9/23 Dodge County Detention Facility Employee Charged for Sexual Assault

An employee of the Dodge County Detention Facility has been charged for an alleged sexual assault of an inmate. Lori Larue was a food service employee of the detention center working in the kitchen. According to Dodge County Sheriff Patricia Ninmann, an investigation revealed she may have had sexual contact with an inmate at the facility. In a prepared statement issued on Friday, Sheriff Ninmann said, “When the Sheriff’s Office became aware of the complaint the suspect was removed from the facility access and a thorough investigation began, and is still ongoing,". "This type of alledged conduct is unacceptable and breaches the safety and security of the facility.” The statement went on to say “The Sheriff’s Office provides training to the non-secure staff that allows them additional knowledge on the proper interaction with inmates," the sheriff added. "I am disappointed that this outside employee chose to violate the trust of the facility and inmates that we house. We will take every step possible to assure that this is an isolated incident and I assure the public at no time was the integrity of the facility breached, nor were any Dodge County Sheriff’s Office employees involved." Larue has been charged on two counts of 2nd-Degree Sexual Assault by Correctional Staff.
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Location : Dodge County
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