1/31 City to Use Less Salt During Smaller Storms

The City of West Bend will immediately begin conserving salt due to the current weather trend the region is experiencing. The change in operation philosophy is needed to maintain a reasonable supply of salt and preserve safety. In order to effectively conserve salt, deicing materials will only be applied to main roads, select hills, curves and intersections. By allocating salt, the city will be able to stretch operations further into the year and thereby assuring safer driving conditions in the long term. Treatment of main roads and intersections will remain unchanged, but drivers may notice a change, especially in residential areas. The pattern of smaller 1 to 3 inch snow falls a few times a week is straining the city salt supply. This year’s snowfall is slightly above average, but these snow occurrences are falling in small 1 to 3 inch segments with higher frequencies, instead of the occasional 6 to 10 inch storms residents of the region are accustomed to dealing with. Should a large storm hit West Bend, the city intends to have an adequate supply of salt to treat the roads. Many municipalities in the area and around the country have already liquidated their supply of salt, jeopardizing both safety and overall service to their residents. Safety is the number one concern during the winter months and this change in operations will ensure an adequate supply of salt is maintained through the remainder of winter. The Department of Public Works and its snow operations staff will monitor areas to determine appropriate snow operations
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