3/14 Running Water Emergency in Hartford Expires Today

The Emergency Notice issued by the Hartford Water Utility on February 17th will expire today. This is the final day customers will receive the “per day credit” for running water under the Emergency Notice. According to officials at the Hartford Water Utility due to warmer temperatures and a favorable outlook for the remainder of the month, running water is no longer required to protect water mains in the distribution system.   However, lack of water movement and the depth of the frost still have the potential to freeze customer owned water services.  As a preventative measure the Hartford Water Utility urges residential and business customers to run cold water faucets periodically throughout the day with normal usage to prevent water laterals from freezing. If a lateral does freeze up, the customer may be responsible for thawing or replacing it.  This voluntary request should be followed until April 18th. Customers previously notified to run their water continuously should continue this practice based on the specific directions they received from the Utility.  The Utility will contact this specific group of customers directly when they can discontinue running water. If you have any questions Please contact the Hartford Water Utility at 262- 670-3710
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Location : Hartford
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