1/2 Local Man Celebrates 20 Years of Daily Running

In the Tom Hanks movie Forest Gump, at one point in the story, Forest started running for no special reason and kept running across the country for over two years. The cry Run Forest Run was heard. For the past twenty years Pete Rettler from the Town of Trenton has been running every day at least two and half miles. Run Pete Run!  Rettler  talks about how the streak got started: “I would guess that I have averaged 2.5 miles per day the past 20 years.  The running started with a New Year's resolution that I made along with one of my College wrestling teammates, Phil Scharenbrock.  We made the initial resolution because both of our weights had ballooned since our College wrestling days and we wanted to do something healthy.  Phil and I both were able to run every day in 1994.  Phil decided a year was enough and I decided to see how long I could keep the streak alive. Rettler said the cold weather like what we’ve been having this week, doesn’t bother him because you can dress in layers and cover your face. He says hot weather is worse and he doesn’t look forward to running in the heat and humidity. Rettler says over the past twenty years he would even run on days when he was sick as it made him feel better. To commemorate the 20 years of running, Rettler asked everyone who ran with him on Tuesday afternoon to a make twenty dollar donation to Moraine Park College Foundation. He hopes the money will help create a scholarship fund and will eventually help any Washington County high school graduate in pursuing a program at Moraine Park.
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