2/19 Hartford Joins List of Communities Telling Residents to Keep Faucets Running

The list of Washington County Communities asking residents to keep their water running to avoid pipes from freezing added another as now city officials in Hartford announced that residents will have to keep their water faucets trickling to keep the city’s pipes from bursting. In the notice, Hartford officials requested that residents let water trickle from one cold water faucet for 8 hours overnight. The water flow should be a stream that’s about as thick as pencil lead, which will fill up about 50 gallons over eight hours. It should take about 10 minutes to fill up 1 gallon of water, officials said.  Officials warned residents to continue letting the water flow until further notice, even on warm days. Some residents have already been told by the utility company to keep their water flowing at full strength, and those residents should continue to follow the utility company’s specific instructions. Residents will be credited 45 cents per day that the water must run, which will be credited to a future utility bill. To report any damage to pipes or changes in water color or pressure, call the Hartford Water Utility at 262-670-3710.

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