2/18 Slinger Issues Run Water Advisory

The Village of Slinger is now joining West Bend and Kewaskum with a request for all water utility customers to run their water until further notice to prevent freeze up of the service line running from the water main to individual buildings. Jim Haggerty, Director of Public Works I Slinger says customers will be charged only an averaged water and sewer bill during this period. Haggerty wants residents to know that they only need a pencil size stream and it is NOT necessary to run hot water.  Haggerty is informing customers will run the risk of having no running water for an extended period of time if this warning is ignored.  Additionally, customers turning off water before the Utility has notified them to do so, run the risk of being charged for the time and equipment needed for attempting to restore service. Customers will be required to continue running water even when the weather begins to warm as the frost depth is still greater than 6 feet in most cases and lines remain susceptible to freezing. Slinger Utilities will notify customers when they should stop running their water.  If you have any questions call Slinger Utilities at 262- 644-5265.
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