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A Kid Wears a Fake Bomb to School For an Elaborate Prom Proposal . . . and Is Su
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The 10 Best Islands In The World (According To Trip Advisor)
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Top TV Shows From Last Week
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Stunning Footage Of Volcano Eruption In Chile
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A Girl Who Was Paralyzed Surprises Her Nurse by Standing Up Out of Her Wheelchai
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Robert Downey Jr. Leaves an Interview Because the Guy Kept Asking Him About Drug
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The "Batman vs. Superman" Trailer . . . with Adam West and Christopher Reeve
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If you see your name here, e-mail  (NOTE NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS!!!) bobb@magnum.media or call 334-2344 x222  and leave your name and phone number by 10pm Wednesday, April 22nd. You'll  qualify to win a pair of reserved seat tix to the "Happy Together" tour at State Fair Sunday Aug 9th...starring The Turtles & guests.

TODAY's NAMES:  Darryl Pree, Cindy Clarke, Tom Schneider, Ann Hale, Debra Cullen and John Scharrer.

Qualifiers:  Karen Anderson, Dan Guse, Dennis Herriges, Bob Guth, Nancy Fiedler, Rose Dargo, Calvin Steinert and Sharon Klug.

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