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by Bob posted Oct 16 2014 4:29AM

It's so simple, yet so perfect.

While classic pranks have grown increasingly intricate with props such as robotic devil children, this clip from YouTube jokester edbassmaster brought the prank back to a simpler time.

Edbassmaster surprised his victims, who were just trying to pose for a photo with a silly scarecrow, by revealing a deadly monster beneath the mask. Needless to say, these pics did not turn out as planned.

Me? I think he's lucky he didn't get killed......

by Bob posted Oct 16 2014 4:19AM

Back in March, English comedian Tom Wrigglesworth blew away football fans with his uncanny resemblance to Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Imagine what Packers fans were thinking when Wrigglesworth made his way to Green Bay and went around town.

The comedian flew from London to Green Bay in hopes of meeting Rodgers. Before he made it to the stadium, he walked around interacting with some Packers fans. Plenty were fooled.

Eventually, the comedian made it to Lambeau Field. When some Packers players saw him, they couldn't believe their eyes. Once he met some of the other players, it was time for Wrigglesworth to meet the real deal.

Check out what happened when Wrigglesworth went to Green Bay:

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by Bob posted Oct 16 2014 4:01AM

Over a hundred sharks came across a school of fish and went to TOWN at a beach in North Carolina last Thursday. And they were so close to the shore, they started washing up on the SAND, which someone managed to get on video.

Apparently they were sandbar sharks, which aren't huge. But the sheer NUMBER of them is what's amazing.

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by Bob posted Oct 15 2014 4:30AM
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is 30 years old and in his seventh year as a starting quarterback, but Rodgers believes he could be leading the Packers offense for the next decade.

Dan Patrick asked Rodgers Tuesday if he could see himself playing at the age of 40, and Rodgers said it's definitely in his sights.

"Yeah, I do. I do. I'd love to, I think it'd be a great challenge. I like to play a certain way, I like to move around, I like to keep plays alive with my feet, so I don't want to be a guy who is a real diminishing player at the end of my career. I'd rather walk out still knowing I can play, there's an extra bit of pride in that. So I want to be able to play the way I wanna play and that's going to take a lot of hard work, especially in the offseason to keep up with my conditioning and my level of fitness that I have right now…. I think I can do that for a while, and 40 would be a great challenge."

Rodgers also explained his incredible fake spike play Sunday that set up a come-from-behind win over the Dolphins (which Dan Marino watched from the sideline). According to Rodgers, there was only one other offensive player who knew the fake spike was happening, and it wasn't the receiver that caught the ball.

"We've done that play before in practice…. we do that against our defense every now and then. It usually works more toward the beginning of the season where you might have one or two guys out there that haven't seen it before or the defense isn't ready for it. You don't tell anybody except for the receivers. In this case, we didn't really tell anybody except for Randall [Cobb]. Randall was actually running a route on the backside, and as I looked to the right to make sure that Davante [Adams] was in the proper position so we had a legal formation I just saw that [Miami's Cortland Finnegan] was 10 yards off and thought we could get a couple cheap yards."

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by Bob posted Oct 14 2014 4:13AM

When you have 30 seconds, Google the phrase, "Terrifying Screaming Chair" . . . because it might be the scariest Halloween decoration EVER. Apparently someone made it to scare trick-or-treaters, and it looks like an old woman sitting in a chair.

But then her head lifts up, she looks all crazy, starts SCREAMING . . . and a mechanical arm connected to her back makes it look like she FLIES straight at you.

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by Bob posted Oct 13 2014 4:16AM

Someone in Cambridge, Massachusetts was flying a remote control helicopter last Wednesday when a HAWK attacked it, andknocked it out of the air. And the helicopter had a camera, so there's a pretty cool video of it.

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by Bob posted Oct 8 2014 4:26AM

On Sunday, an 18-wheeler hauling a huge crane bottomed out and got stuck on a set of train tracks in Mer Rouge, Louisiana. Then a TRAIN slammed into it. (Mer Rouge is in the northeastern corner of the state, about 20 miles from Arkansas.)

Someone who was waiting for the train to pass got it on video. Luckily, no one was killed. But the train's engineer broke his leg, the conductor broke several ribs, and had to have surgery on his heart and spleen. He's in stable condition now though.

The area also had to be evacuated because fumes started leaking from one of the train cars . . . but it turned out they weren't toxic.

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by Bob posted Oct 3 2014 4:00AM
We might have posted this before but -man alive! - it's worth another look. YIKES!!!! I could never do this. Ever.
In October 2013 Berghaus athlete Mick Fowler and his climbing partner, Paul Ramsden, succeeded in making the first ascent of Kishtwar Kailash in the Indian Himalaya.
by Bob posted Oct 2 2014 4:25AM
20th Century Fox unleashed the first full trailer for Sir Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods and Kings this morning, and the two terms that come to mind, appropriately, are 'Epic' and 'Biblical.' Starring Christian Bale as Moses, Exodus tells the Old Testament story of the great leader's exile in Egypt, and his struggle to win back his holy home land from Rhamses

by Bob posted Oct 2 2014 4:22AM
Self-employed buddies Kurt, Nick and Dale (Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman and Charlie Day) go up against Chris Pine and Christoph Waltz in the sequel to 2011's $209M comedy. This time they've gone into business for themselves, but turn to Dean 'MF' Jones (Jamie Foxx) for help kidnapping a double-crossing investor. Sean Anders directed the film and co-wrote the script with John Morris. WB will unleash Horrible Bosses 2 in the holiday frame on November 26.
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