7/22 Dog Attack in Village of Richfield

A sixty year old man was nearly killed in a gruesome attack by three dogs Monday morning in the Village of Richfield, until a stranger jumped in and saved his life.  The victim was walking his dog when three pit bulls attacked his dog. A neighbor saw it happen and took matters into his own hands. According to the report from the Washington County Sheriff's Department, the neighbor heard the attack and brought out  2 baseball bats and started to strike all three dogs in the head, 4 - 5 times each, but the dogs continued to attack. This neighbor then returned to his house and got a .22 revolver. As he got to the front of his yard, two of the dogs came towards him. He shot one round at a dog named Missy who was still alive about an hour later when the humane society helped the owner take it to a veterinary ER in Grafton. The lone victimized dog named CoCo was also taken there as well to be treated for cuts to the face, ears and neck. His owner suffered cuts and punctures to his hands, arms and chest.  An initial investigation by officials revealed that one of the attack dogs was involved in an unreported bite about 2 months ago. A report on that incident was started. All 3 dogs have now received quarantine orders following the attack, and are being held at different locations. Further investigation revealed that none of the 3 dogs had licenses and only 2 were current on rabies vaccinations. Numerous citations will be issued. Lieutenant Schulteiss also said the Sheriff's office will explore having these dogs labeled as vicious animals
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