9/24 Hartford Police Release August Monthly Report

The Hartford Police Department has released their monthly statistical data and for the majority of the tracked categories the numbers are mixed for August as compared to August 2012.  Last month, the department answered a total of 614 service calls, compared to 639 calls last year in August. Arrests for adults decreased in August but unfortunately the numbers increased for juveniles. In August 2012, 81 adults were arrested, this year that number was 51. There were 8 juvenile arrests in August 2012, this year August totaled 20. Traffic citations issued in August decreased by 70 this year with 120 being issued compared to 190 in August 2012. In addition to those reported statistics, Hartford Police recorded two cases of interest. On August 27th, a 48-year-old West Bend man approached a 49-year-old Hartford man after following him to his residence to confront him over a road rage incident. The Hartford man advised that the West Bend man had approached him while swinging a baseball bat at him. The Hartford man picked up a 2x4 and struck the West Bend man in his left leg in self defense before retreating into his house. The West Bend man began yelling that his leg had been broken, and told the Hartford man that he would be returning to his residence to ‘bust his head open and kill him.’ The West Bend Man was arrested the following day on charges of Recklessly Endangering Safety and Disorderly Conduct.
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