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by Bob posted Sep 17 2014 5:07AM

For a fifth consecutive year we will be collecting labels and boxtops for education. You know, you find them on Campbell's soup cans, granola bars, General Mills cereals, etc. Once again we're holding a contest to determine which school will be the recipient of this years collection. Last year Decorah Elementary in West Bend was the recipient.
If you would like your school or group to be the recipient of all the items we collect, tell us why. Be creative, original, innovative and sincere. The more you stand out, the better. Only one will be selected. Please get your requests in by Friday October 31st. You can drop them off at WBKV or mail them to Bob's attention at the WBKV studios. Good luck from AM1470, WBKV

The above is a HOLY ANGELS school (West Bend) nomination.

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by Bob posted Sep 17 2014 4:11AM

A guy on a bike tour through Buenos Aires, Argentina was almost hit by a guy riding a motorcycle the other day. Luckily they didn't collide, and the guy riding the bicycle kept going. But it wasn't over . . .

The guy on the motorbike followed him . . . whipped out a GUN . . . and started shouting. He wanted the guy's BACKPACK, and THAT'S why he'd almost caused the accident . . . he was a thief.

The guy on the cycle got off, left his bike there, and took off running . . . since he thought the thief was trying to steal his BIKE. And the whole thing was recorded on the GoPro helmet on his forehead.

We've seen these before, and I have a feeling we'll be seeing more . . . until thieves figure it out and steal the camera first.

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by Bob posted Sep 16 2014 4:53AM
Vampire stories (on TV and film) aren't exactly hard to come by nowadays, but next month's Dracula Untold could be a worthwhile and refreshing take on the sub-genre. The film has the makings of a solid ancient world war epic, but with a supernatural horror twist and a very modern outlook towards how the man that was Vlad Tepes (Luke Evans) became the creature of the night known as Dracula – and, as trailers for the film emphasize, an interesting explanation for what drove him to embrace the darkness in the first place.
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by Bob posted Sep 16 2014 4:05AM
Sure...I'd give it a try...

WENDY WILLIAMS once bet that KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST'S marriage wouldn't last 72 days, and said she'd "eat crow" if they actually lasted. It has. In fact, they've made it over 100 days now.

So, on her show yesterday, Wendy made good on her bet . . . LITERALLY. She had a chef come in and cook her a gumbo . . . using ACTUAL crow meat. She said it's "tough" meat . . . but it actually looked pretty good.

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by Bob posted Sep 15 2014 1:39PM
CAT burglar. Residents of a California neighborhood say a cat has a habit of stealing items from neighbors. "Dusty" has apparently stolen more than 600 items from his San Mateo neighbors over the years.
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by Bob posted Sep 15 2014 4:30AM

David Letterman may be set to recuse his late night TV throne in 2015, but that doesn't mean he's pulling any punches until then. On Friday night's episode of The Late Show, the late night king took aim at the Eagles, one of his longtime favorites, after they flatly refused to allow bandleader Paul Shaffer to perform one of their songs. Well, when you mess with Letterman, he apparently has the power to dedicate a full five minutes of his show to making fun of your absurd policy.

Needling both the band and his own producers, Letterman and Shaffer joke about playing just enough of a song to avoid a lawsuit. After a director gives them the go ahead, they discuss which song is worth the amount of money that they might have to pay out in a suit, before Dave decides that he's "not that interested anymore." It's a pretty clever barb against the litigation happy band, and one that comes only a couple of days after they cornily decided allow the owner of Madison Square Garden to open their impending New York show.

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by Bob posted Sep 15 2014 4:20AM

If you haven't seen it, there's a video making the rounds of a husky lying on the floor completely limp . . . because his owner wants to put him in his crate. And whenever it moans, it sounds like it's saying the word "No".

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by Bob posted Sep 15 2014 4:14AM

In an interview on SEAN HANNITY'S show last week, Sarah said, quote, "As I watched [President Obama's] speech [Wednesday], the thought going through my mind was: 'I owe America a global apology' . . .

"Because, through all of this, John McCain should be our President. He had the advice . . . about the residual forces that must be left behind in order to secure the peace in Iraq that we had fought so hard for."

She didn't say WHAT she was apologizing for, and Sean didn't press her. He was anxious to cut to a cool map of the Middle East that showed the cities controlled by the terrorist group, ISIS.

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by Bob posted Sep 12 2014 4:33AM

On Wednesday morning, a news crew in Knoxville, Tennessee was in the middle of a live broadcast . . . when a BAT started dive-bombing them. There were three anchors . . . one guy and two women . . . and they ALL freaked out. CLICK on link below to watch

(Search for "Bat Dive-Bombs Anchors.")

by Bob posted Sep 12 2014 4:31AM

There's a video making the rounds of a bear cub that walked onto a golf course in Canada recently . . . and started playing with the flag stick in one of the holes. Then it picked up someone's golf ball in its mouth and walked off with it.

(Search for "Baby Bear Circus Act on Golf Course." It picks up the ball at 1:56. Does anyone else thing these guys are idiots for getting as CLOSE as they did to a bear and its cubs? Check out the guy at 2:02 start walking toward them.)

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