Star clan for helping pick this destination. Oh, by the way Scott Rammer. Yes, we will be bringing Mary back with us.
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10/21/2013 8:19AM
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