12/12 Jackson Village Board Votes to Put Well Number 6 Back Online

Finally after over a year and half of setbacks and headaches regarding the well water saga in the village of Jackson, Village board members were able to deliver some good news to residents following their meeting. The village board has decided that municipal well six will be going back on line and it will now be tested on a monthly basis for traces of benzene. The municipal well originally tested positive for benzene May 15. The Village Board reacted by approving an option to identify the source, which included pumping the well for 48 hours and sampling the water every six-eight hours to determine if the level of benzene was increasing or decreasing. The water being tested went to waste rather than back in the system. The well was shut down because of water quality concerns that stemmed from the
July 17, 2012, gasoline spill where a pipeline owned by West Shore Pipe Line Company cracked and released 1,300 barrels of gasoline into the ground.  Municipal Well Number 6 is located off of Jackson Drive, 1.5 miles from the gas spill. At the Village Board meeting, Director of Public Works Brian Kober said since September tenth, the well has
been tested weekly and there wasn’t anything detectable. He recommended to put the well back on line and go back to quarterly sampling. A motion was made to put well number six back online and to have it tested once or twice a month. The motion was approved unanimously. The next test will be in January.
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